Saturday, February 27, 2016


 The below is a brief excerpt from a book of healing stories my cat Baba is narrating...

Mama Shirlee and I really enjoy remote healing sessions.  I feel her clients benefit from my presence and the combined energy that we emit, as much as they would if we were in their physical presence.  Our healing vibrations rush forth as cleansing waves of love.  For an example, Roberta is our friend who lives alone on fifteen acres in a remote area of Missouri.  Roberta has always been a female type of St. Francis to animals and plants of every kind.  In the last year, she has physically lost her Native American husband, who had received multiple awards of honor for his bravery in service, and one of her favorite cats, Angelo.   Angelo when alive used to participate in healing sessions and continues to join us when we send the Holy Spirit to Roberta.  Roberta is a senior who has basically taken care of the property and animals for several years now because of her late husband’s stroke.  Her body often hurts big time.  Mama Shirlee weekly schedules a remote appointment to help her regain balance.  These healing times together are like a love fest.  They remind everyone involved as to how much they are deeply loved.
Two days ago during a remote healing session, Roberta actually felt me nuzzle her nose three times, tickled it too.  Her live cat, Faith, was sitting with her taking all this in.  Roberta felt departed spirit animals surrounding her.  In her meditative receiving state, she recognized her late husband sitting nearby with other family spirit dogs Buddha, Poco and Layla who continue to live in her home but in a finer dimension.   Roberta was aware of the presence of former cats as well.  She told us some of their names…Stormy, her former home guardian cat who camped out at the entrance of their property, Jezebel and of course, Angelo who recently crossed over the rainbow bridge.  Her late husband, Don, was also present looking fit as a fiddle and ready to participate in the remote healing session.  In our time together, Roberta could feel the love energy spreading throughout her body.  The healing waves lasted about an hour.  She was so happy and felt an overflowing love and grace.  Mama Shirlee suggested that I mention this beautiful scene because so many people assume once their human loved ones or pets leave their body for the subtle planes of radiant light a personal relationship is over.  Not true at all.  True love is stronger than what is visibly seen.  It is everlasting.
On the practical side, Mama Shirlee had one suggestion to give to Roberta.  Here is the gist of what she said.  Baba and I are very happy for your joy as you receive the power and presence of healing love, but for commonsense sake don’t go out and immediately do hard labor around your property after a treatment.  We know you are energized and feel the need to express the vibrations.  The best way that you can show your gratitude is to honor your body and remember that moderation is the key.   Use commonsense.  Cats know this.  Remember what they do.  Cats take naps.  Why don't you?

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Saturday, February 20, 2016


It was late at night.  In fact, I had just finished offering a class and meditation workshop.  The people had left except for a tall dark handsome man who I had never met before.  We had planned via a phone conversation a few days prior to our meeting for me to ‘try’ a special breathing technique while safely zipped inside my sleeping bag lying on the floor.  You see, I do not suggest or offer a technique to students if I haven’t tried it myself.    I was to do a particular breath for approximately an hour and fifteen minutes.  There was no preparation nor were affirmations stated during the suggested time period.  He did have some non descript music playing in the background.  In other words, the music was not to be the power or influence behind any experience that I may or may not have.

I had asked in meditation for a tool to give to others so they could have a firsthand experience regarding the continuity of life.  I did feel somewhat self-conscious being alone with a stranger in a darkened and rented facility but I have a trusting nature.  Time passed quickly as well as the strangeness of the situation.  It was my responsibility to stay with the particular breath he had taught me.  It didn’t seem that long and all of a sudden I became extremely hot and uncomfortable.  Even though my physical body was overheated, I was also aware of simultaneously being in another body standing barefoot in the sand.  My bare feet were burning; the Sun was beating down on me as I stared at the Great Pyramid.  I was literally in Egypt.  Then all of a sudden something even more unusual happened.  A very loud voice boomed across the desert, “I Am Ra!”  The experience was so unexpected and startling that my physical body sat up and unzipped the sleeping bag and climbed out surprising the stranger sitting next to me monitoring the hour of breath.  When I explained to him what had happened, he said he had never heard of such an experience before.

Frankly, I wasn’t surprised.  In fact, nothing surprises me.   Since a child I have had a fascination for Egypt, would paint with oil on a large canvass scenes depicting ancient Egyptian life.  I also have had recall of other past lives and locations. I’ve even had memories of living in more subtle body than the physical bodies we use today.  The one that I had in experiencing the sacred breath was fascinating because it involved all the senses.  I actually experienced traveling back in time to Amenhotep IV, Akhenaten, and the emphasis on the Ra, the Sun God.  During the flight back in time all my senses both in the physical and subtle bodies of light were active.  The radiance of the Sun and the majesty of the power of the pyramid were as stunning as the booming voice echoing throughout space. 

I mention this for one reason only.  For years, I have offered a monthly Sacred Healing Breath Workshop.  The intention is to trigger the subconscious and help participants heal on multiple levels.  People attend by choice and understand they are in a safe and sacred environment.  I do wish to mention that time travel does not require using the sacred breath technique. I mention the experience because it was an answer to a prayer I had offered as to how could I further help people experience hidden and exquisite parts of their history that were now ready to be known by them.

I have periodically time traveled with very little preparation.  I am fully aware of what is going on with my physical vehicle as well as the light form used for travel.   In other words, I am never in a trance but fully aware of being in a physical body and experiencing another body simultaneously.  In my case, it isn’t a requirement to be in a meditative state to be conscious of both the physical and subtle body of light. I shared this bit of information last night at our monthly Sacred Healing Breath Workshop. I am not suggesting to you or those who participated last night that they will have similar experiences involving their higher identity.  Each experiences according to his readiness.

No two workshops are identical.  I mention the workshop and the breath because it is a sacred door that opens parts of the subconscious that have been consciously hidden.  Frequently, a participant will experience a physical healing because the sacred breath releases an ancient image that no longer serves a purpose. The sublime energy is healing on multiple levels.  It is very effective in helping a participant rediscover his own immortal Self.  Perhaps, one day you will join us.


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515 Ogden Ave, Suite 300, Downers Grove, IL. 60515

$65     reservations required    dress comfortably   bring a mat/pillow


We are living in two worlds simultaneously but not using our full potential.

The physical world is the result of invisible ideas.

Our monthly healing workshop is designed to raise the level of conscious awareness and expand individual light.  Stop being resistant and allow the higher energy to reveal itself
through and as you.
We gather to consciously  nurture, create and lighten the load and rediscover what it really is like to be free and a conscious creator.
It is time that more of us live a Spirit-conscious and an attentive life understanding that the real is the magical inner Self.
Our healing workshops gently remove thousands of years of false programming.
We are designed to awaken here in the flesh and use our mind and body as a medium for the higher energies of our spirit consciousness.
People always want proof.  Do it and give the proof to self and others.
Let us do what we can from a very high level and live as the peace that passes all understanding~

In Spirit's care...
Shirlee Hall




Saturday, February 13, 2016


(The below is an excerpt from book I am writing called, BABA –Magic Will Save the World.)           To help with the publishing and publicity of the message of unconditional love, donate at
Please note that it is my cat who is doing the narrating…He has a message to be told.

What cats observe comes naturally. It is also what some humans intuitively sense.  Felines can see the effect of thoughts and emotions being released in our ‘human pets’ and also around them.   We are unhappy when negative thoughts and emotions change or harm the human energy. People become all clogged up with negative emotions leading to depression, sick days, and not interested in playing with us.  Human pets often take great care in feeding us high quality food and good water but they often are mindless regarding their own health and happiness.

I am committed to helping humans handle emotional blockage and in dealing with isolation.  Sometimes, we are very successful in teaching humans how to love again and open their hearts.  Eventually, a very strong bond is developed that continues to live on although we use different physical forms.  I’ve been with Mama Shirlee in past lifetimes as well as in the in-between planes of light and love.

I keep returning to be by her side because we both desire to offer insight and hope.  Earth is continually created and recreated by thought.  Our goal is to encourage and help evolve an enlightened Earth.  A decision to help support humanity is a willing commitment by the majority of dogs and cats.  Most humans would never guess our intention to help humans evolve into a greater awareness. It is a huge challenge because not all of mankind respects the Animal Kingdom.  We are mistreated and cruelty continues day in and day out.  It must stop for the good of all species involved.  Animal consciousness is different than the typical individual consciousness of a human.  Animals are an expression on the earth of a group consciousness.  In other words, we belong to a collective group.  Mama Shirlee has had a few visions explaining the group mind of the animal kingdom.

Our pattern is one of instinct and regardless of how you treat us we don’t judge you.  As cats, we react to vibration and light emanations. I am sure you have noticed that we usually don’t display any guilt.  The reason for this is that we are ‘cool’ cats, and don’t get caught up in emotional vibrations.  Our ability to be detached created an aura of mastery in earlier earth cycles and continues somewhat today.  During ancient times, we were actually honored as wise teachers.

Mama Shirlee really enjoys watching me intuitively communicate with angels, luminous beings and other visitors who fill our home.  This may sound arrogant but I am not here on earth to evolve nor are the rest of the cats.  We are here to support the earth and assist humanity in evolution.  Much of our work is done with energy.  There are other species such as dogs, dolphins and whales with a high consciousness that help humanity.  I know, you look at our appearance and probably shake your head doubting the fact that we can actually do something good to assist people in the area of emotional and mental fields.  Humans are deeply smothered in the Earth-Plane; we took pity on them and chose for our physical existence innocent looking forms to break through any stubborn resistance.

Cats have a compassionate energy and can easily integrate personal energy with human energy. As I said before, we observe your thought forms and can when needed offer you our strength and protection against negative vibrations.  We purr, repair and protect the human aura.  Are you surprised?  We are very psychic.  We also see what the common human is not yet evolved enough to see such as non-physical matter and anti-matter. Our sensory perceptions are more developed than humans.   We ‘see’ thought forms, electro-magnetic fields and when I walk around Mama Shirlee’s floor plants I often see fairies darting in and out of the small houses she has provided.

My human pet and I telepathically send and receive thought messages to one another.  It is easy because cats have agreed to be programmed to blend with the mental, emotional field and personality of our human pet.   If I detect negative energies being ‘sent’ toward Mama Shirlee, I quickly neutralize them.  Actually, the frequency of purring cleanses the unwanted energy.  I also will patrol the entire house creating a protective field.  Have you ever noticed your cat move in a quick reaction to energies unseen by you?

We don’t deliberately try to be mysterious.  We often appear to be because we naturally understand the mystery of vibrations.  As a result, we are aware and know more than you give us credit for.  Stones show us their vibration through color and brilliance.  It is vibration that makes the tree grow, the fruit ripen and the flowers bloom.  Physical existence, this means every living form, manifests according to the law of vibration.  As cats, we got the ‘energy’ talent down pat.  Long ago, humans understood how by watching not only cats but also animals in general learned how to survive.  Evolving humans actually learned social behavior and how to communicate telepathically with us.  Most humans don’t remember that the Animal Kingdom consists of forgotten teachers.  It is time humans learn to love unconditionally like we do.

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Saturday, February 6, 2016

The below is an excerpt from a book I am writing on healing.  The narrator is my cat Baba


What you believe is what you get.  Although felines don’t need to do this, we suggest that you try to remember throughout the day that behind your appearance body you have an awesome perfect spiritual pattern.  You probably think that nothing happens by chance; you are wrong. It can happen by chance.  We, cats, don’t have all the moral weaknesses, guilt and judgment issues as you do but yet we get sick at times or injured.  Things happen independent of us, which produce cause and effects.   We don’t do decrees or invoke protection.  We simply are ourselves and in most cases use common sense, which is a good idea for everyone to actually, practice.

Regardless if we were imperfect or not, I know from firsthand experience that a body can actually return to perfection by asking Spirit to manifest in the part that is weak.  Remember there is a divine pattern behind every body part.  One of Mama Shirlee’s first animal healing experiences happened with the families Siamese cat.  The cat was always hissing and really jumpy.  She told me that she and her youngest son took the cat, Rama, to the animal doctor to find out what or why he was so nasty all the time.  After a careful examination, the doc said Rama had been born deaf.  They didn’t expect that answer and were of course, surprised.  Now, mind you, our feline hearing is normally remarkable.  We can hear high-frequency sounds up to two octaves higher than a human.  We have little tufts of hair in our ears that help keep out dirt, direct sounds and insulate our ears.  On top of that refinement, we have 32 muscles that control the outer ear.  Humans have only six.  Can you independently rotate your ears 180 degrees?  The point is that hearing is very important to us.  The idea that a cat was born deaf would be awful to accept if I didn’t know that matter could be manipulated.

Never did the mother and son judge Rama’s condition as difficult to change. Once they arrived home, they decided to give Rama a healing treatment.  They did discuss how Rama didn’t have negative karma and that to be always on edge was a terrible way to live.  Remember, both Mama Shirlee and her young son believed that a body could be made perfect.  They had a strong belief and faith in that way.  Natural law created for some reason or another an imperfection in an innocent animal.  The humans in this case believed that asking the Holy Spirit to manifest perfect hearing according to the hidden and perfect divine pattern behind Rama’s physical form could actually happen.

Humans with a high understanding have the power to ask Spirit to give animate life a visible and tangible complete pattern.  Mama Shirlee and her son didn’t know the details of the perfect pattern but only the fact that it exists in Divine Mind.  The Holy Spirit knows how to do everything.  That is one of the many reasons I love living in Mama’s home; she knows a lot about universal laws.   Remember, they did visit a doctor but what a doctor can’t do, Spirit can.   Why suffer when God has methods corresponding to physical, mental and spiritual needs?

It never entered their minds to doubt or worry.  When you do, messages get muddied and stops the creation.  That is why you must be clear in your intent, specific and then must let it go.  To bring forth a perfect creation, result, you must learn to trust. Mama Shirlee and her son expected results.  There is no set way of doing this.  She simply mentioned Rama’s name, and how they felt that he had the right to hear perfectly.  They asked that his spiritual ears, a divine blueprint, take control of Rama’s physical ears.  Her son held the cat and his mother said a few sentences and let the cat go.   They both assumed Rama would hear perfectly for the first time.  Within minutes, he had perfect hearing.  They knew this as a fact because they immediately ran a series of tests such as shaking house keys, playing hide and seek and using imagination in various ways to prove that they now had a cat with perfect hearing.

You see, Rama wasn’t responsible for his previous lack of hearing.  Imbalances, diseases, lack and limitation don’t exist in the spiritual realm.  So when you have a problem regardless of what it is…reach higher, think properly, and know that humans particularly can help their plants and animals by belief and focused thoughts.   Both Mama Shirlee and her son decided not to see an error condition in Rama. They saw him in their minds as hearing perfectly. Spirit is impersonal, not either good or bad.  Thoughts cause manifestations particularly ones that are repeated.

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Mama Shirlee