Saturday, October 1, 2016



The below are a series of words from my consciousness that simply describe living in density and some of our challenges in order to break through the concepts/barriers/lack/limitations that plague humans. 

Typically, the consciousness in the food body experiences a lack of stability, is mesmerized by the appearance world, the disguises, low levels of consciousness, and the hundreds of concepts that continue to be assumed as truth and in control.  A human is typically unaware and does not feel consciously connected to Source, the Creator. The physical, emotional, mental makeup is a mix of the 5 elements.  The heaviness of matter, belief in time, space, maya (etheric energy), glamor (emotional energy), illusion (mental energy) is a strong dominating ignorance. An unenlightened man is controlled by rules and regulations, fears, blockages, incarnations, imprisonment, mind robotics, desires that are often harmful, clinging to unreality, a twisted belief in individuality, duality influences, and repetitive suffering keeping the soul/mind trapped in a net of its own making.  The good part is there are holes in the net. We are destined to awaken and be free.
Interesting fact:  There are approximately 84 million species.  All exist in mind but in Principle, the Highest Reality, they do not exist.  Physicality is not Reality. 


Eventually, through one's own effort, a  sense of Beingness, a grander understanding that is true, will develop as a major return step leading to the Original state of Pure Awareness. We learn through trial, error, longing, persistence, discipline and a faithful love to be an  Active Witness.  This means we are being aware of the Intelligent Light that vibrates behind all creation.  We are destined to awaken and consciously express the true spiritual identity, the Real Self, that has been patiently waiting to help us move toward a permanent waking state.  Through desire, the energy of the I Amness, genuine freedom, meditation, liberating choices, surrendering, renunciation, striving to permanently purify, recognizing the changeless, dropping concepts and conditioning, strong faith, realizing that the 'light-true nature' is already perfect and all that we seek we are, mind and emotions move beyond time and space and begins to re-identify with its True nature.  True Nature is changeless, observant and draws on, honors and loves the sublime vibration that which is Indescribable, the Source.  It begins to know through firsthand experience accepting its true identity and relationship to everything created.  True feelings and a genuine knowingness of the meaning of oneness is felt and joyfully begins to express itself as identity.  It understands that it does not have to incarnate to make amends.  Being True Self authentically wipes clear the past of robotic ignorance.  Persistent awareness of 'I Am" leads to the Eternal-Indestructible, our True Home.  This is the 'falling in love' state I often mention in books and classes.  Words such as science, unconditional love, genuine wisdom are clumsy but they do hint at the overwhelming Power and Presence of the One.
An interesting statistic from the ancient Vedic teachings:  Only one in a hundred thousand will grasp this fact now because they cling tenaciously to the physical body sense.


Our ORIGINAL STATE is beyond puny words. In the visible state, it can be witnessed as wordless Light. It can be intellectually recognized in the food body such as described in The Three Persuasions and briefly experienced in a conscious bliss state of Pure Awareness. It is Source, Pure, Principle, Awareness, Absolute, Everything and yet Indescribable.  No time and no space.  It is Eternal and beyond any intellectual comprehension obviously far surpassing, body, mind, emotions, and spirit as understood by the masses. 

Sunday, at Circle, and into the future, I will continue to explain what I just wrote from inner knowing.  I always welcome comments and suggestions.
Much love and gratitude,

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


I do not believe that we are robots in a simulation as depicted by some thinkers but rather a too frequent consciousness that is manifesting robotic energy.   The idea that we may be part of a grand illusion 'game' is a very serious possibility.  Anything is possible.  We realize that subtle programming is constantly being broadcast over the 'airwaves'.

People are mesmerized by the media, church, the medical profession, government and influential individuals.  If we fail to think for ourselves, be mindful, self-observant, use discernment then it becomes easier for insidious programming to seep into the minds and hearts of the unsuspecting.

How many people actual guard the 'gate of the five senses' and pay close attention to their own thoughts, words, and actions?  Humanity as a whole appears reactionary and appearance wise does give the impression that the many are living in a robotic way.

A laziness of the mind creates the repetitive pattern of advancement or decline and another advancement of  newly created civilizations.   I can see why someone who likes to play with ideas and the infinite possibilities not yet discovered could believe we are all part of a huge mind game.

To make it worse, spiritual leaders commonly teach that humans are on earth to evolve through ongoing acts of suffering.  Suffering is the 'how to be liberated' motto in many Eastern and Western teachings.  What are soul/minds evolving toward?  According to some 'enlightened' men, it is toward annihilation of the form into no form...oneness with a God that few understand.  What exactly does this teaching mean?  The leaders usually avoid explanation.  How can anyone explain God/Source/Creator?

What are intelligent units of light/mind/soul suppose to be actually experiencing and achieving in duality? According to religious teachers, conquering and being who really are as souls imprisoned in flesh and eventually returning to the mental/spiritual state of Oneness is the obvious answer.  In Oneness, they teach that there is no suffering and we have a choice as to whether we want to return to the 'game' which great Indian teachers refer to as a 'play in consciousness' or remain in the planes of bliss whatever they may be.

If humans are actors on a stage called earth or some other planet for that matter and the idea is to awaken to a higher Reality and get out of the game, not too many 'master' teachers spell out what the 'getting' out of the game actually means.  If non-playing means losing personal identity or actually retaining a sense of identity is usually not discussed.  In one of my books, The Three Persuasions, I do discuss this question from firsthand experience.  The gist being that we continue in consciousness fully aware of our true identity but finally free from the ignorance/nonsense of the deluded.  In other words, we stop  being robotic.  How we continue from the point of Pure Awareness is up to us.

One way to look at mastery while living in a food body is to be in total control of the 'game'.  I don't believe there are rules such as we must incarnate, suffer, experience lack or limitation unless we choose to for our own peculiar reasons.  Some may judge themselves harshly and feel it necessary to suffer for awhile to perhaps learn compassion in order to better relate to others who like to play in the unenlightened areas of consciousness.  Remember, we have individual will which is indicative of the power to choose.

Observing humanity, it does appear that collectively we are becoming more and more robotic in our responses.  At the same time, there are also many of us who actually do think for ourselves and bravely speak out.   I find it interesting how the media bends over backwards to ignore those who actually have a conscience and hold a sincere reverence for life.

I view mastery as being a master in your own mind and in total control of the 'game'. Mimicking robots are not the answer.  Must we really incarnate, suffer, experience lack, loss or limitation unless we choose to?   During one of my recent meditative workshops, I said to the participants, "Don't be played.  Be a player."  After speaking those particular words, the CD player stopped working for the rest of the evening.  Instead of music, we had Silence.


Shirlee Hall

Saturday, August 27, 2016

BABA - A Magical Cat with a Message

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Friday, July 15th, 7:00 pm

Tired of only pulsating?  Your mind is a transceiver.  It requires additional and disciplined tuning to bring in the signal better.

Our healing workshops are about accessing the ONENESS
We are already One.  Accessing is our point of power.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2016


WHY ARE WE HERE?  Think of resurrection as a chemical metamorphosis, not a religious idea.
Understand it as changing our carbon-silicon energy into a light similar to diamonds.   Our class and meditation will conclude with learning more about the science of deliberate transformation.  A butterfly is able to journey to worlds undreamed of by the caterpillar.  So do we when we transform ourselves into our destined diamond body.

We will meet at Peggy McCaffray's home in La Grange 1:00 PM...JULY 10th

My new treasure, Baba - Magical Cat with a Message will be available.

Light is a bond that frees us, a weight that lightens our load.



Saturday, June 18, 2016


Humans have murdered well over a couple hundred million people by warfare and torture in the 20th century alone.  When is a different course of action going to be taken?  More people would be genuinely inspired if somehow more of us could cultivate non harming and pacifism as a viable lifestyle.  Cooperative living communities have worked beautifully in different areas around the world.The intention for Cooperative living would not be for any spiritual or money making purpose but simply because it may be the only survival choice that will work in the future.   Perhaps, I am too much a wishful thinker.  Many people cannot get along with the few people who do live in the same home.

In social media we hear and meet people who have actually reached the inner feeling of unity with everything...reverence for life.    Moral development involves non harming.  Unity and non harming are not a romantic ideal.  Look at Gandhi.  He inspired people through demonstrations, petitions, strikes, pickets, sit ins, teach ins, go-slows, hunger strikes and more.  Today, there are dear souls who are attempting social reform through trans-formative and socially healing power of non harming.  Wouldn't it be a hopeful situation if more people would examine and translate the ideal of non harming into daily practice for ourselves, our local community and our global society?

As Patanjali suggested long ago, non harming must be practiced under all conditions, which means in thought, word and deed.   More self inspection needs to happen on a regular basis.  People are very aggressive today.  Abuse is experienced on every level.  Even being depressed will bring the energy down in our environment.  Coldness and indifference is a form of harming but yet we cannot go around crying all the time by what we see and hear.

We are made kind by being kind.  People attend the very popular woman Indian teacher's events simply to receive her hug.  That really says something about how people are touch starved. We have progressed remarkably in the area of technology but the heart of humankind needs to be opened. Compassion literally means to "suffer with."  I have often thought that collectively humans have a terrible record when it comes to compassion for animals.  In that same vein of thought, there always are stories in the news or other printed materials on compassionate acts demonstrated by animals toward all who need it regardless of the kingdom.

Years ago, Adrienne Clarkson, a former Governor General of Canada, said, "For all and everyone we must have compassion because it is in compassion that life consists."  I have many close friends who exhibit genuine compassion so much so that they often experience compassion fatigue.  Wouldn't it be a life changer if compassion was a 24-7 attitude, which embraces everybody?

I do my best to avoid the news and election discussions.  I wish there were narrators who would speak like Lao Tzu spoke of "three treasures":compassion, moderation and humility.  The collective mind of humanity needs to be transformed through training.  Followers for the most part ignore what all major religions state.  The message of religion is love, compassion, forgiveness, contentment and self-discipline. Many people must be deaf and blind.

I will close with an excellent quote from Albert Einstein.  "Our task must be to free ourselves from the prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.  The true value of a human being is determined by the measure and the sense in which they have obtained liberation from the self.  We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if humanity is to survive."  Wouldn't life be an ongoing miracle if people with a similar consciousness would be elected to government offices?

In harmony,

Shirlee Hall


Saturday, June 11, 2016


My lineage is one of healers. Although I was psychic and had visions as a young child and young woman, my secret dream was to be a transmitter of healing energy. In order for dreams to materialize, we are expected to be responsible and take action. No one else can create our passion for us.  Being a healthy woman with all that a normal soul would desire in life, I remained unsatisfied. I willingly declined a Universal Motion Pictures Studios contract as a young mother and other glamorous opportunities that continually presented themselves. Deep down, I knew there was something else I was to focus on but did not have a clue. Country club living, traveling, a large number of good friends and the best of all, a good, loving and beautiful family were not enough. Something was lacking. I was outwardly living the normal human dream and I felt incomplete.
At the time, I did not understand the immensity of the inner landscape, the soul, and light within. The real part of who I was continued to play hide and seek veiled by human flesh and the conditioning accumulated from birth. All I knew is that I seemingly had everything but there was much more to consciously remember, prepare and experience before I could feel fully alive. When we have a strong inner drive for something, regardless of what it is, the universe eventually will provide an opening. When the opening appears, it is our choice whether we walk through the door and actually embrace the opportunity.
What happened to dramatically change my life and manifest my dream? It began with two choices. I chose to have minor surgery on my lower abdomen. About five days after returning home, I noticed the surgical area was swollen and red streaks were rapidly appearing. A high fever quickly developed and the pain increased. I had just given my newborn son his 10am bottle. I decided to lie down in the bed next to him because the pain and the infection became worse. The sensible action was to call 911. My second choice was in not calling an ambulance. I placed my hands on top of the infected bare skin and immediately fell unconscious. I knew the time because of the feeding schedule.  One hour later I awakened to a sticky substance spreading underneath my hands. To my amazement, an angelic force, a higher power, had created two openings, one on each end of the six-inch length stitches. When I inspected the area, I was shocked to discover that the infection was draining without any human assistance. The red streaks, pain, swelling and fever had completely disappeared. I had chosen to surrender my physical life to a Higher Power and the result was an instant healing.
Being unconscious and alone for one hour was the first step in a journey that has been non-stop until this day. What I did not know at that moment was the secret passion to be a healer of bodies and souls combined with an intense faith in God would create a situation that would catapult me into a miraculous and very eventful spiritual life. From that day forward, I was a very different person.
As a direct result of my own physical healing, I quickly discovered that prayer and laying on of hands, a healing would occur in others. Many were healed of cataracts, ongoing spinal problems, cancer, carpal tunnel, multiple scoliosis, tumors, earthbound spirits and much more.
 After the dramatic healing, I began to recall the ancient wisdom teachings; the Universal laws of spiritual living that awaken inner knowledge and heal the soul. Spending long hours in silent meditation, the teachings appeared in visions of Light projected on a bare wall in my room, radiant sentences hanging in front of me in mid air or messages whispered in my listening ear.  With ease, I began to write inspirational messages.
 I continue to witness God’s radiant light and angelic beings. My life has been dramatically saved four times by angels. Today, my dream of offering authentic service continues to manifest in magnificent ways. As a result of the original one-hour transformation, I felt alive, fearless and full of hope.  Some people refer to this type of magic as a second birth.  It is. 
 I understand suffering as a severe spiritual identity problem that we create as a result of false beliefs held in consciousness.  To heal a spiritual identity loss, there is an urgent need to understand cause and effect. To survive, we must rediscover what we really are and the purpose of life. I call the step-by-step understanding of the intimacy of this sacred relationship as falling in love with the Divine.
Some people assume that once we are on the path of Light that life will automatically be easy. Although I am constantly given unseen and seen assistance, it is not easy.  Because I had changed dramatically within, the without did likewise. Through the pain, I developed a stronger sense of discernment, patience, compassion, and power.  
 My seven published books are based on firsthand experience, the true teacher. Everyone has a story to tell. The individual story cannot be separated from the collective story. We are all One.  Eventually, all souls will awaken and lift themselves beyond the “closed structure” of the physical world. To evolve, changes are required. Some of the changes may be uncomfortable. We can through love, wisdom, and science regenerate ourselves and joyfully transform the physical into the holy and infuse the holy into the mundane.  Conscious thinking and action are required.
             The magic of dreams is in the heart of the soul. The human experience is a means for the inner Self to express in matter. Be true to your dream. Our evolution is the greatest love story ever written. Why prolong the journey?
In love and gratitude,
Shirlee Hall

Saturday, June 4, 2016


Could all the pain really be a desire for something hidden right now, a totally different type of change not yet suspected?  Even people who normally do not seek change seem to want it.  There is a deep dissatisfaction across the globe.  The most obvious discontent is in politics.  Unhappiness is being experienced in subtle ways such as a desire that life could be better with a new job, more money, moving to another location, switching partners, changing diet, traveling, enhancing appearance, indulging in unhealthy substances or getting a tattoo.  Feelings are intense.  Many people are blaming the bias and false programming of the news media, the corruptness found in many churches, the cover-ups and indifference in the medical field.  Genetics are being blamed for problems not solved and parents who feel unworthy passing their false beliefs on to their children.  Relatives who won't take responsibility for their own lives doesn't help either.  Friends are fearful, doubtful and falsely programmed.  More people are suspecting that a deliberate rewriting of history and ongoing falsity has occurred and will continue to be kept from the public.  Conspiracy theories and cover-ups prevalent everywhere and the accompanying sorrow caused by narrowness of beliefs creates fear.   The false conditioning we have been typically bombarded with since we took our first breath is suffocating.

My feeling about the root of humanities ongoing problems is an ignored lack of insight and awareness of the cause of suffering.  I feel the mass feeling of disgust and unrest, effects, are being disguised by the outer symptoms and signs.  There is a very deep sickness.  The robotic sickness and imbalances found everywhere is an inner negligence, lack of realization, understanding and accepting one's true identity, which is spiritual.  Inner worth has been so diminished, trust tainted, truth non-existent and suffering appears to be the norm.

There is a disguised cause behind the lack and limitation experienced outwardly. The physical and material disguise confuses the mind and diminishes the light of God that patiently waits within.  We blame the cause as  selfishness, political unrest, terror attacks, bigotry, overweight, abuse on every level, random and pleasure killing, new diseases and mental breakdowns. Continued disrespect for life is man's undoing. How long must the common man be deaf, dumb and blind?  It is always a choice, a thought, a word and an action. Pain does leave once it has finished teaching us.  How long does the bulk of humanity need to remain in school?

People must awaken to their own light. Survival depends on it. We certainly have had enough master teachers as examples.    No one told us it would be an easy road.  Usually, when we want to make progress difficulties  increase tenfold.  With faith, love and perseverance we win. Ask for devotion. Begin with yourself and train to become consciously aware of your eternal light and the light of others.  It is not the outer appearances commonly blamed being the real cause of the expanding unrest.  They are effects of the cause found too prevalent in the soul...forgetfulness.   Start remembering...your load will lighten.

Honor life beginning with yourself,

Shirlee Hall
Circle of Light class and meditation 6/5/16


Saturday, May 14, 2016


Baba book coverfinal.jpg
My sixth book!  I really love this book and so will you and friends.  It is being sent to the publisher this weekend.  It is a loving and powerful firsthand message for all domestic cats and animal lovers.






Saturday, May 7, 2016


Many souls have forgotten their spirit identity.  With the Sun welcoming us to a new birth and seeds quickening to life all over Mother Earth, may we open our hearts to each other and embrace the Light.

Love is quickening Nature and may it do the same for humanity.  The Radiant Light of the Christ Consciousness is available.  Call it down not only to Earth but also to all creatures of Earth.  Let us together rise up from the darkness and cold and spring into the warmth and life force of the Sun.

Everyone could use some lightness and joy feeling once more the golden rays of hope. Perhaps, that is why we have the bright yellow daffodils appearing as one of our first flowers of spring. This is the season to lift our vision higher and cultivate anew a true faith, peace and love.  To feel renewed, we must dig deeper and plant a strong and lasting awareness in the heart and mind.

Each of us has within the same light as the Sun.  As we grow in the Light, we do not diminish; we expand.    This is a time of growth.  We are God’s seed.  Let us together burst our shell of darkness and be free on wings of light.  Yes, sometimes it feels as if we are being crucified.  It is in those moments of change and pain that we must rely on the power of the Divine within to lift us to greater heights.

If we lack Divine Love in our hearts, Wisdom cannot come. Call on the Sun within allowing it to nurture, strengthen, direct, and heal. It is then that we blossom displaying our true majesty and beauty.  Celebrating in this moment and the possibility of a genuine rebirth has been with humanity since the beginning.  It is similar to remembering the warmth of God’s Heart.

To understand the power within and rebirth, we, too, must live and rise in the Light as light.  Pure Love lifts our consciousness and we finally accept our true Self as spirit-light in form.  May the return of the Power and Presence of this magical time of the year fill you with gratitude, hope, abundance and joy.

Shirlee Hall

Saturday, April 30, 2016


With politics taking up so much attention in our news, I couldn't help but think how meaningful and eventful soul awakening could be if more people had enthusiasm for their own 'game changing'.  This would mean dropping the facade and actually being full time who we really are.  References to being respectful also comes up in politics.  Yet, how many people actually respect themselves and others?  If we respected ourselves, would we eat, drink, think, speak and act out negative choices?  I think not.  If we respected life would humanity continue to hate, punish and slaughter for inhumane reasons?  I think not.

If we really pay attention to the 'game changers', how many are genuinely at peace with themselves or toward others?  All of us need to look closely at our intention.  Many people say that they would like to serve life in a grander way and give hope to others at the same time. Yet, I do not see anyone experiencing a true identity realization without pain, suffering, lack, limitation and loneliness.  What ever happened to playfulness?  Where is the genuine joy and laughter that is normally an intimate part of true love?   Perhaps, we need to come up with something new and beautiful that is actually fun...not the tears like so many good people shed.

Regardless of our visions, occasional bliss and close encounters, I personally feel we have tears and occasional anguish and bewilderment because we do not consciously have the answers.  Many souls feel like they only have half a recipe for perfection.  Everything that has been gained in soul evolution has been through pain. Years ago, I was shown in a vision to throw the cross away. Easier said than done. What can we do differently to change soul evolution so the pain is transformed into pleasure?

Just imagine...if we gave our desire for a true and permanent enlightenment the same power and practice that admirers of presidential candidates are given, perhaps progress would come more quickly.  Why not elect to be who we really are and play a role that better reflects our inner truth and eternality?

As we awaken, we are better equipped to help other species fight against cruelty and neglect. Many of us are heart involved with the safety and care of animals. This is a widening circle of light.  We also could expand our respect, compassion and love toward the human race as well.  We don't need to continue to live in a laboratory environment and neither should there exist a heartbreaking world of animal or earth abuse.  All life deserves hope as well as care.

The brilliant soul we know as Albert Einstein said, "Our task must be to free widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty."  We are overdue~
In Einstein's equation we know that mass (m) and the speed of light (c) are related in some way. ... that mass and energy are really different manifestations of the same thing.  Recognizing, accepting and living this understanding is our first step.

Light is a bond that frees us. It does lighten our load.  
I know that there is an 'idea' out there incorporating this ancient truth that for some reason it hasn't  been fully understood.  I ask that it will soon materialize to make it less troublesome for more of us to claim our true identity  as spirit in form.  In the meantime, we must remember and elect to do and be our truth consciously.  

In harmony,

Shirlee Hall




Saturday, April 23, 2016



Some of us talk and write about love and do our best to be the most loving person toward others and yet, stay aloof from personally receiving love.  This often happens when we have been repeatedly harmed by people who normally would be the ones expected to love us.  If our parents, siblings, spouses, children and friends who come in and out of our lives do not genuinely love themselves, how can they love us?  It becomes a facade, a painful  pretense of what we hope would be and is not.  As a result, many sensitive people shut down and won't allow themselves to feel.  Although unhealthy, it feels safe.  It isn't a waste of energy attempting a pretense for something that is plastic and does not hold its form under stress and strain.

You would be surprised to learn how many people have never felt love, particularly an unconditional love that they can trust.  Humans attempt to compensate for the lack and yet, many don't even consciously realize that lack exists.  This is one of the reasons people hate, harm and even kill life...true love does not exist for them.  When those we expect to love us do not express love, it makes it more difficult to love and honor ourselves.  You might be one of the 'shut' down souls who have not yet discovered that your outer appearance of happiness hides your secret yearning for love, a love that has no conditions nor expectations...a joyous love that accepts you as you are. It feels like the old popular song , "Laughing on the outside crying on the inside".

If denial is the norm and you have not honestly experienced a love that nourishes and heals, adopt an animal friend.  Adoption may not work the first time.  Through the years, you may have to take in several different kinds of animals into your home environment until one comes along and breaks through the solid wall of protection you have deliberately built around the pain in your heart.  When the wall crumbles, you experience pure magic.  Your 'pet' will love you unconditionally and with gratitude.  As you give,  he or she will help you feel genuinely good about yourself.  Your happiness will spill over on others and the circle of love will widen in unexpected and beautiful ways.  Yes, do yourself and an animal a favor.  When you allow an animal into your heart, love is naturally returned and a sweet healing takes place in the body, mind and soul.

In gratitude,

Shirlee Hall

Light is a bond that frees us, a weight that lightens our load.
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Saturday, April 16, 2016


The fact that we are not a finished product will offer hope to many people who are dismayed by what has happened in their own lives as well as the world at large.  There is a different rhythm in our very midst that nobody can take away from us.  The problem is that most people don't know they have it.  To become more intimate of its presence and power we need to look behind appearances and to stop mentalizing life.  Genuine joy, oneness, unconditional love and wisdom, in other words, the Summit, is nor necessarily above somewhere.  It can be realized right here at ground level.

Too many people are bewildered by the negative and yet, truth is right here, immediate and all-powerful in each atom, cell and breath we take.  Our responsibility is to awaken to our true identity as spirit, a higher rhythm, another way of being.  We can go about our mundane activities and actually be consciously aware of this 'other' rhythm vibrating very softly in the background.  The Light is us.  Acknowledging its presence, it shines.  In various activities and different points it leads and reassures.  We must learn to be vigilant because there will always be people who will not understand who will attempt at different times to snatch us away from the power of our rhythm.

We may stumble but if we persist and are trusting although appearing awkward and judging ourselves harshly for falling back, we can pick ourselves up and continue to learn the dance.  Eventually, as we strive to be our true Self in matter, a finished product,  we begin to enter self-mastery.  The kind of mastery I am talking about is different that the usual mentioned in books.  We are awakening and remembering here in matter and learning how to use the rhythm called the Law of Truth.  Truth is like a seamless white robe of softness.  Eventually, we achieve a genuine clarity and tranquility.  It is a peace that we cannot explain to others.  The mind grows quieter.  We can see clearly without all the mental labels.

Our finished product is waiting for us.  Heaven is hidden in our midst.  Have hope, dear friends. we do become stronger with each obstacle and every second we really live what we know is true for us.

In harmony,

Shirlee Hall
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Saturday, April 9, 2016




People often ask me where or how I developed faith.  I cannot really answer that.  Perhaps, somewhere in the long ago past I made a choice to be aware.  Observing humanity, it appears as if a bond between Heaven and Earth has broken or ruptured many souls from a genuine connection referred to as the power of faith.   There is a huge difference between reason and spiritual realization.  Many of us have been severely abused, misjudged, scorned, ignored, deceived, raped and even have had the life almost choked out of us.  Yet, here we stand, our faith stronger than ever.

I know as a fact that we can recover what sometimes feels as a lost spiritual anchorage because the bond is only concealed and not lost. We really do not know the power of our faith unless we meet a serious challenge head on with absolute trust.  I have found that trust and openness to the Divine is true power.  The mind and body can overcome any sense of isolation, alienation, fragmentation of incompleteness when we have genuine faith.

When a life threatening situation occurred in my own body years ago, I made a decision. This particular challenge was in the area of bodily health.  Putting ego aside, the opinions of others and the doubts and fears that typically cripple an opportunity to heal, I made a choice.  The choice was not to seek medical emergency help.  Instead, I went back to bed although it was mid-morning and surrendered my physical life to the Divine.  I had had no training in spirituality but somewhere within consciousness I knew I was not separated from Source.  As a result of my conscious decision, the entirety of what I am was fully healed within one hour.  This action was a turning point in my life.  I am not suggesting that you make the same choice as I did in a similar medical situation.  My choice is simply one example out of thousands.

Where the confidence of faith came from I cannot explain.  In all probability, I gained sacred knowledge somewhere in a long ago past and in that current moment of decisiveness and pain, I reconnected to my own true and spiritual nature.  The faith that awakened within me became a powerful presence of light for the suffering that came later.  At different points in our journey, we are given opportunities to resurrect our true self.  Just because we have faith it does not mean the 'dark' side of life avoids us. 

Offering healing energy to others and an intimate understanding and sharing of the divine Light became my response to physical life.  There are many others like myself who view the world as a sanctuary and hold a genuine reverence for life and the cosmos as a whole.  And...most of you quietly live your life as I have.  We do our best to treat each other according to what both we and they can potentially become: divine lights uplifting ourselves and helping others to heal, to integrate, to become reverential.  Although we have experienced a  'second birth', we understand we are not a finished product.  Spiritual realization is a state of mind and heart, an awakened consciousness.

What happened through the many dark moments was an increase in faith. I'm writing this for you who desire to be a part of the movement to manifest on the material plane peace, harmony, love, joy, justice and a genuine understanding.  We are not alone.  Thought is an active, powerful force that will effect our evolution. Be confident, expand your faith by getting up and taking action.  Remember, there is a gigantic network, a community of beings in the invisible realms, who derive great joy in helping us.  Let us link our light and unite for the purpose of regenerating the human race.  Faith will help us do it for the sheer joy of doing it.

In harmony and gratitude,

Shirlee Hall
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                                                     Light is a bond that frees us, a weight that lightens our load.

Saturday, April 2, 2016


I think about 'Butterflyhood' a lot.  The caterpillar is a perfect symbol to represent a typical carbon based human who eats everything in front of him and doesn’t always get along with others.  Inside the caterpillar is hidden the butterfly.  Inside a physical body is a spirit longing to be free.   At some point, the soul will have had enough and desires to be its true Self.  When this occurs, a sincere longing is aroused as a desire to change individual frequency and do things differently rising to greater heights.
We often begin our transformation with being more selective about the foods we eat.  Our cells usually need to be regenerated and can be if intelligence is used in a selective and determined way.  It is possible to totally rebuild the body into a balanced vehicle.  We can improve our state of health by making intelligent choices as to what we drink and eat.  The choice is always up to us. One of the most serious disciplines in the process of awakening is to consciously guard the gate to the five senses, particular thoughts and words.  Through a developed devotion, grateful prayer and silent meditation the metamorphosis is accelerated.  Life changes and becomes more like the heart of a flower. We begin to connect with our higher purpose and energy which often is similar to the sublime nectar and delicate taste of a bloom.  We can read inspirational words, attend classes, do good works and much more and yet,  some souls feel bereft in not hearing ‘that still small voice’.
Good people age, get sick and experience ‘bad’ things.  Why is there such suffering?  There is one very important memory that must be awakened...locked inside a caterpillar's DNA is the butterfly.  Collectively, humans have forgotten their true identity.   Like the caterpillar, we need to at some point before it is too late resurrect not only the mind but also our cells to incorruptibility transforming our view of a purpose and plan.  We have the potential and power to reawaken the superman or superwoman within us.  I strongly feel that when we do, we can biologically resurrect the body and live as long as we choose to.  Deprogramming self-accepted limitations helps us restore our sense of higher worth and not die a death of ignorance regarding our higher nature.
The great Indian mystic and philosopher Sri Aurobindo (1872-1950) said, “Man is a transitional being; he is not final.  The next step from man to superman is the next approaching achievement in the earth’s evolution.  It is inevitable because it is at once the intention of the inner Spirit and the logic of Nature’s process.”   We are currently a carbon-based being that can be transformed through deliberate personal effort creating an indestructible and magnificently brilliant physical form very much like a diamond.  Loving and honoring the light within is a vital part of the process.   When we consciously focus on the power, presence and wisdom of the Word, Light and Love of Source as our true nature and allow Principle to work, love will transform us more fully into the living essence of a beautiful butterfly.

In harmony,

Shirlee Hall
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Saturday, March 26, 2016


How does resurrection relate to you and me?  We must first recognize that each element within our physical, emotional and mental body must rise in order to manifest the light-body form.  The physical being doesn’t handle the transformation.  It is our own consciousness as a spiritual being that has the capability to achieve an expansive and advanced working light-body.  I feel this is our purpose in living here on earth. When one achieves his destiny, he helps the entire race and planet.  When we raise our own elements it has a domino effect on all life forms and intelligence.  It is a coordination between the inner and the outer that has not been witnessed on earth since very ancient times.

What I am suggesting is that we can rise above the elements of our baser third dimensional body transmuting it by consciously working, expanding and lifting consciousness.  I have been consciously aware and fully in love with the Holy Spirit since its descent in my life 45 years ago.  Could it be that through our unswerving love and compatibility with the creative power of the Holy Spirit that we eventually transform the lesser sense of self into the magnificence of the High Self?  The presence of the healing power continually displays Its magical touch during healing sessions.  If it successfully removes cancers, changes the position of bones and much more, it will demonstrate even greater things when we choose to transmute the physical form as we willingly lift and focus our mind and heart on the Source of our being.

I refer to the highest body form, the light-body as the Diamond Body.  The Diamond Body is locked into our hard drive.  From my understanding and experience, the Holy Spirit is the creative energy that helps us with the chemical metamorphosis. Creative Intelligence is activated; transformation occurs when our consciousness is enlightened and a channel for Divine Mind.  This is my realization as to what actually is our true identity and purpose.  Our goal is to become a conscious immortal.  Few people realize they have the diamond presence within or the ability to change the caterpillar form and consciousness into the beauty and freedom of a majestic butterfly.

Think about it…                Could life’s purpose be to go from a carbon-based body type to a diamond-based body type?

In harmony,
Shirlee Hall
3-27-16   Easter

Saturday, March 19, 2016


Several years ago while sitting in the living room with a friend, a sacred geometry figure of an octahedron appeared big as life and floated toward and around me for several minutes.  We were not meditating.  We were talking.  Knowing through firsthand experience that sacred geometry is one of the ways that masterful beings in the subtle worlds of Light communicate.  I paid close attention.

The geometric symbol represents the harmony or merging of the higher frequencies/dimensions of Light with the denser frequencies of physical matter as we commonly know it.  Heaven and Earth as one cohesive unit of energy.  This is the purpose of life in matter...the two becoming one.  Sadly enough, I didn't realize at the time that there was more that I needed to know and do regarding this important symbol.  Can you imagine the appearance of an object this size floating in your room?  The octahedron, a diamond shaped symbol, was a message suggesting that I examine its meaning...I did not at that time.  For some of us it may take a couple of messages before we finally awaken and realize that we must take seriously what is being either said or shown.

A few years later, another experience occurred in my bedroom shortly after I had turned off the light.  A well known master teacher who was no longer in the flesh appeared to me.  He appeared in his Diamond Body.  A Diamond Body is an immortal form, the highest vehicle our consciousness can achieve and actively use.  He was so brilliantly beautiful and I so stunned that I immediately left my own physical body and joined him to learn further the significance of his appearance in an indestructible body.

As a result of these two experiences, meditations and research, I created another Sacred Breath Healing Workshop which was offered last night for the first time.  You see, the goal of the soul here on earth is to eventually transform our earthbound carbon based bodies that become diseased, decay and die into the glorious and indestructible Diamond Light. When we eventually evolve and vibrate in the clear, compassionate diamond light level, we have reached the stars and will naturally vibrate and manifest harmony and beauty, purity and truth.  We have gained mastery over matter and are pure to our very core.  I plan to continue to offer this new workshop because the Diamond Light is the sacred heart of what we truly are~

Much love is sent your way...

Shirlee Hall
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Saturday, March 12, 2016


What human pets usually do not realize is that they automatically free themselves from dense matter when they sleep.  For instance, the other night Mama Shirlee was on her back meditating.  I was sleeping curled up by her left foot.  All of a sudden she saw me walking up her body and ready to sprawl across her chest.  Since she didn’t want to be disturbed, her right arm suddenly came out and gently pushed me off the bed where I landed on the floor near the right side of her bed. Immediately afterwards, she surprisingly felt me still curled up sleeping by her left foot.  How could that be? I was on the floor.  It happens all the time.  Regardless of specie, we escape our dense form when we sleep.  Some humans can go out of the body when meditating or other special circumstances.  She has had proof over and over again that we have multiple forms, each finer and less dense than the previous one.  Mama Shirlee once had a friend who would refer to his energy package as “Me and my six pack”.  We are always free to travel within dimensions but usually do not remember.  Similar evidence is shared repeatedly in remote healing appointments.
Last Wednesday, a friend out of state had an appointment with us, yes; she asked that I be part of the healing session.  This is what happened.  I was sitting on Mama Shirlee’s lap during the remote session in a state of bliss.  I left my physical body and visited the client and sat on her lap.  She actually saw my astral form sitting on her lap reaching up with my left paw touching her face.  The woman was so happy she had tears of joy.  I feel she also picked up on the sweet energy of a little song Mama Shirlee was softly singing during her healing treatment.  By the way, my human pet normally doesn't sing.  Here is the main verse: "Holy Spirit I appreciate you.  Holy Spirit I appreciate you.  I love you, I adore you, I bow down before you, Holy Spirit I appreciate you."

Her departed cat also showed up in his astral form.  Besides our company, she began to see swirling golden light.  The light began taking shapes like diamonds.  First there was one large diamond, then smaller ones and then the large one again…all swirling.  Beautiful!  Mama Shirlee had been suggesting days earlier to our client that she begins to view herself as perfect body similar to a brilliant diamond.   Our true Self uses a higher energy form in special moments to remind us how perfect and beautiful we really are.  She knows this as true because she has had firsthand experiences with the diamond bodies of spiritually evolved people who have passed on. 
The healing energy must have traveled throughout our client’s home.  Her dog, Ringo, had had surgery the day before and he came out of hiding and actually laid down next to his human pet when she began to prepare for the influx of healing energy.  After the session, he ate his first food since he was in the hospital. To be free is to know that what we hold in our mind and heart is what creates our freedom. We were thankful to be in our bodies both in the seen and unseen frequencies of love and light.

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Saturday, February 27, 2016


 The below is a brief excerpt from a book of healing stories my cat Baba is narrating...

Mama Shirlee and I really enjoy remote healing sessions.  I feel her clients benefit from my presence and the combined energy that we emit, as much as they would if we were in their physical presence.  Our healing vibrations rush forth as cleansing waves of love.  For an example, Roberta is our friend who lives alone on fifteen acres in a remote area of Missouri.  Roberta has always been a female type of St. Francis to animals and plants of every kind.  In the last year, she has physically lost her Native American husband, who had received multiple awards of honor for his bravery in service, and one of her favorite cats, Angelo.   Angelo when alive used to participate in healing sessions and continues to join us when we send the Holy Spirit to Roberta.  Roberta is a senior who has basically taken care of the property and animals for several years now because of her late husband’s stroke.  Her body often hurts big time.  Mama Shirlee weekly schedules a remote appointment to help her regain balance.  These healing times together are like a love fest.  They remind everyone involved as to how much they are deeply loved.
Two days ago during a remote healing session, Roberta actually felt me nuzzle her nose three times, tickled it too.  Her live cat, Faith, was sitting with her taking all this in.  Roberta felt departed spirit animals surrounding her.  In her meditative receiving state, she recognized her late husband sitting nearby with other family spirit dogs Buddha, Poco and Layla who continue to live in her home but in a finer dimension.   Roberta was aware of the presence of former cats as well.  She told us some of their names…Stormy, her former home guardian cat who camped out at the entrance of their property, Jezebel and of course, Angelo who recently crossed over the rainbow bridge.  Her late husband, Don, was also present looking fit as a fiddle and ready to participate in the remote healing session.  In our time together, Roberta could feel the love energy spreading throughout her body.  The healing waves lasted about an hour.  She was so happy and felt an overflowing love and grace.  Mama Shirlee suggested that I mention this beautiful scene because so many people assume once their human loved ones or pets leave their body for the subtle planes of radiant light a personal relationship is over.  Not true at all.  True love is stronger than what is visibly seen.  It is everlasting.
On the practical side, Mama Shirlee had one suggestion to give to Roberta.  Here is the gist of what she said.  Baba and I are very happy for your joy as you receive the power and presence of healing love, but for commonsense sake don’t go out and immediately do hard labor around your property after a treatment.  We know you are energized and feel the need to express the vibrations.  The best way that you can show your gratitude is to honor your body and remember that moderation is the key.   Use commonsense.  Cats know this.  Remember what they do.  Cats take naps.  Why don't you?

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