Saturday, January 30, 2016


Can you command Spirit?  The idea shocks many because it sounds so cold and blunt.  But, let’s face it; all of us have been commanding throughout life simply by desiring and focusing on people and events to move.  Our body usually performs automatically and yet, God is the moving force that has created and maintained all physical manifestations.  If you worry about an impending surgery as an example and dwell on all the negative possibilities, you set the stage for all your concerns to manifest.  They will manifest because you gave your worries undivided attention bringing the energy together that will result in a negative experience.  Worry and stressing out in the mental-emotional realm will create in the physical realm.    To initiate action in the contrasting energy of the spiritual realm, you must ask in your spiritual awareness.  Jesus said we could do what he did but he was referring to a spiritual awareness not an awareness filled with fear and worry.  Higher power acts according to thought, trust and conviction.

When we make a request, it needs to be decisive, selective and not contrary to natural law.  Divine law is impersonal.  Some people actually believe that God punishes people.  Wrong.  What appears to be a punishment is an effect caused by violating impersonal divine law.  Religion refers to the mistakes as sins.  Now, let’s say you have gained spiritual awareness.  Does this mean that your prayer will automatically be answered?  No.  In reality, the degree to which you live up to your divine spiritual nature determines whether your request is answered.  If you harbor fear, doubt or lack of self worth as an example, you undermine and seriously weaken your prayer or decree.

When we have gained spiritual awareness, we can invoke Spirit action that will break through the inaction so long experienced.  Signs and works can be done by anyone who has reached a genuine spiritual understanding.  Eventually, everyone will attain spiritual perfection.  At the same time, this does not mean everyone will enjoy the full use of divine powers.  Some people experience an awakening automatically.  Another may have the power for only a few minutes.  Others may awaken and completely change and have the powers available to them for the rest of their lives.  If spiritual power is used in adverse ways where it disrupts or the user doesn’t choose to act according to the principles of love, he or she loses the power.

If you have been ‘born again’, it doesn’t mean you know everything and can do everything automatically from a very high level.  You still must grow and learn to use spiritual powers like you did with personal physical and mental powers.  Many of us have had visions we have not fully understood or messages given intuitively but we need maturity to clearly grasp and use them effectively.  If we don’t learn, understand and use gifts-powers, they will eventually cease.  It is not like turning on the television or radio and forgetting the message once it is turned off.  Blessings are to be shared.  We are spiritual beings.  Once you accept your true spiritual identity and discard the idea of separation from Source, then ask the Divine within that you have opportunities to reveal and share light here on earth.  Sharing what you are receiving from your own ‘heaven’ spiritual consciousness will bring hope, joy and healing to others.  At the same time, the more that you respect, love and spread the light energy, the more expansive your own creative power and light.  You will know and be able to live as the peace that passes all understanding.

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Saturday, January 23, 2016


When more of us finally realize that the only thing there really is, Spirit, we will finally be authentic.  If the term Spirit is too indefinite for you, substitute mind or consciousness.  Haven’t you wondered what or how can we be the image or likeness of God?  It is the spirit of us, the mind or consciousness of us that is the likeness.  The likeness differs in degrees according to our conscious awareness and use in understanding this truth.  We are not a physical look alike but an energy differing only in recognition and vibration.  The habit of calling Source-God as a Father or Mother is symbolism for our connection.

In a roomful of people, it would be a rarity to find two fields of intelligence vibrating and living at the same level.  “Made in the image of God” is a familiar reminder that we do have value.  By raising our level of conscious awareness, we become godlike.  Divinity lives in all life and differs according to intelligence, conscience and awareness.  If a person, group, or even a city is basically not open to receiving Divinity or deprived of the power and presence for one reason or another, how can they receive, accept, live or share it?  We first have to value and honor the truth that that presence and power is the real identity of us.  Once we stop being resistant or ignorant, the higher energy will begin to reveal itself.  The goal is for the fullness, beauty, power, light and love of the magical Self to express fully through us.  It is similar to how one of my children describes the process…turn up the thermostat.  Consciously expand your light, turn up the brightness, lighten your load and discover what it really is like to be free and a conscious creator.

We know God is creative.  The same holds true for humans.  Every human has a capacity to make things, to create, because we are all made in the image/energy of a creative power Source.  Regardless of our gender, age, history, every one of us possesses spiritual aptitudes and capacities.  Just because we may not witness someone’s spiritual nature or our own, its hidden energy is more real that our physical nature because it does not die.  If more of us would nurture our consciousness and deem it as important as eating, drinking and exercising our physical body, anything would be possible.

We are intelligent and intended to be morally responsible.  What gives us life is the image, the consciousness but most humans are not yet fully aware of the grandeur of our possibilities.  Being fully human means to reflect a higher creativity using our godlike capacities.   Our conscious creations can be far grander than we have imagined because we are under the same principles and laws of cause and effect.  We need to use mind-consciousness to mold spirit with the ideas we receive as a creator.  

We are living in two worlds simultaneously but not using our full potential.  The physical world is the result of invisible ideas.  Hopefully, more humans are aware now that everything began as an idea, in light, and eventually manifested in density.  When we are also aware that the invisible world is infinite and the real us is also infinite, we can become more visibly and tangible god-like.

It is time that more of us live a Self-conscious and an attentive life understanding that the real is the magical inner Self.  The body is the medium we use to express its ideas.  To understand and live this relationship we naturally have with our light image allows us to use our innate spiritual higher powers.  We’ve been programmed for thousands of years to fear using power except for emergencies and very select ‘holy’ things.  Religious teachers in many cases have placed restrictions on our using the mind and body to create and heal unless the act comes under certain rules and regulations.  All the glorious wonders written about may be experienced here and now.  It is intention, pure thought that is noted.  We don’t have to attend a certain school, training or physically die to attain the spiritual realm.  We are designed to awaken here in the flesh and use our mind and body as a medium for the higher energies of our spirit consciousness.

As an example, why would Jesus state, “Behold the kingdom of God is within you”?  What is within?  Your consciousness is the shaker and mover.  Are you conscious now?  Isn’t it time we prove these things ourselves?  People always want proof.  Well, do it.  Plenty of proof will manifest in your life if you put the heavy conditions of past teachings, opinions and concerns aside and learn to apply innate spiritual powers with an understanding and loving awareness.  Yes, it is possible to direct Spirit/consciousness.  It is the only active force.  May your motive and best interests always vibrate as love.  Stop separating yourself and allow the real Self to take action.

Why don’t you go to a mirror now and look at your self?  You are looking at the outer covering.  The brain is thinking and the mind is toying with the idea of using its will in a new and very interesting way.  Why not use the entire package body, mind and soul and create a new kind of life, a life where your will as an aware consciousness is demonstrating what the team desires?  If the team is involved, then you and I are acting as a likeness or image of God.  We create deliberately not only for our good but the good of all~

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Saturday, January 16, 2016


We all have made mistakes, because we have not known our real selves.  We all have asked at one time or another, “What is the best way of healing the body or helping another heal?” Jesus, a great teacher and example for us, always met the need of the people at their exact degree of unfoldment.  Everyone needs a special approach but there is one approach we all need and that is genuine and caring love.

We can only really help others and ourselves in direct relationship to how we love.  Love will know the exact method.  It helps the process by only seeing the good in another or the good in you regardless if details display otherwise.  I learned long ago to look past the appearance for that is exactly what disorder, imbalances, illnesses and similar opinions, an appearance.  LOVE looking past the appearance is your first step.

Second step:  Freely ASK for the blessings of the creative Holy Spirit and the angelic angels to assist you.  There are helpers all around you.  God is love incarnate.

Third step: train yourself to understand and RECOGNIZE the perfect spiritual body, your light blue print behind your form.  The goal is to get every part of your material body to act in obedience to your real, eternal and spiritual body.

Fourth step: if your physical senses tell you that you are in pain CALL on your spiritual senses and use a word of power to remove the discomfort.  A word of power is a significant name or word that represents holiness, God, love to you.  You can train your mind and body to obey immediately. 

Fifth step: ASSERT yourself and be a spiritual conscious being refusing to fall prey to material or sense suggestions, opinions and negativity.  Allow your true spiritual self to become a ruler.

Sixth step: VIBRATION.  Fill the house every day with strong, positive health vibrations, lifting the energy in your environment into purity and truth.  Feel free to experiment with different ray colors, light.

Seventh step: GROWTH.  Healing is not designed to be difficult.  Make your transformation playful, creative, loving and simple.  It is more natural to work with God always in our midst than to ignore, fail and go around complaining.
Periodically say to yourself: “I am spirit” and “I am to create.”

Eighth step:  TRUST AND ASSUME:  Offer your prayer request and let it go.  Don’t keep looking for a change.  I always assume it is being taken care of by the One Power and One Presence.

Ninth step:  GRATITUDE  When you do think of your request, remember and speak gratitude and thank the Holy Spirit for being in charge.

I made the list 9 steps because 9 is a sacred number and represents change.  Watch as the magic of love as it comes into you and your life.


Awaken, thou that sleepest.  Christ shall give you light.

I am determined to live from the innermost of myself.

I am not losing my identity but rather gaining a greater individuality.

Spirit is the first and real foundation of my consciousness.

I desire to live, think, speak only from the level of spirit.

I ask that my vision clear, my ears hear and my mind is open.

God’s spoken first word at creation was LIGHT!


Every stage of development reveals more of God.

I can easily distinguish between reality and shadow.

I am breathing entirely from the plane of spirit during this sacred healing hour.

I am entering into a larger consciousness of God.

I am awakening to a higher plane and larger consciousness.

Heaven is not a place but a consciousness of God.

Saturday, January 9, 2016


The majority of spirits living in matter come from a similar origin.  There is a major difference between spirit and soul.  Spirit is our first individual form projected from God, the Great Spirit.  Later, individual spirit decided it wanted to create a form in matter that it could use to express itself in a tangible way.  The process was one of both devolving and evolving. In its devolution, it was necessary to create coverings consisting of a soul, mind and eventually a physical body.  The process was not as simple as thought and took many efforts of trial and error to finally bring forth a suitable form to house the spirit of God.

The lesser energy of soul-memory-mind emanated throughout the lower kingdoms in its first burst of evolution.  Instead of being free to express as its former spirit in the higher worlds of light, the individual spirit became entrapped in the dense vibrations of matter.  It was not until the process as the world refers to as evolution reached a point where there was a creature with a highly enough developed brain could the fallen spirit exercise the power it once knew as a spirit of light.  In density a spirit is imprisoned so to speak in its own creation.  It is covered by lesser or slower vibrations referred to as a soul-mind.  Entering a physical form slows its vibration because matter is normally cumbersome.  We call this conglomerate man.  As man, we are armored with a mind, will and a brain that serves to accelerate us onward toward the return journey to our spiritual home, the Supreme Spirit.   

The perennial question is why did we ever leave completeness and devolve in the first place?  The only answer I can come up with is to experience the creation process.  The answer doesn’t satisfy, at least me, because some of us remember what it is like in the sublime vibratory regions of Light and authentic Wisdom and Love.   Living in matter is not a vacation.  For most, it feels like a trap.  My last published book, Trapped: Visitor from Heaven is written as a novel but in truth, it shares my efforts in removing myself from the typical pitfalls of being a human.

When spirit devolved millions of years ago, it went through the various kingdoms such as the simple plant, the variety of living creatures that appeared and eventually into a form we refer to as human.   Once a vehicle was developed suitable for the individuality and its purpose, there was no longer a need for the individual spirit to enter the lower animal or plant life.  If a world cataclysm occurred, the simple forms would again be used as an avenue of expression until a creature with a will and developed brain came into being.  Life is always present in one form or another to serve the purpose of liberation from the mistaken act of conscious separation from Source.

You may be wondering why the heck I even think or write about this subject.  I guess there is a lingering shock in my memory bank.  I realize what is really entombed in a human form and how oblivious most people are to their origin, purpose and eventual need to return to their origin.  Everything is related.  We are one great energy field.  What appears as division is but the flowing together of all life seen and unseen.  Many teachers suggest that a human abstain from eating flesh.  The eating of flesh was never intended for individualized spirit.  Earth people and their habits of eating animals actually leads away from the Source and does nothing to enhance individual spiritual energy.    If the soul is not evolved, it will absorb the vibrations of the flesh of the lower creature it consumes.  The human body does not need animal food.  In higher vibrating manifestations, dimensions of thought, this practice is unthinkable.

Please note, my friend, that I will no longer be writing a daily blog.  This offering will only appear as a Saturday gift.  In the meantime, I am writing a very playful yet educational book about a magical cat, my awesome Manx furry companion named Baba. 

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Friday, January 8, 2016


What is often very difficult for us to grasp proves to be the very thing that is needed to be understood.  If we had a clear and true understanding, a certainty that these are the genuine facts, perhaps humans would be better satisfied with the subject and purpose of creation.  When I first began to examine the question as to the reason for our existence, I was shocked, dismayed and cried for hours.  I did not like the idea that a very long time ago I existed in an exquisite vibration of love, wisdom and beauty and deliberately decided to descend into density.  The idea was appalling.

God, Infinite Spirit, the Nameless is unseen, impersonal, without form or consciousness as we know it here in the finite world.  Form and consciousness are aspects of the Divine. It is impossible to describe or understand the Indescribable through the mental consciousness and here I am attempting to do it.  Our thirst for truth and understanding may be satisfied by symbols, visions, intuitive thought or waves of love.  The grandeur and holiness of Spirit is personalized through our sincerity and a genuine desire to be consciously aware of a ‘paradise lost’, so to speak.  We gradually awaken to what we once had through claiming that oneness actually exists as a reality and our steady determination to regain an awareness of a higher and true divine self.

In the simplest terminology, we could describe our concept of God as the collective power, energy and creative director of the universe (s).  All the divine attributes of Spirit…love, wisdom, power and beauty are contained in this All-Knowing Force.  The creativity of our individualized spirit when manifested as thought energizing into substance, supplies the necessary ingredients that appear as an evolving continuum that is visible and known to humanity as life.  Now, that is an intellectual mouthful. It is far sweeter to feel the indescribable love in unexpected moments of joy but…we, humans, tend to want to label everything even if it diminishes the subject.

It is only logical to accept that other universes exist, visible and perhaps invisible in their nature and activities that are the blueprints or ideas for the manifested universe we currently refer to as home.   A great deal has been written about the original fall of the soul.  Could this be an allegorical story that symbolizes the descent of spirit consciousness into matter, a gross vibratory dimension of consciousness?  The falling away was not a form of punishment but instead a creative act set in motion by the desire of invisible intelligence that appear as gods compared to the typical consciousness of a human.  It appears as a fall because a finer energy descends to a lower heavier dense vibration.  If this is so, it explains the loss of freedom we feel confined in physical form.

Perhaps, descent is a natural occurrence resulting from a divine desire and thought.  Creation, individualization has a choice and a choice may lead to a descent that actualizes in matter.  What if we are here on earth because we desired to descend?  If so, I don’t believe that we desired to suffer or even reincarnate.  Perhaps suffering is what we created, accept and even nourish as a result of our dumbing down.  There is the higher vibratory realms, heaven planes created before we came into existence.  Did we degrade ourselves by being curious like a cat desiring to explore other possibilities?  If we had had more forethought, we may have understood that by exploring heavier vibrations we open ourselves to energy that does not radiate perfection, as we once knew because it is veiled.

It is a challenge even to imagine a vibratory state of perfection when a veil covers the presence and power of spirit.  Thus begins the battle of consciousness.  It is through the rounds of rebirths that we may remove ourselves from this wandering path and attempt to rediscover our true identity.  The process of a spiral ascent will eventually release us from the mental entanglements that we have acquired along the way.  There are many souls who return to earth after regaining conscious awareness of true identity as a result of their compassionate understanding for what has actually happened to the souls who are experimenting with life in matter.  Any one of us can only share with another what we consciously possess.  We’ve all read the quote, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”  The heart is the higher brain.  Humans are spiritual beings pretending they are lesser beings.

What we need to remember is that we are divine children.  This is true for all people.  It is difficult to accept this when we observe our own behavior and that of others.  Guilt does a huge disservice to our consciousness and increases the sense of unworthiness.  The mortal personality is a figment of the mental-emotional process.  It is not who we actually are.  It is what the pretender, the human thinks it is.  We are spirit playing a hide and seek game of pretense.  Most humans are trapped into thinking they are solely a body of clay with a mind and emotions that may betray the inner spirit by its ongoing trickery.  The personality is a temporary reflection of the physical and its environment.

I will continue with this subject tomorrow.   Today’s article is the 149th day in a row I’ve posted in this blog.  Recently, I’ve decided to write a 7th book about a magical cat.  Writing takes disciple, time, imagination and a lot of love.  I’ve decided to write the Time to Heal blog as a Saturday blog only, at least until I finish my exciting new offering.

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Thursday, January 7, 2016


You are all that you seek.  You, the true identity are a divine intelligence, an eternal light of magic and wonder.  You have temporarily forgotten this great truth due to your immersion in creative materiality.  You are not what you appear to be.  You are much more.  I know of that which I speak because the sense of spiritual sight views your true identity shining through.  The Eye of God sees, feels and knows with a certainty that you are divine, eternal and pure creative energy.  What I witness holds truth whether you are actively seeking truth or not.

You and I are brothers and sisters of Light.  We are individual lights of the One Great Light.  We vibrate as a result of Omnipresence, Omnipotence and Omniscience. All exist as our original nature eagerly waiting for us to place our personality-ego aside allowing the inner splendor to simply BE.   You are that which you yearn for.  The Light is you.  Trust in these words when I say that if you discipline your thinking mind, emotions and body through the changing of habits, attitude and an unswerving faith, you will awaken to an all embracing Reality.  Intuitively, you already know this about yourself.

You have the power to be conscious of a sublime Reality now.  Ask only for truth.  Seek only God.  Relax, breathe and meditate silently and secretly allowing Spirit to feel, speak and act through the thick covering of the sleep of forgetfulness.  Love and respect your body temple.  If you ignore the body and the wandering mind, you will fail to experience the exquisite power of God functioning through density.  You will mistakenly prevent and separate the struggling lower forces of the physical from the blessings of the higher forces of God’s presence.  Isn’t it time to emerge out of hiding and actualize the Kingdom in your every day coming and going?

Recognize that the greater your awakening to the original pure and true nature and your efforts to willingly express it, the greater your awareness and brilliance will manifest here in matter.  Spirit manifests through a willing intelligence.  Give the entirety of consciousness to Source.  Surrender your lower nature to your higher Essence.  Apply will, reason and love in claiming your true identity.  Allow the inner wonder and power of the divine to direct your spiritual awakening.  Willingly accept and thankfully pass through orderly steps to lovingly activate the energy of God already existing within.  As you continue to ascend in consciousness and feel and know God as a tangible and loving reality, you will easily recognize and hold dear the divine presence within all life.  It is that easy to consciously connect and live in the beauty, love and joy of God.

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Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Has this happened to you?  I’ve noticed that whatever spiritual pursuit I am absorbed in at the moment, that teacher or teaching will frequently appear in vision.  I’m not referring to dreams but wide-awake experiences.  Am I creating the phenomena or tapping into recordings of the past?  For instance, when I was in my twenties Buddhism was of intense interest.  Buddha appeared to me in all his serenity and knowingness.  Even today without thought I will experience out of body travels to sacred stupas in India, enter temples, study mandalas and other firsthand scenes where I find myself in interactive situations.   Why?   It is almost as if we live multiple lives simultaneously.  I wrote about the significance of the stupa and a unicorn in one my six published books, The Three Persuasions – A Tale for Inquisitive Souls.  In case you don’t know, the stupa is a structure made up of five constituents that identify with one of the five cosmic elements that make up manifested existence.  When the mental travels to the stupa’s occurred, I didn’t even know what the name ‘stupa’ meant.  In other words, I had not been influenced by anything I read or heard.

Although I was raised a Lutheran and even went to a Lutheran college, it does not make me a Christian in the truest sense.  It wasn’t until I had a miraculous healing as a young mother that I seriously began to study the profound teachings of Jesus.  Once I began to focus on his sublime energy, scenes from his life appeared to me in meditation and still do.  I have heard His voice multiple times or at least the intuitive impression it is his energy encouraging me to move forward.  Who is creating this interaction?  I have experienced this loving exchange with enlightened beings of the past, famous yogi’s and more recently known cosmic teachers.  Is it that those of us who are tuned in to certain waves of energy are included in their circle of wisdom and love when we earnestly focus on a sublime level of consciousness?
I have had almost every famous non-physical living spiritual teacher appear to me.  Some even answer questions and give suggestions for further evolution.  Is it the higher part of our own consciousness creating helpful scenarios or is it actually happening?  It could be both.  Many visions are used to prepare us on all levels for upcoming events that will soon manifest in our personal life.  If you experience anything like this, pay close attention.

Perhaps the visions of recognized personalities is really are own essence in disguise. Or, perhaps it is simply a friendly entity on the ‘other side’ that is in his or her own way being helpful.  Since the majority of humans still resist that holiness is their true nature, maybe it is easier for us to accept that the personalized ‘visitors’ are the real thing. The Presence, the divine companion, regardless of the form it takes is constantly with us.  The problem with typical humans is that they have forgotten the Presence.  One way to understand the Presence is to acknowledge that it is our true nature.  The true nature is identical in all intelligent creation.  This is where the oneness comes in.  When we consciously reach and live a certain elevation in our understanding and vibration, we are one in consciousness.  The more we trust in the inner voice, the sense of knowing, the greater our conscious awareness.  We genuinely understand and understanding creates a path that is meaningful and creative at the same time.

Since the conscious part of the mind frequently forsakes divine love and wisdom, perhaps the higher part of the mind sends us visions to remind us of our true nature and purpose.  Do you actually accept and really believe that you are divinity in form?  Our true identity is not the changing personality, body and name-tag we are known by.  We are the bright energy vibrating and smiling behind our appearance.  This is true of every human.

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Tuesday, January 5, 2016


If not clearly understood, the psychic sense can be a detriment to our spiritual awakening because it is basically a sixth or physical sense.  Being genuinely psychic is very helpful and is a personal sense often laced with a feeling of power and may be fostered by the manipulative side of the ego-personality. To deliberately seek psychic powers for self-aggrandizement is to waste precious time.  It becomes a misuse of a heightened awareness.  Psychic experiences are a natural byproduct of a developed sixth sense in physical form.  It isn’t always connected with soul advancement.  Many animals, particularly cats, have it.  My cat, Baba, sees angelic beings and other forms of light around me and in the room.  Sometimes, I feel he sees and knows too much.  But at least, animals do not misuse the sixth sense like many humans tend to do.  Dogs often growl when they sense an invisible entity in a room.  It is fascinating to watch the dogs’ movement as he or she is on alert and following activity happening in a room that may not be seen or felt by the humans.

In the far distant past, being psychic was more commonly a part of the every day physical experience.  Looking to past ages of man, it appears as if the more a human is involved with materiality and technology, the sixth sense frequently diminishes in power and use. The truth of this is in evidence if one studies carefully the progress of the soul.   Anything, meaning power, can be used for the good or for mischievous ends depending on the consciousness of the individual and the cycle of humanity and its collective interest.   If psychic powers are a natural development in man and they are used for personal gain and glory, the misuse may temporarily destroy any gains that have been made in the enfoldment of the flower of the individual hidden spirit life.

Intuition in its pure form used for the awakening of consciousness is a gift to be shared with others.  Through intuitive awakening, we will naturally realize what we need to know to bring harmony and wisdom into the body and mind and create a healing environment.  Obviously, there are degrees in consciousness.  If we seek to unfold and awaken fully to our true spiritual identity, why seek that which is of the lesser?  Seek not personal power, but rather seek the Impersonal power that is available, healing and helpful to all?

It is through intense feelings that change and an expanding enlightenment eventually take place becoming a living reality in our lives. The pursuit for excellence demands attention, discipline and discernment for us to remove the veil from the clouded mind that is so easily deceptive.  It is through our mental and emotional choices that visions surface in the conscious mind.  Visions are meant to be teaching tools, a language taking comfortable forms to help us grow in our conscious awareness of a higher life that is waiting patiently to live through us as us.  The inner divine self transcends the senses including the psychic. The divine helps us remember what we have learned and encourages us to further explore the endless wisdom of the light of understanding through spontaneous visions.  Speaking from experience, the visions are not always understood.  We are not to only observe them and be thankful but use our intuition and in some cases intellectually investigate the symbols and make certain we understand the message correctly.  This is why we must be attentive and develop discernment not going off in the ‘la la land’ so typical of the many who are blessed with this ability.  Stay grounded, analyze what you have viewed, learn from the vision and take action if necessary.

We are given revelations from both the subconscious and super-conscious at the strangest of times.  They happen to me in the shower, at the grocery store, talking to friends and every type of situation imaginable.  If I can, I remove myself to a place where I can safely observe and receive.  Why spirit chooses inappropriate human times to present a message to us is interesting but then our typically mundane lives compared to their limitless freedom of expression takes precedence over what we consider convenience.

It is very comforting to realize that we have an inner companion looking out for our best interests.  It is important not to take for granted revelations but use them for spiritual growth and to help others when a need is indicated.  At one time, I referred to spiritual manifestations as gifts but soon learned that they are really an original and intricate part of our true self.  We have experienced and learned their existence long ago and are again remembering the forgotten presence and power.   There is a difference between psychic gifts of the sixth sense and the power and possibilities of the innate awakening aspects of our higher Self.   The sixth-physic sense primarily focuses on the invisible planes closely associated with earth and earth life itself.  To be psychic does not necessarily mean we are a consciously awakened spiritual being.  The ideal is to blend and use the two together for the good of self and all.  The intuitive knowing or gifts of spiritual illumination involve the wisdom science directed by that Source, Core, Indescribable Force, which existed prior to the birth of creation, humanity, false belief systems and materiality.

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Monday, January 4, 2016


Some people refer to God, Spirit as Mind.  I do not and will explain why.  The mind was originally intended as an instrument of awareness.  The mind can change but Spirit-God does not change.  Mind was to be the means by which individual light, spirit, could express itself.  The mind is a tool used to seek and express our original energy as pure all-knowing spirit.  I realize that many use the word ‘mind’ as synonymous with Spirit.  The very fact that we can use the mind is in itself proof that mind cannot be spirit because it is hardly possible that anyone could use Spirit.  Spirit uses us!  When we begin to awaken to a higher reality, we are consciousness expressing as it was intended. In addition, Spirit is one power and presence and there is no duality, good or evil, in its essence.  Man can use the mind for both good and evil if he accepts duality into his consciousness.  When he accepts duality, the mind places a veil over the inner wisdom of the spirit.  As a result of this veil, which is a covering, the truth of what we innately are, we then have to go through the slow process of rediscovering divine energy by training ourselves to transcend the mind and the personality.

Spirit is true wisdom.  True wisdom cannot be changed.  To attain wisdom requires the application of science, for science is wisdom put into practice.  It is up to us to put wisdom into practice.  An individual may have great intelligence but not be wise nor developed a realization of his or her own divine worthiness.  The intellectual looks for facts, figures and verification of all that he thinks exists.  There is nothing wrong with that but often it becomes a black and white situation that must be proven to be believed.  Eternal truths are not black and white and are rarely discovered through the intellect alone.  Problems often beset a true intellectual slowing down the process of spiritual awakening.  The changeable mind can puff itself up with self-importance in the belief that it is the All, the One Source.  This is not wisdom.

The separation in the heart through the misconceptions of the mind has made the fall of consciousness one of great despair and loneliness that it becomes a monumental effort for the soul to rediscover its true identity as the spirit of God individualized.  Humans are not what they appear to be.  The things feared and the worries haunting the individual exist only in the ever-changing mind.  The very things that keep us separated from our true, pure and eternal identity are the creations of our own thinking process.  Thoughts are often monsters that we have created because we have given power to that which is not.

If we live in a conscious awareness that the only real power, presence and wisdom on earth is the divine love and creativity of the One Spirit, it becomes easier to gain genuine understanding and develop qualities of a godly life in our daily experience.  If we recognize the principles of Spirit as the universal laws of existence, then the energetic vibrations of those eternal principles will manifest as a personal experience.

If we insist mind is all there is, we continue to nourish personal fears and give fear a false reality by believing that they have power equal or greater than the Great Spirit behind all creation.  Believing in another power, as the source of life will manifest things in our lives that are best left uncreated.  A true seeker of Reality eventually discovers that the mind-soul must go beyond the appearance world, the negatives that occur and the seeking of falsity.  Mind is a tool to use.  It is not godly but can be used for godly things.  True wisdom is beyond mind and requires the application of the science of clear understanding.  When we think scientifically, we put wisdom into practice.  To think scientifically is to understand that wisdom appears as we seek Omnipresence.  It seems almost too simple, but it is truth.  By seeking the Unchangeable, the Source, all that we need to authentically evolve is provided.  Regardless of what is occurring in our outer or inner environment, we have a workable and sublime power at our disposal. 

Grace exists as part of the fabric of Spirit.  Mindfulness of this truth, seeking the One Spirit although existing in the many, we break through the changing aspects of the limited mind and open our consciousness to the higher vibrations of the Christ and Cosmic energy.  “Seek ye first the Kingdom and all will be given unto you”.  Instead of seeking that which has no significance or endurance, why not seek the truth of your existence, awaken, and break through the illusion and the sleep of forgetfulness?
The eruptions and the veil will be cast aside when we allow the hidden splendor that surpasses the limitations of mind to come forth.  Once Omnipresence-Omnipotence is understood and expressed we become alive and leave the ignorance, abuse and sense of separation aside.  What manifests in our lives is a direct result of thought, word and action.  Because understanding has been limited, our bodies the temples of individualized spirit, have been long abused and neglected.  Believing mind is the only answer to creation and its changing forms is a form of abuse.  Consciousness becomes contaminated.  Where we stand, sit and walk is holy ground.  The knowledge within mind regardless of how brilliant is limited compared to intuitive knowledge, the inner knowing.  The soul-mind and the individuality of spirit ideally are to be used together as a team so the one will provide an outlet for the other.  One is a transparency for the other.  More often than not, the intellectual influence dominates and the intuitive feelings of spirit are smothered in the pompous attitude of the conscious mind.  In many ways, our animals use the application of science better than we do.  My cat, Baba, definitely puts his intuitive wisdom into practice more than most humans.

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Sunday, January 3, 2016


As discussed previously, there are a series of ‘coverings’ that protect, serve and control the light of true Self here in matter. These coverings have the inner capacity to evolve.  The emotional covering or vehicle is the one to closely monitor for our own growth and peace of mind.  If negative reactions are not monitored, the emotions will separate our thinking mind from all conscious remembrance of its own true identity as a spirit, a child of God.  Misdirected emotions can separate and delay our spiritual journey because losing control often leads to grief, hate and acting out destructive choices that only further drown our ability to live as our original spiritual identity.  Negative emotions create such havoc that they can take charge of our personal journey in a debilitating way rather than receive from the light of reason and the energy of love.

Misdirected emotions can become the master of your body, mind and soul.  If you don’t watch carefully, the erroneous belief in two powers will escalate and you will be subject to many ills.  Illnesses, allergies, accidents, loss, death and the countless weaknesses involved with living as a human are the children of the emotional side of our nature.  Losing control of feelings only deviates the soul from the path of freedom, a path of wisdom and decreased suffering.  Inner balance can be adversely affected.  It is also true that the emotional or feeling energy that is divinely inspired can be and is a doorway to the Infinite.  It also can be a locked door if wisdom is not its companion.

Emotion abounds in many religious expressions and this is good if it arise out of spiritual devotion and unconditional love. Cultivated balanced emotion gives birth to clear and whole understanding resulting in greater health and happiness in the mind, soul and spirit.  Deliberately seek to understand the wisdom of the eternal universal laws and the laws of conscious living.  Higher or scientific wisdom is rediscovered in the meditative silence.  Mortal emotion does not know silence.

I am suggesting for your spiritual health and the attainment of a genuine state of equanimity to examine this subject particularly if you tend to become easily emotional or lean toward religious fervor.  It is wise to not personally involve yourself in any emotional expression that clouds your perspective or vision.  Perspective and vision work best when we are not swayed by exaggerated or unenlightened emotion.  Emotion that is from the lower dull nature sways reason and you can become a cripple filled with false feelings.  You will become confused as to what is real and what is not.  Peace, understanding and an aware mind come through the practice of meditative silence.  True joy is quiet and simple in its enduring and genuine wonder.

The world can only reflect back to you what you are giving out.  The more you strive for balance and consciously pay attention and monitor your emotions, the greater is your ability to perceive and live your spiritual nature and witness the spirit giving life to all.  As parents whether it be to our flesh and blood children, friends, animals or plants, we are fully capable of living in harmony with the unawakened if we do not succumb to the typical lack of self-control.  Lift your own consciousness by exercising will, a will that is consciously cooperating with the will of our Creator.  Do not allow yourself to sink to the levels of spiritual ignorance that is evidenced everywhere.  Lift yourself up and help others through a consistent example.  Don’t focus on negativity and lack of spiritual understanding, but rather for what you and they are…intelligent light, existing in various stages of torpor, souls covered by layers of misconceptions and mental separation from the One True Source.  How we handle emotions is the barometer of our success in the world of pretense and illusion.  A simple solution is to begin and end your day with statements of truth that genuinely represent your intention.  Speaking and affirming out loud anchors the intention in the subconscious part of the mind to further help with your Self-governing plan.

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Saturday, January 2, 2016


I thought I’d touch on some of the questions people seem to periodically ask involving the finer vibrations of light. Answers are derived from memory, intuition and direct conscious experience.
The purpose of incarnation is to bring light into matter and experience heaven on earth.  As the soul-mind progresses in its pursuit of purity and wisdom, it finally reaches a level of conscious awareness where the physical body begins to transform into a receptacle of holiness.  Simply said...our light expands.  The gifts of spirit, or the talents we have earned, are experienced through the mystical inner eye, spiritual hearing, feeling and intuitive knowing.  Instead of seeking outside of ourselves for answers, we rely more on the inner teacher.  As a direct result of our trust, a harmonious rapport, a gentle flow with the creative energy of the universe blesses us.

The blessings experienced by those who have become single-minded will manifest in a way that best suits the present personality-energy. When we begin to have personal mystical experiences it does not imply that we have attained all wisdom. Far from it.  It indicates that a conscious opening has been created to a grander sense of awareness.  Sincerity triggers transcendence in the area of world sense perceptions and materiality.  Transformation may occur suddenly or gradually over countless lifetimes of experience, suffering, and trial and error. We step deliberately beyond the confines of the physical senses.  In the meantime, consciousness is slowly molded into a purity of thought, gentleness of mind and eventually to an all-embracing love for all life.  The transformation is complete when the soul-mind is radiating love toward all people and living things.  The individual naturally desires to serve others and to assist all creatures to eventually rise to a level of respect and freedom.  To be an awakened spirit is the destiny of all.  

Unconditional love is transcendent.  It is the cup that overflows.
When God Realization occurs, the soul-mind-spirit is free to return to earth to serve or to travel to other manifested worlds.  It may also choose to serve on a corresponding invisible-subtle plane as a teacher and healer of souls seeking liberation.  The life of service is meaningful to an awakened soul-mind.  The awakened attain the wisdom necessary to express freely although from appearances they remain entombed in matter.  The soul existing in matter discovers a newfound power of creativity that is authentic. For many, it is the first time in its cyclic history that a true understanding of what constitutes a divine life begins to manifest a reality that was previously hidden.  Grander dimensions of thought and action are open and available for use and the choice remains an individual one as to which direction it will go.

Once the awakening process begins, the heightened awareness normally remains with the soul although it may appear temporarily hidden.  For instance, if we decide to return to matter using a new physical vehicle, a veil is temporarily placed upon the mind hiding knowledge of our spiritual identity and past achievements.  This is necessary because there will be new experiences to experiment with and ways to express them.  We return to our former inner knowledge when we listen to the inner voice and intuitive feelings.  It does take human time and faith, learning, discipline and patience.  Along the way, we acquire misconceptions, prejudices and erroneous thoughts from the early environmental influences which often act as deterrents in rediscovering and separating the true from the false.  Time passes and we again remember the purpose and plan of our journey.  Dawn does return and like the sun, we rise and again assert ourselves in wisdom, love and splendor.

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Friday, January 1, 2016


The finer vibrating planes are invisible thought realms that fill the same space as dense creation.  There are dimensions existing within dimensions.  The subtle worlds have boundaries in the sense that they are attracted both to dense habitats (planets) and to groups of souls who are compelled to repeat cycles of rebirths until conscious perfection in oneness is attained.  Dimensions of thought are the arenas where ‘fallen’ consciousness exists between rebirths, during out-of-body experiences and when the physical body sleeps.

Obviously, creativity cannot be measured.  It is enough to say that intelligence both formed and formless, visible and invisible, exists vibrating in varying degrees to the music of the spheres.  The spiritual system that evolves from simple consciousness in the elemental kingdoms on through the self conscious and divine consciousness is a direct result of the original creative desires of individual light beings that existed prior to dense worlds as we know them.  I know religions claim the reason God created the universe and life is a great mystical mystery.  I understand the visible worlds existence, as the direct result of deliberate desires manifesting because unseen, some refer to them as angelic intelligence, desired to create.  There is nothing ‘fallen’ about a desire to create but the loophole lies in the fact that the farther energy is removed from the center, Source, the denser it becomes.  Forgetfulness occurs resulting in a false reality and the sense of separation and suffering surfaces.

Simple consciousness gradually evolved not only on earth but also in different world systems not necessarily similar to this one.  The higher animals eventually became undeveloped humans and consciousness continued to progress. I have learned that not only evolving consciousness inhabits earth but also visitors from other systems peopled earth.  In other words, all intelligence existing on earth did not necessary originate here.  The individual intelligence is only conscious of that which it has already learned regardless of its beginnings.  The individuality is compelled to return to a given planet repeatedly.  Those who are not cognizant of the universal laws are simply drawn by desire and attachments and do not question that which has not yet registered on their soul-mind.  The ascending soul is the same whether in a body or out of the body.  When the consciousness is not developed or refined, it is basically asleep to the meaning of life and its purpose.

You may wonder if a soul is not aware of universal laws of creativity is it still subject to karma, the balancing scale of justice?  Karma is the law of the universe, karma being cause and effect.  Intent is what is noted.  All acts that are injurious to others as well as self-afflicted are stored in soul memory.  The conscience is its own judge and jury, not a mysterious God.  Either through the leavening justice of cause and effect or by the grace of Spirit is balance eventually realized.

Many people gravitate toward the idea of having a soul mate; it seems to give them hope and comfort.  A soul mate is a helpmate in its purest sense.  By the time the soul-mind begins to stir enough where it has a conscience and a glimmer of purpose in form it will often choose another soul with similar intent.  Together they will join forces or energy to pursue the heights of purity and conscious awareness in their search for truth and return to wholeness.  This is why they are referred to as helpmates.  Their goal is to be cooperative in the gradual attainment of realizing perfection in form.

The soul-minds frequently incarnate together and assume roles interchangeably.  As the soul-mind evolves, the spirit individuality awakens and begins to assert itself.  As time passes, it becomes less necessary to cling to the soul mate arrangement.  The greater the conscious awareness, the less one needs a helpmate.  There are some individuals who progress at a similar pace and their bonds become so strong that they remain together throughout the human incarnating experience.  In the purest sense, we should all be helpmates-soul mates to one another.

I am fully aware that there are other ways of looking at this subject.  There is a belief by some that soul mates were originally one unit of light and split off as female and male on their respective journeys to one day later reunite.  My view is that each soul existing as an entity in duality has both a masculine and feminine principle to its make-up.  The ideal is to bring the two principles in harmony and work together as a cohesive unit of light.  I have seen this in symbolic vision where I am receiving from a male counter-part looking very much like a twin and we are giving to one another precious stones such as amethysts, emeralds and diamonds.  I also feel that one of my visions of two fully grown brilliant blue figures resembling butterflies dancing to the rhythm of love symbolized the same ideal regarding the male and female principles within the soul merging, harmonizing and working together as completion here in physical form.  I know it probably seems more romantic to believe that there is a prince or princess waiting in the wings, so to speak, to join us in living happily ever after.  This may be very true but I choose to look at completion of Self as a living light right here in matter as the ideal to consciously achieve and enjoy as a result of returning to the completeness of being a fully conscious light of God.

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