Friday, January 8, 2016


What is often very difficult for us to grasp proves to be the very thing that is needed to be understood.  If we had a clear and true understanding, a certainty that these are the genuine facts, perhaps humans would be better satisfied with the subject and purpose of creation.  When I first began to examine the question as to the reason for our existence, I was shocked, dismayed and cried for hours.  I did not like the idea that a very long time ago I existed in an exquisite vibration of love, wisdom and beauty and deliberately decided to descend into density.  The idea was appalling.

God, Infinite Spirit, the Nameless is unseen, impersonal, without form or consciousness as we know it here in the finite world.  Form and consciousness are aspects of the Divine. It is impossible to describe or understand the Indescribable through the mental consciousness and here I am attempting to do it.  Our thirst for truth and understanding may be satisfied by symbols, visions, intuitive thought or waves of love.  The grandeur and holiness of Spirit is personalized through our sincerity and a genuine desire to be consciously aware of a ‘paradise lost’, so to speak.  We gradually awaken to what we once had through claiming that oneness actually exists as a reality and our steady determination to regain an awareness of a higher and true divine self.

In the simplest terminology, we could describe our concept of God as the collective power, energy and creative director of the universe (s).  All the divine attributes of Spirit…love, wisdom, power and beauty are contained in this All-Knowing Force.  The creativity of our individualized spirit when manifested as thought energizing into substance, supplies the necessary ingredients that appear as an evolving continuum that is visible and known to humanity as life.  Now, that is an intellectual mouthful. It is far sweeter to feel the indescribable love in unexpected moments of joy but…we, humans, tend to want to label everything even if it diminishes the subject.

It is only logical to accept that other universes exist, visible and perhaps invisible in their nature and activities that are the blueprints or ideas for the manifested universe we currently refer to as home.   A great deal has been written about the original fall of the soul.  Could this be an allegorical story that symbolizes the descent of spirit consciousness into matter, a gross vibratory dimension of consciousness?  The falling away was not a form of punishment but instead a creative act set in motion by the desire of invisible intelligence that appear as gods compared to the typical consciousness of a human.  It appears as a fall because a finer energy descends to a lower heavier dense vibration.  If this is so, it explains the loss of freedom we feel confined in physical form.

Perhaps, descent is a natural occurrence resulting from a divine desire and thought.  Creation, individualization has a choice and a choice may lead to a descent that actualizes in matter.  What if we are here on earth because we desired to descend?  If so, I don’t believe that we desired to suffer or even reincarnate.  Perhaps suffering is what we created, accept and even nourish as a result of our dumbing down.  There is the higher vibratory realms, heaven planes created before we came into existence.  Did we degrade ourselves by being curious like a cat desiring to explore other possibilities?  If we had had more forethought, we may have understood that by exploring heavier vibrations we open ourselves to energy that does not radiate perfection, as we once knew because it is veiled.

It is a challenge even to imagine a vibratory state of perfection when a veil covers the presence and power of spirit.  Thus begins the battle of consciousness.  It is through the rounds of rebirths that we may remove ourselves from this wandering path and attempt to rediscover our true identity.  The process of a spiral ascent will eventually release us from the mental entanglements that we have acquired along the way.  There are many souls who return to earth after regaining conscious awareness of true identity as a result of their compassionate understanding for what has actually happened to the souls who are experimenting with life in matter.  Any one of us can only share with another what we consciously possess.  We’ve all read the quote, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”  The heart is the higher brain.  Humans are spiritual beings pretending they are lesser beings.

What we need to remember is that we are divine children.  This is true for all people.  It is difficult to accept this when we observe our own behavior and that of others.  Guilt does a huge disservice to our consciousness and increases the sense of unworthiness.  The mortal personality is a figment of the mental-emotional process.  It is not who we actually are.  It is what the pretender, the human thinks it is.  We are spirit playing a hide and seek game of pretense.  Most humans are trapped into thinking they are solely a body of clay with a mind and emotions that may betray the inner spirit by its ongoing trickery.  The personality is a temporary reflection of the physical and its environment.

I will continue with this subject tomorrow.   Today’s article is the 149th day in a row I’ve posted in this blog.  Recently, I’ve decided to write a 7th book about a magical cat.  Writing takes disciple, time, imagination and a lot of love.  I’ve decided to write the Time to Heal blog as a Saturday blog only, at least until I finish my exciting new offering.

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