Saturday, February 20, 2016


It was late at night.  In fact, I had just finished offering a class and meditation workshop.  The people had left except for a tall dark handsome man who I had never met before.  We had planned via a phone conversation a few days prior to our meeting for me to ‘try’ a special breathing technique while safely zipped inside my sleeping bag lying on the floor.  You see, I do not suggest or offer a technique to students if I haven’t tried it myself.    I was to do a particular breath for approximately an hour and fifteen minutes.  There was no preparation nor were affirmations stated during the suggested time period.  He did have some non descript music playing in the background.  In other words, the music was not to be the power or influence behind any experience that I may or may not have.

I had asked in meditation for a tool to give to others so they could have a firsthand experience regarding the continuity of life.  I did feel somewhat self-conscious being alone with a stranger in a darkened and rented facility but I have a trusting nature.  Time passed quickly as well as the strangeness of the situation.  It was my responsibility to stay with the particular breath he had taught me.  It didn’t seem that long and all of a sudden I became extremely hot and uncomfortable.  Even though my physical body was overheated, I was also aware of simultaneously being in another body standing barefoot in the sand.  My bare feet were burning; the Sun was beating down on me as I stared at the Great Pyramid.  I was literally in Egypt.  Then all of a sudden something even more unusual happened.  A very loud voice boomed across the desert, “I Am Ra!”  The experience was so unexpected and startling that my physical body sat up and unzipped the sleeping bag and climbed out surprising the stranger sitting next to me monitoring the hour of breath.  When I explained to him what had happened, he said he had never heard of such an experience before.

Frankly, I wasn’t surprised.  In fact, nothing surprises me.   Since a child I have had a fascination for Egypt, would paint with oil on a large canvass scenes depicting ancient Egyptian life.  I also have had recall of other past lives and locations. I’ve even had memories of living in more subtle body than the physical bodies we use today.  The one that I had in experiencing the sacred breath was fascinating because it involved all the senses.  I actually experienced traveling back in time to Amenhotep IV, Akhenaten, and the emphasis on the Ra, the Sun God.  During the flight back in time all my senses both in the physical and subtle bodies of light were active.  The radiance of the Sun and the majesty of the power of the pyramid were as stunning as the booming voice echoing throughout space. 

I mention this for one reason only.  For years, I have offered a monthly Sacred Healing Breath Workshop.  The intention is to trigger the subconscious and help participants heal on multiple levels.  People attend by choice and understand they are in a safe and sacred environment.  I do wish to mention that time travel does not require using the sacred breath technique. I mention the experience because it was an answer to a prayer I had offered as to how could I further help people experience hidden and exquisite parts of their history that were now ready to be known by them.

I have periodically time traveled with very little preparation.  I am fully aware of what is going on with my physical vehicle as well as the light form used for travel.   In other words, I am never in a trance but fully aware of being in a physical body and experiencing another body simultaneously.  In my case, it isn’t a requirement to be in a meditative state to be conscious of both the physical and subtle body of light. I shared this bit of information last night at our monthly Sacred Healing Breath Workshop. I am not suggesting to you or those who participated last night that they will have similar experiences involving their higher identity.  Each experiences according to his readiness.

No two workshops are identical.  I mention the workshop and the breath because it is a sacred door that opens parts of the subconscious that have been consciously hidden.  Frequently, a participant will experience a physical healing because the sacred breath releases an ancient image that no longer serves a purpose. The sublime energy is healing on multiple levels.  It is very effective in helping a participant rediscover his own immortal Self.  Perhaps, one day you will join us.


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