Thursday, September 3, 2015


Speaking for myself, I'm only interested in representing the Divine and helping people empower themselves, meaning their own light and wisdom.  I didn't search to become who I am.  I chose to wake up.   I didn’t study with a master nor travel to distant sacred places.  Never looking for techniques or certificates, I asked only to BE. Choosing this path, I was delighted and still am when books, people and ideas present themselves to me that are already part of the fabric of my being.  Verification comes in a myriad of ways.  We are eternal and radiant light beings.  I know because the intelligent light form behind physical form reveals itself to me.  If I can know with a certainty and use the power and majesty of the Presence, so can you. 

You do not need a dramatic entry into a higher consciousness such as the surrendering experience that opened every door for me.  Start gently in a simple way.   Perhaps, you feel a cold coming on.  Stop and with authority tell yourself that you do not have time for this inconvenience and you will be obeyed.  Your mind and feelings determine what happens in your life.  Suffering is not something you need to experience to awaken nor is lack and limitation.  You are an awesome being waiting to be recognized, cherished and consciously living in your natural body.   Your physical body is a temple for the Real identity.   Honor the entire package.  Fill your body mind and soul with a light that awaits your love and expansion.

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