Sunday, January 3, 2016


As discussed previously, there are a series of ‘coverings’ that protect, serve and control the light of true Self here in matter. These coverings have the inner capacity to evolve.  The emotional covering or vehicle is the one to closely monitor for our own growth and peace of mind.  If negative reactions are not monitored, the emotions will separate our thinking mind from all conscious remembrance of its own true identity as a spirit, a child of God.  Misdirected emotions can separate and delay our spiritual journey because losing control often leads to grief, hate and acting out destructive choices that only further drown our ability to live as our original spiritual identity.  Negative emotions create such havoc that they can take charge of our personal journey in a debilitating way rather than receive from the light of reason and the energy of love.

Misdirected emotions can become the master of your body, mind and soul.  If you don’t watch carefully, the erroneous belief in two powers will escalate and you will be subject to many ills.  Illnesses, allergies, accidents, loss, death and the countless weaknesses involved with living as a human are the children of the emotional side of our nature.  Losing control of feelings only deviates the soul from the path of freedom, a path of wisdom and decreased suffering.  Inner balance can be adversely affected.  It is also true that the emotional or feeling energy that is divinely inspired can be and is a doorway to the Infinite.  It also can be a locked door if wisdom is not its companion.

Emotion abounds in many religious expressions and this is good if it arise out of spiritual devotion and unconditional love. Cultivated balanced emotion gives birth to clear and whole understanding resulting in greater health and happiness in the mind, soul and spirit.  Deliberately seek to understand the wisdom of the eternal universal laws and the laws of conscious living.  Higher or scientific wisdom is rediscovered in the meditative silence.  Mortal emotion does not know silence.

I am suggesting for your spiritual health and the attainment of a genuine state of equanimity to examine this subject particularly if you tend to become easily emotional or lean toward religious fervor.  It is wise to not personally involve yourself in any emotional expression that clouds your perspective or vision.  Perspective and vision work best when we are not swayed by exaggerated or unenlightened emotion.  Emotion that is from the lower dull nature sways reason and you can become a cripple filled with false feelings.  You will become confused as to what is real and what is not.  Peace, understanding and an aware mind come through the practice of meditative silence.  True joy is quiet and simple in its enduring and genuine wonder.

The world can only reflect back to you what you are giving out.  The more you strive for balance and consciously pay attention and monitor your emotions, the greater is your ability to perceive and live your spiritual nature and witness the spirit giving life to all.  As parents whether it be to our flesh and blood children, friends, animals or plants, we are fully capable of living in harmony with the unawakened if we do not succumb to the typical lack of self-control.  Lift your own consciousness by exercising will, a will that is consciously cooperating with the will of our Creator.  Do not allow yourself to sink to the levels of spiritual ignorance that is evidenced everywhere.  Lift yourself up and help others through a consistent example.  Don’t focus on negativity and lack of spiritual understanding, but rather for what you and they are…intelligent light, existing in various stages of torpor, souls covered by layers of misconceptions and mental separation from the One True Source.  How we handle emotions is the barometer of our success in the world of pretense and illusion.  A simple solution is to begin and end your day with statements of truth that genuinely represent your intention.  Speaking and affirming out loud anchors the intention in the subconscious part of the mind to further help with your Self-governing plan.

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