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A ministry of love sharing the Power, Presence and Light of the Holy Spirit.  Since 1980, Shirlee Hall has publicly and privately offered a wisdom science of comfort, hope and renewed healing energy of the body and mind.

A magical way God reveals our true relationship with the Divine is through a firsthand experience embracing us with a feeling of oneness and completion.  Through healing, the sense of separation disappears and we consciously become one cohesive unit of Light as Divine Love and Wisdom.

Absentee Sessions Available - Booster Rays - Beyond Time and Space
Wisdom Ministry - Shirlee Hall
        Lisle, IL 60532

In person Friday appointment only- 630-202-3818
 $50.00- Cash or PayPal available at

Shirlee Hall is a published author of five books, professional speaker, teacher, spiritual consultant and workshop leader.  She is dedicated to the enhancement of each person's spiritual growth and development and thus to the worth, dignity, well-being, and unique potential of each individual.

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