Saturday, January 2, 2016


I thought I’d touch on some of the questions people seem to periodically ask involving the finer vibrations of light. Answers are derived from memory, intuition and direct conscious experience.
The purpose of incarnation is to bring light into matter and experience heaven on earth.  As the soul-mind progresses in its pursuit of purity and wisdom, it finally reaches a level of conscious awareness where the physical body begins to transform into a receptacle of holiness.  Simply said...our light expands.  The gifts of spirit, or the talents we have earned, are experienced through the mystical inner eye, spiritual hearing, feeling and intuitive knowing.  Instead of seeking outside of ourselves for answers, we rely more on the inner teacher.  As a direct result of our trust, a harmonious rapport, a gentle flow with the creative energy of the universe blesses us.

The blessings experienced by those who have become single-minded will manifest in a way that best suits the present personality-energy. When we begin to have personal mystical experiences it does not imply that we have attained all wisdom. Far from it.  It indicates that a conscious opening has been created to a grander sense of awareness.  Sincerity triggers transcendence in the area of world sense perceptions and materiality.  Transformation may occur suddenly or gradually over countless lifetimes of experience, suffering, and trial and error. We step deliberately beyond the confines of the physical senses.  In the meantime, consciousness is slowly molded into a purity of thought, gentleness of mind and eventually to an all-embracing love for all life.  The transformation is complete when the soul-mind is radiating love toward all people and living things.  The individual naturally desires to serve others and to assist all creatures to eventually rise to a level of respect and freedom.  To be an awakened spirit is the destiny of all.  

Unconditional love is transcendent.  It is the cup that overflows.
When God Realization occurs, the soul-mind-spirit is free to return to earth to serve or to travel to other manifested worlds.  It may also choose to serve on a corresponding invisible-subtle plane as a teacher and healer of souls seeking liberation.  The life of service is meaningful to an awakened soul-mind.  The awakened attain the wisdom necessary to express freely although from appearances they remain entombed in matter.  The soul existing in matter discovers a newfound power of creativity that is authentic. For many, it is the first time in its cyclic history that a true understanding of what constitutes a divine life begins to manifest a reality that was previously hidden.  Grander dimensions of thought and action are open and available for use and the choice remains an individual one as to which direction it will go.

Once the awakening process begins, the heightened awareness normally remains with the soul although it may appear temporarily hidden.  For instance, if we decide to return to matter using a new physical vehicle, a veil is temporarily placed upon the mind hiding knowledge of our spiritual identity and past achievements.  This is necessary because there will be new experiences to experiment with and ways to express them.  We return to our former inner knowledge when we listen to the inner voice and intuitive feelings.  It does take human time and faith, learning, discipline and patience.  Along the way, we acquire misconceptions, prejudices and erroneous thoughts from the early environmental influences which often act as deterrents in rediscovering and separating the true from the false.  Time passes and we again remember the purpose and plan of our journey.  Dawn does return and like the sun, we rise and again assert ourselves in wisdom, love and splendor.

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