Sunday, September 20, 2015


If every living expression has as its substance the Light of God, why couldn’t the plant or animal join us in prayer?   If there is only one Mind and everything created uses a degree of it, isn’t this an interesting creative possibility?  It is said that anything is possible.  I believe it is.  We are co-creators, mainly unconsciously, but yet, we do create what appears in our lives.  The point of this subject is to encourage you to think out of the box and watch what shows up in your own story.

Baba, a shelter Manx cat, recently became a family member.  It was love at first sight.  Baba is gray and white with very long hair but minus a tail.  A Manx either has a stub for a tail or none.  At night, he sleeps either close to my pillow or on it.  Normally, he is gentle and very loving.  I noticed the other day that he seemed very uncomfortable when my fingers touched the side of his jaw and neck.  He actually bit and hissed at me and made unhappy noises that could only be interpreted as expressions of pain.  Something was definitely not right. Instead of taking him to a veterinarian, I gentle laid my hand on the area and asked that the healing power of the Holy Spirit correct whatever needed adjustment.

In my understanding, the Holy Spirit is a powerful aspect of the Divine Feminine.  It is always present, very comforting and never judges.  An immediate healing took place as I lay my hand on the sensitive area.

Animals do not ‘talk’ themselves out of a healing.  They are smarter in this area than the majority of humans.  They don’t have all the psychological garbage weighing them down with doubts and fears.  This was not the first time a family animal has been healed and it won’t be the last.

I would imagine that a cat responds to the Holy Spirit in the same way that it did as a kitten nursing at his mother.  Although Baba continues as a male adult to knead on my bed, I am certain he feels a warm healing is very similar to the comfort of nursing.  His wild ancestors liked sleeping on soft, pleasurable surfaces too.  Unlike our cats, they had to make their own by kneading down tall grass or leaves.  With a long history as an animal lover, I know how animals easily accept a healing.   In contrast, it is when humans exercise reason that they often reject relief and joy and the acceptance that comes when really knowing we are unconditional loved.  There is a loving and healing power called the Holy Spirit waiting to make Its Presence known.


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