Friday, September 25, 2015


Not only are influences directed toward us from unseen intelligence that same subtle intelligence may ask for a healing from a human.  A friend’s neighbor was actually afraid to go into his basement and do the laundry.  Even his dog would resist.  They ‘felt’ something or someone hanging out in the basement that was not peaceful.  Finally, my friend asked me to visit her neighbor and psychically check the basement and see if I could determine what was actually going on.  I carried my boom box, a cassette filled with Gregorian chants, incense, candles and a pendulum to the basement.  For one reason or another, I felt whatever was going was somehow involved with church protocol.  Feeling the anxiety and sadness permeating the area, I came to the conclusion that there was a departed soul in the basement who needed a healing. I have always found it interesting how the ‘dead’ seem to know which humans have enough sensitivity to actually see and communicate with them.  They obviously feel the connection in our personal energy field.  I also felt amused regarding the homeowner, his dog and my friend not coming near the action by staying off to the side.

I found out that the earthbound soul had taken his life in the house.  He had been a Catholic and according to our telepathic communication received no closure ceremony regarding his burial.   He wanted a service and asked whether I would create right then and there a memorial for him, which I did.  Feeling compassion for the soul, I did the best that I could do under the circumstances.  Candles were lit, incense burning and prayers said and a lovely chant was playing.  When finished with the ceremony and feeling his newfound peace, I called the angels to come and gently take this soul to a brighter place than his former basement. 

Perhaps, you already know that many animals are clairvoyant.  They usually have a clearer access to unseen activities in subtle and sensitive areas than many humans.  It was really sweet observing the homeowner’s dog watch the grateful soul leave with the angels.  Of course, the homeowner was grateful as well.  Now, he could go into his basement without feeling the intense sadness that had filled the room and take care of what needed to be done.

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