Wednesday, September 9, 2015


You are an intelligent light temporarily using a natural body.  Another way of saying this is…you are a Spiritual Body watching your temporary natural body.  A greater Spiritual Light Body surrounds your natural or physical body.   Within the field that surrounds your natural body vibrate your senses, feeling nature and mind.   If you were to be examined, the senses, feeling nature and mind would not be detected in your natural body.  They are always present in the field that surrounds you.  They are a medium that your Spiritual Body and Natural Body both use.

You really are the watcher and your physical form and the medium you can use are a means for the Real Life, Spiritual Body, to live in a physical-material environment.  As your thinking mind becomes aware of its self as an eternal being of Light, it naturally expands its energy that is Radiant Light.   Greater personal light expansion opens the door to a grander version and use of wisdom that is actually scientific.  We become conscious co creators manifesting beauty and love in a natural environment.   Actually, the awareness process is not all that difficult.  This is why beings that tend not to be intellectual often create greater happenings judged by others as miracles.   They understand the simplicity of what can be accomplished without all the baggage of other people’s opinions and false belief systems.   I was just thinking of the missionary who was telling aboriginals how Jesus walked on water and that they could do likewise.  Because they were not intellectually complicated, programmed, those who listened to the missionary without hesitation walked on the water.

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