Saturday, March 19, 2016


Several years ago while sitting in the living room with a friend, a sacred geometry figure of an octahedron appeared big as life and floated toward and around me for several minutes.  We were not meditating.  We were talking.  Knowing through firsthand experience that sacred geometry is one of the ways that masterful beings in the subtle worlds of Light communicate.  I paid close attention.

The geometric symbol represents the harmony or merging of the higher frequencies/dimensions of Light with the denser frequencies of physical matter as we commonly know it.  Heaven and Earth as one cohesive unit of energy.  This is the purpose of life in matter...the two becoming one.  Sadly enough, I didn't realize at the time that there was more that I needed to know and do regarding this important symbol.  Can you imagine the appearance of an object this size floating in your room?  The octahedron, a diamond shaped symbol, was a message suggesting that I examine its meaning...I did not at that time.  For some of us it may take a couple of messages before we finally awaken and realize that we must take seriously what is being either said or shown.

A few years later, another experience occurred in my bedroom shortly after I had turned off the light.  A well known master teacher who was no longer in the flesh appeared to me.  He appeared in his Diamond Body.  A Diamond Body is an immortal form, the highest vehicle our consciousness can achieve and actively use.  He was so brilliantly beautiful and I so stunned that I immediately left my own physical body and joined him to learn further the significance of his appearance in an indestructible body.

As a result of these two experiences, meditations and research, I created another Sacred Breath Healing Workshop which was offered last night for the first time.  You see, the goal of the soul here on earth is to eventually transform our earthbound carbon based bodies that become diseased, decay and die into the glorious and indestructible Diamond Light. When we eventually evolve and vibrate in the clear, compassionate diamond light level, we have reached the stars and will naturally vibrate and manifest harmony and beauty, purity and truth.  We have gained mastery over matter and are pure to our very core.  I plan to continue to offer this new workshop because the Diamond Light is the sacred heart of what we truly are~

Much love is sent your way...

Shirlee Hall
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