Wednesday, September 30, 2015


From close observation, I know that disease is first in the soul-mind and eventually materializes in the fields of the physical body.  The mind is the active agent that controls the personality and body.  Destructive thoughts eventually corrode the form.  The repetitive patterns may take years or lifetimes to manifest.  Behind falsity is the true disease that I observe as a lack of spiritual insight.  People either do not have knowledge of universal laws or understanding of them.  When the essence of light, the wisdom understanding is missing, a human reacts as a creature filled with misconceptions and desires that destroy rather than build.

As negative emotions work on the mind and body, afflictions eventually occur.  There is no one to blame except one’s self.  It is a gradual tearing down of the bodily temple.  To rebuild and edify it, the soul-mind must become pure and gain wisdom that is spurred through love.  A firm foundation must be built through faith, understanding, patience and compassion.  Patience is the tool of the builder.  Spiritual ignorance and lack of self-control is the blow of the destroyer.  True disease is to be spiritually asleep, unconscious of your true eternal identity.   Once realization occurs, amends can begin in earnest.

When conscious awakening begins, the body will mend itself with your patient forgiving love and help.  Matter is fluid; it can be changed.  The clairvoyant sees the light blue print of life and objects.  Light is not limited.   It is important that you be willing to transcend the limited conditioning that hasn’t worked and learn the language of Light.   The divine part of you is never sick.  It may appear to your personality as non-existent or hibernating.  It is there, believe me, patiently watching and waiting for you to consciously accept its presence and fall in love with it.  The Divine Presence is your source, the fountain of life, health and joy.

Exercise faith.  It will open the mind and body to the influx of a power that is pure love.  Change habits that harm and you will experience what a mail-woman experienced who asked me to lay hands on her.   She never mentioned what the issue was.  I don’t need any information; Spirit already knows.  In fact, I didn’t hear from her for months afterwards.  She had moved away from our area.  One day, I received a telephone call and she joyfully shared her gratitude with me as to how her breast surgery shortly after visiting me had been cancelled as a result of her healing.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


I mentioned to you previously that outward prayers usually are not said when I consciously connect with someone who asks to experience the holy expansiveness of the heart.  They are not spoken because the energy is one of opening and expansion of the sacred flower.  It is a love affair that is beyond the common words of man.  A conscious connection naturally occurs that for the purpose of practical understanding is beautifully illustrated in the geometrical shape and symbolism of the Flower of Life.    The Flower of Life symbol has far reaching significance regarding higher dimensions, our body, the breath of life, our galaxy, universe and the cosmos.  The ancient symbol is found in manuscripts, temples and art throughout cultures around the world.

It is a very helpful to have a visual when attempting to describe the sacred field that I feel comfortably attuned with as the creation circle.  On a practical level, even Leonardo da Vinci studied the life form and its mathematical properties.   Since the Flower of Life depicts the fundamental forms of space and time, the basic record of information of all living things and is a visual expression of the connections of life that run through everything, it is sacred and perfectly symbolizes Oneness with our Sacred Heart Center.   During a healing session, it is the Flower opening and expanding that allows us to feel the wisdom and compassionate love in all life, earth and Heaven, the Source of our being and with our Divine God Self.

As you already know, I do not write or talk about something of this nature unless it has been and is a firsthand experience.  Your physical body is actually ‘sitting’ within an eternal and perfect pattern of a spiritual body.  The two expressions of you exist in your own Flower of Life.  Yes, very true.  Every soul incarnated, every life form has a Flower of Life.  It is not identical in intensity or size because its power and presence appears to be determined by the level of conscious awareness.  The Field is the Flower of Life, the One Source.  Intellectually expressed, it is the initial split off cells of our Creator…the beginning of our individual creation.

I have consciously seen and walked around my own Flower of Life visibly as a tangible wide-awake physical experience. It just happened.  I wasn’t thinking about it or aware beforehand of its patterns.   It exists.  I know this as a fact.  It is the real life.  You have it.  I have it.  It is huge!   It is composed of silvery-white flower patterns and circles.   I have also walked in it when the hexagonal pattern is a stunning rose color.  This is the Field of healing deeply within our Sacred Heart Center.  In healing work, the code of the One Heart is firmly and lovingly planted into all levels of the body, mind and soul.  This is the reason why I am usually silent during healing sessions.  Consciously connecting is sacred.

Monday, September 28, 2015


When I tell you that you have a perfect body, I am speaking of your inherent perfect pattern of your body of Light.  This eternal body is perfect as is the field it vibrates in.  The goal is to unite your physical body with the perfect pattern of the body of Light.  Some call the body of Light, the Christ Body, the Son of God Body, the Buddhic Body or the Beloved.  The many names are attempts by man to describe the Indescribable.   If each of us would align all the levels of the mind as well as the feeling nature with the Divine Love Body, error conditions would cease to exist in the physical body.   We would gladly manifest the perfect spiritual pattern.  If we could stay fixed on that understanding remaining attentive, I really do not believe we would experience any harm.  We would be under divine protection at all times.

The typical human along with subconscious programming is conditioned by false opinions and has not developed the faith and other powers available to an awakening consciousness.  How many of you understand that you actually live in a laboratory?  If you decide to be a really good scientist and accept the perfect pattern of your spiritual body and deliberately exercise your imagination in your perfect field as your perfect self-being a conscious creator, you would actually demonstrate heaven on earth.  I strongly feel that healing of the body, mind and soul is the best way to demonstrate the wisdom science and the truth of divine order and harmony that can be reached by all of us.

Ideally, belief is best placed in your subtle patterns within the perfect light body and its vibrating field.  If you are not ready for that leap in consciousness, placing your belief in another person and the healing power of the Holy Spirit will work.  Manifestations that appeared as miracles began for me when people started calling and asking if they could come over and I lay hands on them.  We call them miracles because the evidence is mysterious.  I am suggesting that it does not need to be mysterious and there is a simple explanation.  The purpose in sharing experiences is to help you understand what I refer to as love expressing scientifically.

You may find the following strange.  I don’t really pray in the common way of asking for help.  Actually, am quiet.   I simply focus on the blueprint of perfection and not the area that needs adjusting.  I assume that Divine Mind working with Holy Spirit knows exactly where the loving power energy should go.  It knows and it goes. The whole process may take as long as fifteen minutes.  Sometimes an instantaneous and complete healing occurs.  Other occasions, the individual may need to return.

The funny part is that the recipients don’t always share with me their wonderful results.  They assume I just know everything about them.  I do not.  A few examples are a high school girl brought to the house with a tumor behind one eye.  It wasn’t until a few weeks later that her friend actually told me that her friend’s scheduled surgery was cancelled.  Another time, a man with hearing loss came to a Circle of Light local meeting and I was asked to lay hands on him.  He never said a word nor did he return.  I was told sometime later that his hearing was restored and it happened gradually.  Another woman asked me to hold her two hands not saying anything about her problem.   She also did not contact me.  I learned from someone else perhaps a month later that her carpal tunnel surgery was cancelled as a result of our connection.  Physical healing is a very visible and tangible way to demonstrate perfect love in action.

Sunday, September 27, 2015


I’ve come to the conclusion we are.  The ‘scientist’ can be three years old or one hundred and three.  There already exists an established ‘something’ that he or she knows will work.  The energy will work, that is, if the ‘patient’ does not reject it on some level.  Rejection is common particularly if the receiver feels guilt and a low sense of self-esteem.  This is not implying that to heal you must consciously feel worthy but it does help.  So, where does this understanding and confidence come from?  I feel the natural healer earned and developed the ability to share a wisdom and love energy power through past choices.  In other words, the natural ability has everything to do with an established consciousness, an inner understanding of true identity, the soul, and the Field that nourishes it.

Since I never studied the subject or had a wisdom teacher to demonstrate this subject, I can only describe what I know works for me.  I’ve read many books but they came after the fact.  Reality is that I have an easy access to an awesome energy that transforms physical and material matter.  I don’t feel that the healing power is a gift either. No one can teach us faith.  Faith is a power that each soul eventually develops as consciousness evolves.  Certain powers manifest in an individual as a result of previous attained awareness and a compassionate love for life.

I don’t go through any rigmarole.   The Field mentioned is an individual’s perfect pattern comprising the eternal spiritual body.  The temporary physical body exists within that perfect pattern, the Field.   The senses, feeling nature and mind also exist in that Field. They are spiritual matter, not physical matter.   As we awaken to our true identity as an individual and intelligent light soul, the Field expands, intensifies and the powers begin to show themselves.  This has nothing to do with an outside temple, mosque or church.  It is an indicator of your consciousness and what the real you has chosen to demonstrate here in physical matter.  In my first book, Circle of Light, which I plan to revisit and eventually republish, there is a poem therein titled “I am Becoming Humanly What I am Spiritually”.   The poem describes the physical body as a temple, the heart as an alter and the soul as the priest.   As the daily desserts are offered, I will attempt to describe what being a genuine scientist means to me.  Yes, daily desserts may be a light hearted way in describing the daily offerings but you will come around to wanting to taste more and demonstrate it your self.


Saturday, September 26, 2015


Last time, I shared a firsthand experience touching on suicide and unfulfilled wishes often experienced by those who vacate the body in great anguish.  I do wish to add at this time that there have been other such cases that have appeared to me asking to notify their physical relatives that they are truly sorry for an impulsive act that has caused so many people, including the departed, pain.  The personality, senses and mind temporarily remain with the soul in the afterlife until adjustments and understanding are thoroughly made and a return to a fresh life is determined.  An example of the afterthought of sorrow was the young father-husband of my daughter’s friend.  He took his life and left chaos only to find that his personal feelings continued regardless of what realm he happened to be vibrating in.

Not everyone who ‘crosses over’ asks forgiveness or is gentle in their personal behavior toward surviving relatives or friends.  There have been countless ‘pranks’ written and stories told about the mischief and evil activities that can come from earthbound souls attacking humans.  I had never heard any one mention the type of manipulation that went on between two sisters, one alive and the other deceased.   A young woman was brought to our home that actually smelled of death.  She was anorexic.

The ‘dead’ sister was attempting to influence the living sister to stop eating and join her on the other side.  Until that moment, the plan was working.  I scolded the departed sister about moral issues and that it was time for her to leave her physical sister alone and move onward into a new life for herself.  I also called reinforcements, angels, to come and remove the lingering earthbound soul.

Celestial help and the Holy Spirit stepped in and everything was corrected.  Once the young woman became free of the attachment and influence of her deceased sister, her health rapidly improved.  The debilitating experience changed her consciousness.  She decided to help herself and others.  The young woman enrolled in courses of study that would provide education and treatment for ongoing health, diet and enhancing her sense of self-esteem.

I do wish to add that none of us are immune to evil energy.  We must be on alert.  One powerful personal experience happened to me a few years back when I ignored a morning warning vision about a possible injury to my body and another reminder while sitting at the breakfast table.  When I stood up from the table, I felt an intense invisible force directed toward me.  My body was thrown to the ground and hip fractured.  It was a very painful lesson regarding paying close attention particularly to warnings from our invisible friends of light and love.  I never did find out why someone or something decided to harm me.  What I did realize is that I had not respected the warning and a serious injury materialized.

Friday, September 25, 2015


Not only are influences directed toward us from unseen intelligence that same subtle intelligence may ask for a healing from a human.  A friend’s neighbor was actually afraid to go into his basement and do the laundry.  Even his dog would resist.  They ‘felt’ something or someone hanging out in the basement that was not peaceful.  Finally, my friend asked me to visit her neighbor and psychically check the basement and see if I could determine what was actually going on.  I carried my boom box, a cassette filled with Gregorian chants, incense, candles and a pendulum to the basement.  For one reason or another, I felt whatever was going was somehow involved with church protocol.  Feeling the anxiety and sadness permeating the area, I came to the conclusion that there was a departed soul in the basement who needed a healing. I have always found it interesting how the ‘dead’ seem to know which humans have enough sensitivity to actually see and communicate with them.  They obviously feel the connection in our personal energy field.  I also felt amused regarding the homeowner, his dog and my friend not coming near the action by staying off to the side.

I found out that the earthbound soul had taken his life in the house.  He had been a Catholic and according to our telepathic communication received no closure ceremony regarding his burial.   He wanted a service and asked whether I would create right then and there a memorial for him, which I did.  Feeling compassion for the soul, I did the best that I could do under the circumstances.  Candles were lit, incense burning and prayers said and a lovely chant was playing.  When finished with the ceremony and feeling his newfound peace, I called the angels to come and gently take this soul to a brighter place than his former basement. 

Perhaps, you already know that many animals are clairvoyant.  They usually have a clearer access to unseen activities in subtle and sensitive areas than many humans.  It was really sweet observing the homeowner’s dog watch the grateful soul leave with the angels.  Of course, the homeowner was grateful as well.  Now, he could go into his basement without feeling the intense sadness that had filled the room and take care of what needed to be done.

Thursday, September 24, 2015


Speaking from experience, the journey is about remembering our spiritual identity and increasing faith.  The limited personality is like a huge wall creating a false sense of separation from our spiritual Self.  Why not break down the wall?  God speaks to everyone, not only the messengers and teachers we have read about.  Be courageous and remove the wall and identify with your eternal light Self.  You can still have the good things in life, but now there is a difference.  They do not blind you.  Your eyes are wide open.

If you are actually reading my words, you understand like I do that a common madness in the world has dominated for thousands of years.  It is selfishness and spiritual blindness.  All the things that man desires and thinks beautiful must be sought and developed within instead of typically looking for them outside of self.  Although organized religions speak of loving God and respecting one’s neighbor, the pain continues.  Collective humanity just doesn’t get it.  Spiritually alive souls have a genuine reverence for life.  I know that some of you do not have anyone to talk to regarding feelings of brotherhood, kindness and a lasting level of healing. I was in that position for many years.  Perhaps, you keep a diary or simply write stories about your concern for earth and her life placing the papers secretly under the bed.  We act that way when there are no people in our life who understand the feelings of the heart.   Be of good courage.  We have found one another.

It is time for collective humanity to move forward and consciously receive more celestial Light into their force fields.  The greater the power of compassion and unconditional love, the stronger individual light is.  Many of us are concerned with global changes.  Besides solutions being scientifically offered, we can contribute in a grander way by increasing our own light.  In other words, earth and her life can be helped both through scientific and spiritual actions.  Let us together bring in more of the Divine Light integrating it with matter.  More light and intensity means more creative power and creative power is feminine and manifests Light.  Allow yourself to be the real power that you are.  We can do this…

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Two very close friends of mine lost a father and a husband respectfully in the past month.  Although appearance of loved ones who have past is a common occurrence, we always enjoy hearing more proof that they continue to live.  The first woman shares her story regarding a very special ninety-five year old father.  At our last Sacred Healing Meditative Breath Workshop, he appeared to her.  This is what she had to say…

“My dad, who wore a brace his whole life because of polio, and who was lucid and sharp at ninety-five, passed on September 2nd.  On the 18th, at Sacred Breath Workshop, I made sure I was warm and comfortable as I lay down.  I closed my eyes and focused on my breath.  To my delight, my handsome dad appeared with his youthful black hair and pearly white teeth.  He kicked his heels together.  I could feel his presence at my right side.  I felt a deep peace and a heavenly joy.”

The second friend’s story is about her husband, Don, a Native American, and a Cherokee Memorial Service held at the medicine wheel on their property.
“We were married almost 42 years.  Through the years, though not born Native American, I became very interested in the Native philosophy, studied and adopted it for myself as it so fit my own beliefs and spirituality.  We both love animals and nature, and eventually bought sixteen acres of land out in the country.  We had already rescued several cats and dogs, too.  Our lives were spent loving the land, animals and the trees and flowers we planted.  We also created trails through the nine acres of woods in back of the house.

Don experienced two serious strokes over a period of years. It was his time to leave earth.  He passed here on our property the land he bought and loved so much surrounded by his dogs, cats, favorite people, my granddaughter and me.   We had decided on cremation.  Thanks to a Cherokee prayer I read, I planned Don’s memorial.  According to Sun Bears instructions, we had built a Medicine Wheel several years ago. It is at the Medicine Wheel we planned his memorial.   The prayer said, “Find your path and fill it with flowers”.  I bought flowers and we filled the Eastern path to the Wheel with them.  Since our cat, Angelo, died only eleven days after Don, I decided to honor him as well.  Moxie, another cat had passed a few months before.  We put Don’s picture by his stone on the wheel surrounded by flowers and pictures of Angelo and Moxie at their stones with flowers.  Family and friends each held a candle.  We circled the wheel.  I read the same prayer and a poem Don had written.  All of us shared stories about Don and the cats.  We felt their presence.  I was aware of Don being with us and enjoying himself.  He looked young and acted comical and healthy again.  The cats, too, were young, playful and healthy.  It was quite lovely.  Everyone spent the rest of the day visiting the wheel.  Don was in the Butterfly Clan.  Butterflies were all over the place.   Everything was simple and unique.  Don’s spirit stayed around for days.  Knowing he is fine and happy makes me happy, too".

The dead living as spiritual matter are playful because they are usually more alive and beautiful than they were in physical matter.  In reality, there is no death.


Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Fear is the enemy.  I see it all around me even in people who are highly intelligent and hopefully would know better.  They fear because they do not understand.  Perhaps, it feels more comfortable to be  ‘stuck’.  At least they know what to expect locked into place. Well…life is designed to evolve.  The same holds true in the area of healing.  I have known of many cases where people have rejected an amazing healing because it upsets the boundaries they have created.  Guilt is one of the manifestations of fear. 

I’ve used these two examples in my books.  A young mother with multiple scoliosis asked for help in healing her body.  After our session together, amazing changes happened in her body and lifestyle.  She was able to enjoy sexual relations with her husband, rejoin the neighbor bowling team and participate in a much more active lifestyle.  Her husband even called thanking me for helping.  Months went by.  One day, I received a handwritten letter from the mother.  She explained how she had made a serious decision.  She had told her body that it could not remain active and well.  The startling decision came as a result of guilt.  The young mother was collecting a disability check each month from the government.  She couldn’t reconcile cashing or depositing the check when her body felt so good.  Besides, the checks were deposited in a special account for her pre-school daughter’s college education.  I was stunned.  As a result of her judgment of self, the multiple scoliosis gradually returned.

Another powerful example of guilt was a young woman with cerebral palsy.  Her father brought his daughter to my house in a wheel chair.  When the session was over, she walked down the steps and out to the car.  A couple months later,  the father called and asked if he could bring his daughter back to see me.  The disability was beginning to return.  Knowing how bizarre the mind can work, I privately asked her what is really going on?  She said she was having sexual relations with her boyfriend and didn’t feel worthy of the healing.  The girl was programmed like so many of us by teachings that were created by man, not our loving and nonjudgmental Source of all life.

Monday, September 21, 2015



Both methods attune us to the language of body through the tapping into wisdom and knowledge whether it is self-treatment or through someone else.  Energy techniques often suggest thumps on specific areas, tapping, pulling and stretching to achieve a healthier immune system and a greater sense of balance and harmony.  Many of us resonate to learning how to focus on our own bodies or another and appreciate using a panorama of available energy.

It is a sound choice to learn how to use energy to activate your own body’s natural healing resources.  We have been blessed with meditation, acupuncture, yoga, kinesiology and qigong plus countless other healing options to help us achieve a natural approach to health care.  A practitioner cannot help but benefit as a result of learning and applying what they personally can do to build a stronger body temple. I think of the physical body as a temple for the light and intelligence of a soul to use living here in matter.  It stands to reason that a balanced body provides an easier means of expression than one that is neglected.

Speaking from experience…there is an ancient and loving way to be whole and achieve the sense of equipoise.   It does take a leap in consciousness to reach this  advanced level of consciousness.  We were originally designed to both send and receive the healing energy.   Why not muster up our faith and courage and be what we are meant to be and do what we actually can do?

I am referring to a universal energy emanating from the Godhead.  Because humans require language, I refer to the universal energy as the comforting Holy Spirit.   The sublime energy is a power and a healing Reality that is available to every one of us.  The more common energy medicine that requires degrees and certificates to practice is also a reality but consists of baby steps compared to our opening the inner door to the higher realms of Light.   Alternative energy techniques are an easy and enjoyable starting point.  We accept them in gratitude.  What I am suggesting is that you combine them with a higher reality, a breathtaking healing option.  My intention is to give you the confidence to walk through another door, the Front Door… The gatekeeper is the Holy Spirit.  The energy is not a technique; it is a sound and conscious connection to the science of Wisdom.  It is a love energy emanating from Source, our Creator.

MAN IS A PROGRESSIVE IDEA…rejecting a healing

Fear is the enemy.  I see it all around me even in people who are highly intelligent and hopefully would know better.  They fear because they do not understand.  Perhaps, it feels more comfortable to be  ‘stuck’.  At least they know what to expect locked into place. Well…life is designed to evolve.  The same holds true in the area of healing.  I have known of many cases where people have rejected an amazing healing because it upsets the boundaries they have created.    Learn to ask for understanding.

Sunday, September 20, 2015


If every living expression has as its substance the Light of God, why couldn’t the plant or animal join us in prayer?   If there is only one Mind and everything created uses a degree of it, isn’t this an interesting creative possibility?  It is said that anything is possible.  I believe it is.  We are co-creators, mainly unconsciously, but yet, we do create what appears in our lives.  The point of this subject is to encourage you to think out of the box and watch what shows up in your own story.

Baba, a shelter Manx cat, recently became a family member.  It was love at first sight.  Baba is gray and white with very long hair but minus a tail.  A Manx either has a stub for a tail or none.  At night, he sleeps either close to my pillow or on it.  Normally, he is gentle and very loving.  I noticed the other day that he seemed very uncomfortable when my fingers touched the side of his jaw and neck.  He actually bit and hissed at me and made unhappy noises that could only be interpreted as expressions of pain.  Something was definitely not right. Instead of taking him to a veterinarian, I gentle laid my hand on the area and asked that the healing power of the Holy Spirit correct whatever needed adjustment.

In my understanding, the Holy Spirit is a powerful aspect of the Divine Feminine.  It is always present, very comforting and never judges.  An immediate healing took place as I lay my hand on the sensitive area.

Animals do not ‘talk’ themselves out of a healing.  They are smarter in this area than the majority of humans.  They don’t have all the psychological garbage weighing them down with doubts and fears.  This was not the first time a family animal has been healed and it won’t be the last.

I would imagine that a cat responds to the Holy Spirit in the same way that it did as a kitten nursing at his mother.  Although Baba continues as a male adult to knead on my bed, I am certain he feels a warm healing is very similar to the comfort of nursing.  His wild ancestors liked sleeping on soft, pleasurable surfaces too.  Unlike our cats, they had to make their own by kneading down tall grass or leaves.  With a long history as an animal lover, I know how animals easily accept a healing.   In contrast, it is when humans exercise reason that they often reject relief and joy and the acceptance that comes when really knowing we are unconditional loved.  There is a loving and healing power called the Holy Spirit waiting to make Its Presence known.


Saturday, September 19, 2015


Early in life,  I experienced a dramatic physical, emotional and mental healing alone in my room.  Although I’ve participated in countless ‘miracles’ since 1971 to present day, I’ve always assumed the healing power was solely activated, doing its mysterious transforming work, from the without.  What I mean is…I would mentally call on the Holy Spirit, the Divine Feminine Creative Power, to take care of an issue whether it be for me or someone else.  The Power is also ‘called’ to fix what we refer to as inanimate objects such as a car or furnace.   The Holy Spirit always comes through with flying colors.  I can with a certainty depend on its love as action.

As years and more healing experiences happened, I realized that  ‘miracles’ manifested not only as a direct result of a complete trust in the authority, power and love of the Holy Spirit and luminous beings who enjoy assisting humans, my own spiritual light-consciousness had a great deal of influence in manifesting what was asked for.  This is a big step for those of us who have been taught that we need a mediator. Accompanied by great feelings, I understand that the very power that I call on lives as you and me.  It also lives as my cat and every body else. It lives in degrees according to a conscious awareness, acceptance and use of its power and presence.  It is our destiny to enlarge the power, the Source of our life, through faith, understanding and taking action. 

This sounds so simple and it is.  Obviously, programmed humans believe that the power solely lives outside of them.  It is both outside and inside.   Our hearts and minds can consciously and deliberately with authority direct the power of radiant light through thought, word and deed.  Faith is the first requisite.  It is an intelligent and loving power that emanates from the consciousness of an awakened mind. The power is both seen and felt.   We are mistakenly taught that healing, God’s goodness, miracles and mysterious happenings come from outside of our personal energy. Either we are children of the Source or we are not.  Being programmed by parents and teachers of religion, we have accepted their opinions instead of the word and experience of those who have mastered matter.  To master matter is to attain the awareness, understanding and confidence that will naturally create what is needed for good purposes.  The great Impersonal and the personal are one and the same.  It is not the work of a ‘devil’ or manipulator unless the intention falls far short of love and pure intention.  Since what we repeatedly give through mind returns to us, anything less than purity will find a way to eventually correct itself.  If you or someone else has the ‘gift’ of healing, know that it is a natural byproduct of your consciousness.  Faith creates what appears as a healing miracle.   In the days to come, I will share many firsthand experiences in the area of healing involving other people and self.  Some of the results will surprise you.

Friday, September 18, 2015



Only a few are actually receiving a smattering of wisdom knowledge, the higher ancient wisdom always available but seldom used.   You may have a relative or friend who genuinely desires to understand the science of wisdom and love but for some unknown reason you have difficulty describing your inner knowledge.  Firsthand knowledge is not always easily explained.  I enjoy labeling wisdom  as a language of Light.  The language is not of man’s common knowledge.    Mind as man understands it is of matter.  Wisdom as man knows it is matter.  Matter is comprised of opinions and beliefs.  To understand the wisdom of Science, your consciousness must be at levels of understanding higher than the world of physical matter.  You must ascend to frequencies of greater light.

In other words, your mind must rise beyond the so-called senses.  You can achieve and receive many certificates of learning and read a library full of wonderful books and not receive the wisdom.    The secret of life and happiness is not found in the beliefs and opinions of men.  It is found within the chambers of the heart.  What humans typically experience is the common wisdom of man.  What enlightened beings know is the wisdom of the heart, which is actually a science.  Unless we are fully awakened, our wisdom is the fluctuating worldly wisdom of man.   Physical healing is a gentle form of reconnecting to the Source that helps a soul awaken to the wisdom science.  I call it a science because there are certain aspects that must be in place.  I view the aspects not only as disciplines but disciplines that have blossomed into powers.  As a direct result of a mental, physical and soul healing we begin to comprehend a wisdom that is not of this world.  This wisdom can be proven as phenomena.  Humans tend to believe what they see.  Phenomena will manifest but a greater proof, reality, a certainty within will also emerge for those who are ready to make a conscious and consistent connection with the higher science that Jesus and other rare souls have shared.  The biggest obstacle for all of us is to fully accept our own holiness.  The majority of souls have been raised to look outside of self for the wisdom.  Wisdom is the real you but hidden like a forgotten treasure.

Thursday, September 17, 2015


When we can’t stand a situation, some of us pretend it doesn’t exist. There is a huge difference between pretence and denial.  Denial is a private attitude.  Pretence is a public fa├žade.   I can see why we assume both attitudes.  It is one way to protect ourselves from other people’s beliefs and opinions until we get our own act together.

Remember, the more you focus on a negative the more the energy expands.  Do you want that?  No!   Instead, use your mind in a scientific, which means wisdom in this case, way and take steps to change it.   Since all changes occur in the mind first, analyze how you can expand your understanding and reprogram your attitude, cells, lifestyle and whatever else needs to be examined to manifest health and abundance instead of the worrisome state you find yourself in.

I’ve been told on different occasions that a situation was impossible to correct.  Lately, it was a very dramatic one that would have totally changed my environment into a negative and downhill spiral.  I refused to listen to negative opinions and stayed firm in my belief that the universe would provide exactly what I needed in the situation.  Against all odds, I won.  I found it surprising that some of the authority figures involved were not more encouraging.  Perhaps, I expected too much from them.  

Victory on all levels is what actually happened.  Never flaunting my trust in their face, I simply knew  that the universe had my ‘back’, so to speak.   This is one way to live our faith.  Stay true to our inner understanding.  It is far more powerful than any intellectual exercise or legal document.   Some of us appear as very private people out of necessity.  There are things we need to keep to ourselves or at least minimize what we share with people who are eager to give opinions that only create fear and doubt.  Faith does move mountains in a very unique and kindly way.  We can always wax eloquently about how we believe.  The truth surfaces when the darkness appears.  The truth is the substance at the core of your being.  That substance is Light.  Are you going to trust its power and presence?

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


If you have not experienced a ‘Light Body’, I can understand how confusion can arise observing the fierce competition that exists in the spiritual marketplace.  Humans typically take what is simple and create traditions, systems, approaches, strategies and exercises to achieve what a genuine faith and love would manifest if the ego got out of the way.  Hopefully, I will not sound too sacrilegious to your way of thinking.  When you come right down to it, understanding has little to do with thinking.  It is more directly experienced through ‘being’.

A tremendous commitment and effort is required if you really strive to be a liberated human being.  You will be ‘fighting’ the establishment, the rituals of old, the conditioning and fears pounded into consciousness by man since the beginning of time.  Until you are ready to surrender basically to your true self, aligning the energy centers or working with interconnections will eventually get you to the place in consciousness where your surrounding field of light is expanding and purifying.  I personally resonate to the mystical path emphasizing love.  The Christians, Moslem and Hindus encourage devotion accompanied by obedience. Cultivating the heart is a genuine love affair for many of us.  I quarrel with the obedience part of the equation.  To me, the greatest quarrel is with resistance to the reality of our true identity as spirit temporarily using matter. Once realization begins to impact the personality, the intention is cooperation and not

Many souls emphasize mind control such as in the Kabbala, Raja Yoga, Zen Buddhism and various tantric visualization practices.  I agree with them that we must make an effort to control, guide and in some cases eliminate thoughts.   The purpose behind many traditions is to also deliberately open the energy centers.  Some teach training the mind to lift the energy from the base of the spine to the head.  Others, like myself, figure why bother with that exercise.  Instead, be love and willingly open your heart and mind in trust to the Light allowing it to pour downward through the crown embracing your entire field of physical, emotion, and mental and spiritual expression.  Perhaps, I am nonchalant about this process because the Divine Wisdom, the Holy Spirit energy, has been a personal companion since a child sitting on the carpet playing with dolls.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

WHO AM I? ...more on light body

Throughout the ages descriptions have been attempted to explain the "energetic body" or "the body of Light" using psychic and mental approaches.  If I had my way, I wouldn't use the common language at all because to understand, view and experience the light body is to me an integral part of the Language of Light, which is not of this world.   The true identity body is described according to a particular tradition and can be confusing to another of a different understanding.  Perhaps, simply focusing on the question “Who am I?” would be the most direct path to a genuine realization that will lead to enlightenment.  Although the various energy channels are important because they distribute a sense of our true identity throughout the body, I don’t emphasize it.  I’ve decided getting to the core of who or what we actually are needs to be the major point of concentration.  It can only be intellectualized up to a certain point.  It is then that we will hopefully take the necessary leap of faith and discover that we’ve been crawling instead of using the wings we were born with.

How do we know if we are making any real headway?  If you are like so many of us, you probably judge yourself harshly.  Looking at past choices is often embarrassing.  You may already have great faith, strength and genuinely love.  Yet, fall short in what is considered the wisdom or science area of proving what you feel.  How can you prove to another what you know in your heart?   There are ways such as knowing how to direct the will and create with imagination.  You may have zeal and exude understanding but others including yourself may view your lifestyle as lacking order.  All of us carry a backlog of conditioning responses that often prevent us from moving outside the box.  We do our best in the diet and health area believing in regeneration and infinite possibilities but don’t seem to be moving ahead.  Many judge us by material standards.  If we do not live in opulence, we are dismissed as not being successful.   A pat on the back may only offer comfort temporarily.  I would love to hear how you feel about this.   Humans are funny.  We already have what we desire, the Holy Grail, and we think not.

Monday, September 14, 2015


Taking classes and earning certificates is not enough.  Book knowledge helps with the 
basics providing an outline for action but something very important is best given priority first.  This doesn’t mean you cannot be a spiritual or natural healer until you do x, y and z but it certainly makes your offering far more powerful.  Looking at the example of the truly awakened teachers of the past and present is the clue.  What did or do they reveal as consciousness? They have developed through a combination of faith and science a consistent higher awareness of Reality.

To back up for a moment…   perhaps, you wonder if the light body is viewed with the physical senses, the spiritual senses or with the eyes opened or closed.  If you were to be examined using advanced technology, the senses would not be detected inside your physical body.  The senses are in a ‘field’ surrounding your physical body.  Both the conscious mind and the other levels of mind tap into the ‘field’.   As with all parts of creative energy, there are levels of physical matter as well as spiritual matter.  When we ‘see’ on the level of light, we are using the senses, spiritual matter of sight.  Because the physical eyes are not being used to view the higher dimensions it matters not whether they are open or closed.

We bring ‘heaven on earth’ as we consciously awaken our light body while imprisoned in form.  Eastern teachings emphasize seven major, interrelated bodies that are also described as energy fields.  Simply said, there are layers, different frequency vibrations emanating from your physical, emotional and mental fields that will refine and align with your higher layers of light.  Enlightened humans have successfully made a connection between all aspects of both visible and invisible intelligent energy.  The ideal is to evolve physically, mentally and emotionally to a higher degree visibly and tangibly right here in matter.  Where we stand actually becomes ‘holy’ ground.

Sunday, September 13, 2015


Ever since I can remember the light body has been displaying itself to me through people, various life forms and inanimate objects.   Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist and other traditions frequently refer to the light body as the subtle body.  It is a radiant structure.  In the 1980’s and 1990’s I would often give workshops and lectures on the light bodies existence.  At first, I had assumed everyone saw the real body.   We do not need to be praying or meditating to view a finer dimension or frequency.   If we happen to be clairvoyant, viewing the indestructible body comes easily.

A dark environment is not required.  The subtle light body exists regardless of place, person or thing.  A few examples:  A solicitor rang my doorbell.  When I opened the door, a woman stood waiting to talk to me.  Her light body was brightly glowing in clear daylight. I found that interesting. The sun shining brightly did not diminish the woman’s personal radiance as far as visibility.  Once when a friend was visiting our home, she chose a chair in front of a full-length wall mirror.  I sat opposite of her.  I could see her reflection in the mirror but I also saw her light body sitting in the identical position next to her and its reflection in the mirror.  There doesn’t seem to be any restrictions on how the light body presents itself. 

I’ve noticed that when a person is highly emotional the light body may expand and the colors rapidly change.  It is fascinating watching the intensity of the display.  There are other times when sitting in an auditorium that I’ve noticed some people don’t appear to have a light body.  They do because it is their life force but it is diminished for one reason or another.  Other occasions when looking at a person in front of me the light body is so bright and large that the energy is actually overflowing and covering the surrounding people.

Everything has a light body.  I particularly am impressed observing the exuberant ascent of the brilliant form when a living creature takes her or his last breath.  It is quite beautiful.  The most recent one I was blessed to view was my guinea pig Taffy.  She was so bright and alive.  When Chickee, our canary, died his light body was ecstatically demonstrative. His brilliancy flew joyfully all around me.  He was more alive in his subtle body than his caged physical form.  The appearance of the true body often displays a playfulness and beauty clearly demonstrating that life continues in a joyful way.  It is a genuine freedom most souls do not experience when using a physical form.  I am very thankful for this view and to be able to share it with you.  The light body is not a mythological archetype drenched with symbolic meaning.  It exists as you and me in our everyday world with as much reality as the physical organism.  There are times when I look at another and view the divine energy form shining so brightly that I do wish the other could also view his or her own magnificent beauty.  Trust in what I am sharing so openly with you.  You are radiant light.