Wednesday, September 30, 2015


From close observation, I know that disease is first in the soul-mind and eventually materializes in the fields of the physical body.  The mind is the active agent that controls the personality and body.  Destructive thoughts eventually corrode the form.  The repetitive patterns may take years or lifetimes to manifest.  Behind falsity is the true disease that I observe as a lack of spiritual insight.  People either do not have knowledge of universal laws or understanding of them.  When the essence of light, the wisdom understanding is missing, a human reacts as a creature filled with misconceptions and desires that destroy rather than build.

As negative emotions work on the mind and body, afflictions eventually occur.  There is no one to blame except one’s self.  It is a gradual tearing down of the bodily temple.  To rebuild and edify it, the soul-mind must become pure and gain wisdom that is spurred through love.  A firm foundation must be built through faith, understanding, patience and compassion.  Patience is the tool of the builder.  Spiritual ignorance and lack of self-control is the blow of the destroyer.  True disease is to be spiritually asleep, unconscious of your true eternal identity.   Once realization occurs, amends can begin in earnest.

When conscious awakening begins, the body will mend itself with your patient forgiving love and help.  Matter is fluid; it can be changed.  The clairvoyant sees the light blue print of life and objects.  Light is not limited.   It is important that you be willing to transcend the limited conditioning that hasn’t worked and learn the language of Light.   The divine part of you is never sick.  It may appear to your personality as non-existent or hibernating.  It is there, believe me, patiently watching and waiting for you to consciously accept its presence and fall in love with it.  The Divine Presence is your source, the fountain of life, health and joy.

Exercise faith.  It will open the mind and body to the influx of a power that is pure love.  Change habits that harm and you will experience what a mail-woman experienced who asked me to lay hands on her.   She never mentioned what the issue was.  I don’t need any information; Spirit already knows.  In fact, I didn’t hear from her for months afterwards.  She had moved away from our area.  One day, I received a telephone call and she joyfully shared her gratitude with me as to how her breast surgery shortly after visiting me had been cancelled as a result of her healing.

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