Saturday, January 30, 2016


Can you command Spirit?  The idea shocks many because it sounds so cold and blunt.  But, let’s face it; all of us have been commanding throughout life simply by desiring and focusing on people and events to move.  Our body usually performs automatically and yet, God is the moving force that has created and maintained all physical manifestations.  If you worry about an impending surgery as an example and dwell on all the negative possibilities, you set the stage for all your concerns to manifest.  They will manifest because you gave your worries undivided attention bringing the energy together that will result in a negative experience.  Worry and stressing out in the mental-emotional realm will create in the physical realm.    To initiate action in the contrasting energy of the spiritual realm, you must ask in your spiritual awareness.  Jesus said we could do what he did but he was referring to a spiritual awareness not an awareness filled with fear and worry.  Higher power acts according to thought, trust and conviction.

When we make a request, it needs to be decisive, selective and not contrary to natural law.  Divine law is impersonal.  Some people actually believe that God punishes people.  Wrong.  What appears to be a punishment is an effect caused by violating impersonal divine law.  Religion refers to the mistakes as sins.  Now, let’s say you have gained spiritual awareness.  Does this mean that your prayer will automatically be answered?  No.  In reality, the degree to which you live up to your divine spiritual nature determines whether your request is answered.  If you harbor fear, doubt or lack of self worth as an example, you undermine and seriously weaken your prayer or decree.

When we have gained spiritual awareness, we can invoke Spirit action that will break through the inaction so long experienced.  Signs and works can be done by anyone who has reached a genuine spiritual understanding.  Eventually, everyone will attain spiritual perfection.  At the same time, this does not mean everyone will enjoy the full use of divine powers.  Some people experience an awakening automatically.  Another may have the power for only a few minutes.  Others may awaken and completely change and have the powers available to them for the rest of their lives.  If spiritual power is used in adverse ways where it disrupts or the user doesn’t choose to act according to the principles of love, he or she loses the power.

If you have been ‘born again’, it doesn’t mean you know everything and can do everything automatically from a very high level.  You still must grow and learn to use spiritual powers like you did with personal physical and mental powers.  Many of us have had visions we have not fully understood or messages given intuitively but we need maturity to clearly grasp and use them effectively.  If we don’t learn, understand and use gifts-powers, they will eventually cease.  It is not like turning on the television or radio and forgetting the message once it is turned off.  Blessings are to be shared.  We are spiritual beings.  Once you accept your true spiritual identity and discard the idea of separation from Source, then ask the Divine within that you have opportunities to reveal and share light here on earth.  Sharing what you are receiving from your own ‘heaven’ spiritual consciousness will bring hope, joy and healing to others.  At the same time, the more that you respect, love and spread the light energy, the more expansive your own creative power and light.  You will know and be able to live as the peace that passes all understanding.

Reminder:  Circle of Light Gathering in Naperville, IL.  Sunday, February 7th, 1:00 PM

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