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Both methods attune us to the language of body through the tapping into wisdom and knowledge whether it is self-treatment or through someone else.  Energy techniques often suggest thumps on specific areas, tapping, pulling and stretching to achieve a healthier immune system and a greater sense of balance and harmony.  Many of us resonate to learning how to focus on our own bodies or another and appreciate using a panorama of available energy.

It is a sound choice to learn how to use energy to activate your own body’s natural healing resources.  We have been blessed with meditation, acupuncture, yoga, kinesiology and qigong plus countless other healing options to help us achieve a natural approach to health care.  A practitioner cannot help but benefit as a result of learning and applying what they personally can do to build a stronger body temple. I think of the physical body as a temple for the light and intelligence of a soul to use living here in matter.  It stands to reason that a balanced body provides an easier means of expression than one that is neglected.

Speaking from experience…there is an ancient and loving way to be whole and achieve the sense of equipoise.   It does take a leap in consciousness to reach this  advanced level of consciousness.  We were originally designed to both send and receive the healing energy.   Why not muster up our faith and courage and be what we are meant to be and do what we actually can do?

I am referring to a universal energy emanating from the Godhead.  Because humans require language, I refer to the universal energy as the comforting Holy Spirit.   The sublime energy is a power and a healing Reality that is available to every one of us.  The more common energy medicine that requires degrees and certificates to practice is also a reality but consists of baby steps compared to our opening the inner door to the higher realms of Light.   Alternative energy techniques are an easy and enjoyable starting point.  We accept them in gratitude.  What I am suggesting is that you combine them with a higher reality, a breathtaking healing option.  My intention is to give you the confidence to walk through another door, the Front Door… The gatekeeper is the Holy Spirit.  The energy is not a technique; it is a sound and conscious connection to the science of Wisdom.  It is a love energy emanating from Source, our Creator.

MAN IS A PROGRESSIVE IDEA…rejecting a healing

Fear is the enemy.  I see it all around me even in people who are highly intelligent and hopefully would know better.  They fear because they do not understand.  Perhaps, it feels more comfortable to be  ‘stuck’.  At least they know what to expect locked into place. Well…life is designed to evolve.  The same holds true in the area of healing.  I have known of many cases where people have rejected an amazing healing because it upsets the boundaries they have created.    Learn to ask for understanding.

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