Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Has this happened to you?  I’ve noticed that whatever spiritual pursuit I am absorbed in at the moment, that teacher or teaching will frequently appear in vision.  I’m not referring to dreams but wide-awake experiences.  Am I creating the phenomena or tapping into recordings of the past?  For instance, when I was in my twenties Buddhism was of intense interest.  Buddha appeared to me in all his serenity and knowingness.  Even today without thought I will experience out of body travels to sacred stupas in India, enter temples, study mandalas and other firsthand scenes where I find myself in interactive situations.   Why?   It is almost as if we live multiple lives simultaneously.  I wrote about the significance of the stupa and a unicorn in one my six published books, The Three Persuasions – A Tale for Inquisitive Souls.  In case you don’t know, the stupa is a structure made up of five constituents that identify with one of the five cosmic elements that make up manifested existence.  When the mental travels to the stupa’s occurred, I didn’t even know what the name ‘stupa’ meant.  In other words, I had not been influenced by anything I read or heard.

Although I was raised a Lutheran and even went to a Lutheran college, it does not make me a Christian in the truest sense.  It wasn’t until I had a miraculous healing as a young mother that I seriously began to study the profound teachings of Jesus.  Once I began to focus on his sublime energy, scenes from his life appeared to me in meditation and still do.  I have heard His voice multiple times or at least the intuitive impression it is his energy encouraging me to move forward.  Who is creating this interaction?  I have experienced this loving exchange with enlightened beings of the past, famous yogi’s and more recently known cosmic teachers.  Is it that those of us who are tuned in to certain waves of energy are included in their circle of wisdom and love when we earnestly focus on a sublime level of consciousness?
I have had almost every famous non-physical living spiritual teacher appear to me.  Some even answer questions and give suggestions for further evolution.  Is it the higher part of our own consciousness creating helpful scenarios or is it actually happening?  It could be both.  Many visions are used to prepare us on all levels for upcoming events that will soon manifest in our personal life.  If you experience anything like this, pay close attention.

Perhaps the visions of recognized personalities is really are own essence in disguise. Or, perhaps it is simply a friendly entity on the ‘other side’ that is in his or her own way being helpful.  Since the majority of humans still resist that holiness is their true nature, maybe it is easier for us to accept that the personalized ‘visitors’ are the real thing. The Presence, the divine companion, regardless of the form it takes is constantly with us.  The problem with typical humans is that they have forgotten the Presence.  One way to understand the Presence is to acknowledge that it is our true nature.  The true nature is identical in all intelligent creation.  This is where the oneness comes in.  When we consciously reach and live a certain elevation in our understanding and vibration, we are one in consciousness.  The more we trust in the inner voice, the sense of knowing, the greater our conscious awareness.  We genuinely understand and understanding creates a path that is meaningful and creative at the same time.

Since the conscious part of the mind frequently forsakes divine love and wisdom, perhaps the higher part of the mind sends us visions to remind us of our true nature and purpose.  Do you actually accept and really believe that you are divinity in form?  Our true identity is not the changing personality, body and name-tag we are known by.  We are the bright energy vibrating and smiling behind our appearance.  This is true of every human.

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