Friday, September 4, 2015



Not only relief and wonder but also a feeling of joy, gratitude and intimacy take over after a healing.  I find it so interesting how mind can actually change matter.  Stranger yet, often someone who has been healed decide to reject the healing.  Strange but true.  There are actually people who judge life would be better if they refuse to be whole.  Some people simply do not want to give up patterns regardless of how painful they may be. We are our own healer.  Keep this in mind.  We must heal in consciousness first.  Not everyone is ready to take that responsibility.

A young woman with cerebral palsy put her wheel chair aside and walked after we met for a healing session.  The healing only lasted for a few weeks.  Her dad called me and said that his daughter was back in the wheel chair.  When they returned to my home, I asked her what was really bothering her.  She confessed she had been having intercourse with her boyfriend and didn’t feel that she was worthy enough to be healed.    This is a good example of how the mind dictates what happens to us.

I like facts to support miracles.  A young mother with multiple sclerosis received a dramatic healing after one session.  Several months later, she called stating that she did not want to be healed.  Why?  She couldn’t comfortably continue to accept a monthly disability check from the government as a result of her healing.  The mother wanted the checks so she could deposit them in a savings account for her child’s future education.  Her mind chose security over health.  She gradually returned to her former crippled state.
The more I observe human behavior, the more I am convinced that we create what happens to us, whether in a physical body or a subtle body.

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