Saturday, September 19, 2015


Early in life,  I experienced a dramatic physical, emotional and mental healing alone in my room.  Although I’ve participated in countless ‘miracles’ since 1971 to present day, I’ve always assumed the healing power was solely activated, doing its mysterious transforming work, from the without.  What I mean is…I would mentally call on the Holy Spirit, the Divine Feminine Creative Power, to take care of an issue whether it be for me or someone else.  The Power is also ‘called’ to fix what we refer to as inanimate objects such as a car or furnace.   The Holy Spirit always comes through with flying colors.  I can with a certainty depend on its love as action.

As years and more healing experiences happened, I realized that  ‘miracles’ manifested not only as a direct result of a complete trust in the authority, power and love of the Holy Spirit and luminous beings who enjoy assisting humans, my own spiritual light-consciousness had a great deal of influence in manifesting what was asked for.  This is a big step for those of us who have been taught that we need a mediator. Accompanied by great feelings, I understand that the very power that I call on lives as you and me.  It also lives as my cat and every body else. It lives in degrees according to a conscious awareness, acceptance and use of its power and presence.  It is our destiny to enlarge the power, the Source of our life, through faith, understanding and taking action. 

This sounds so simple and it is.  Obviously, programmed humans believe that the power solely lives outside of them.  It is both outside and inside.   Our hearts and minds can consciously and deliberately with authority direct the power of radiant light through thought, word and deed.  Faith is the first requisite.  It is an intelligent and loving power that emanates from the consciousness of an awakened mind. The power is both seen and felt.   We are mistakenly taught that healing, God’s goodness, miracles and mysterious happenings come from outside of our personal energy. Either we are children of the Source or we are not.  Being programmed by parents and teachers of religion, we have accepted their opinions instead of the word and experience of those who have mastered matter.  To master matter is to attain the awareness, understanding and confidence that will naturally create what is needed for good purposes.  The great Impersonal and the personal are one and the same.  It is not the work of a ‘devil’ or manipulator unless the intention falls far short of love and pure intention.  Since what we repeatedly give through mind returns to us, anything less than purity will find a way to eventually correct itself.  If you or someone else has the ‘gift’ of healing, know that it is a natural byproduct of your consciousness.  Faith creates what appears as a healing miracle.   In the days to come, I will share many firsthand experiences in the area of healing involving other people and self.  Some of the results will surprise you.

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