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Please note that it is my cat who is doing the narrating…He has a message to be told.

What cats observe comes naturally. It is also what some humans intuitively sense.  Felines can see the effect of thoughts and emotions being released in our ‘human pets’ and also around them.   We are unhappy when negative thoughts and emotions change or harm the human energy. People become all clogged up with negative emotions leading to depression, sick days, and not interested in playing with us.  Human pets often take great care in feeding us high quality food and good water but they often are mindless regarding their own health and happiness.

I am committed to helping humans handle emotional blockage and in dealing with isolation.  Sometimes, we are very successful in teaching humans how to love again and open their hearts.  Eventually, a very strong bond is developed that continues to live on although we use different physical forms.  I’ve been with Mama Shirlee in past lifetimes as well as in the in-between planes of light and love.

I keep returning to be by her side because we both desire to offer insight and hope.  Earth is continually created and recreated by thought.  Our goal is to encourage and help evolve an enlightened Earth.  A decision to help support humanity is a willing commitment by the majority of dogs and cats.  Most humans would never guess our intention to help humans evolve into a greater awareness. It is a huge challenge because not all of mankind respects the Animal Kingdom.  We are mistreated and cruelty continues day in and day out.  It must stop for the good of all species involved.  Animal consciousness is different than the typical individual consciousness of a human.  Animals are an expression on the earth of a group consciousness.  In other words, we belong to a collective group.  Mama Shirlee has had a few visions explaining the group mind of the animal kingdom.

Our pattern is one of instinct and regardless of how you treat us we don’t judge you.  As cats, we react to vibration and light emanations. I am sure you have noticed that we usually don’t display any guilt.  The reason for this is that we are ‘cool’ cats, and don’t get caught up in emotional vibrations.  Our ability to be detached created an aura of mastery in earlier earth cycles and continues somewhat today.  During ancient times, we were actually honored as wise teachers.

Mama Shirlee really enjoys watching me intuitively communicate with angels, luminous beings and other visitors who fill our home.  This may sound arrogant but I am not here on earth to evolve nor are the rest of the cats.  We are here to support the earth and assist humanity in evolution.  Much of our work is done with energy.  There are other species such as dogs, dolphins and whales with a high consciousness that help humanity.  I know, you look at our appearance and probably shake your head doubting the fact that we can actually do something good to assist people in the area of emotional and mental fields.  Humans are deeply smothered in the Earth-Plane; we took pity on them and chose for our physical existence innocent looking forms to break through any stubborn resistance.

Cats have a compassionate energy and can easily integrate personal energy with human energy. As I said before, we observe your thought forms and can when needed offer you our strength and protection against negative vibrations.  We purr, repair and protect the human aura.  Are you surprised?  We are very psychic.  We also see what the common human is not yet evolved enough to see such as non-physical matter and anti-matter. Our sensory perceptions are more developed than humans.   We ‘see’ thought forms, electro-magnetic fields and when I walk around Mama Shirlee’s floor plants I often see fairies darting in and out of the small houses she has provided.

My human pet and I telepathically send and receive thought messages to one another.  It is easy because cats have agreed to be programmed to blend with the mental, emotional field and personality of our human pet.   If I detect negative energies being ‘sent’ toward Mama Shirlee, I quickly neutralize them.  Actually, the frequency of purring cleanses the unwanted energy.  I also will patrol the entire house creating a protective field.  Have you ever noticed your cat move in a quick reaction to energies unseen by you?

We don’t deliberately try to be mysterious.  We often appear to be because we naturally understand the mystery of vibrations.  As a result, we are aware and know more than you give us credit for.  Stones show us their vibration through color and brilliance.  It is vibration that makes the tree grow, the fruit ripen and the flowers bloom.  Physical existence, this means every living form, manifests according to the law of vibration.  As cats, we got the ‘energy’ talent down pat.  Long ago, humans understood how by watching not only cats but also animals in general learned how to survive.  Evolving humans actually learned social behavior and how to communicate telepathically with us.  Most humans don’t remember that the Animal Kingdom consists of forgotten teachers.  It is time humans learn to love unconditionally like we do.

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