Saturday, February 27, 2016


 The below is a brief excerpt from a book of healing stories my cat Baba is narrating...

Mama Shirlee and I really enjoy remote healing sessions.  I feel her clients benefit from my presence and the combined energy that we emit, as much as they would if we were in their physical presence.  Our healing vibrations rush forth as cleansing waves of love.  For an example, Roberta is our friend who lives alone on fifteen acres in a remote area of Missouri.  Roberta has always been a female type of St. Francis to animals and plants of every kind.  In the last year, she has physically lost her Native American husband, who had received multiple awards of honor for his bravery in service, and one of her favorite cats, Angelo.   Angelo when alive used to participate in healing sessions and continues to join us when we send the Holy Spirit to Roberta.  Roberta is a senior who has basically taken care of the property and animals for several years now because of her late husband’s stroke.  Her body often hurts big time.  Mama Shirlee weekly schedules a remote appointment to help her regain balance.  These healing times together are like a love fest.  They remind everyone involved as to how much they are deeply loved.
Two days ago during a remote healing session, Roberta actually felt me nuzzle her nose three times, tickled it too.  Her live cat, Faith, was sitting with her taking all this in.  Roberta felt departed spirit animals surrounding her.  In her meditative receiving state, she recognized her late husband sitting nearby with other family spirit dogs Buddha, Poco and Layla who continue to live in her home but in a finer dimension.   Roberta was aware of the presence of former cats as well.  She told us some of their names…Stormy, her former home guardian cat who camped out at the entrance of their property, Jezebel and of course, Angelo who recently crossed over the rainbow bridge.  Her late husband, Don, was also present looking fit as a fiddle and ready to participate in the remote healing session.  In our time together, Roberta could feel the love energy spreading throughout her body.  The healing waves lasted about an hour.  She was so happy and felt an overflowing love and grace.  Mama Shirlee suggested that I mention this beautiful scene because so many people assume once their human loved ones or pets leave their body for the subtle planes of radiant light a personal relationship is over.  Not true at all.  True love is stronger than what is visibly seen.  It is everlasting.
On the practical side, Mama Shirlee had one suggestion to give to Roberta.  Here is the gist of what she said.  Baba and I are very happy for your joy as you receive the power and presence of healing love, but for commonsense sake don’t go out and immediately do hard labor around your property after a treatment.  We know you are energized and feel the need to express the vibrations.  The best way that you can show your gratitude is to honor your body and remember that moderation is the key.   Use commonsense.  Cats know this.  Remember what they do.  Cats take naps.  Why don't you?

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