Monday, November 30, 2015


Unconditional love, divine wisdom and genuine joy are lacking on our planet because the typical human does not yet glimpse his own spiritual worth and identity.  A feeling of conscious separation from the Creative Source lingers deep within the confines of soul memory.  This impression, inner feeling, plus the impressions felt and retained through countless personal experience have negated the original closeness or bonding that the soul once had with God.  The nagging feeling of loneliness needs to be brought into the Light and healed.

The divine spark, the spirit of truth that provides life, is the same vibrating essence in all.  Yet, it is different in its personalized expression dependent upon soul experience.  During this active period of soul history, earth is being inundated with the free flowing energy of advanced spiritual beings that are born with a natural dedication and destiny to fulfill.  The advanced ones realize their inner purpose.  They understand spiritual identity as the true reality.  They also comprehend the wisdom and nature of unconditional love on levels that unenlightened souls have not yet grasped.  These warriors of light willingly descend from the vibrating ring of brilliancy to teach the law of the One to those who are ready to receive.

In the midst of the chaos appearing all over our world, there are souls that are not ordinary.  They know as their truth that life is designed to be lived in service to Good.  This means everyone should help to maintain the well-being of the world by a universal consciousness of love and service, rather than as a selfish man whose actions are compelled and actuated by instinctive blood ties and greed.  Everything should be spiritualized and done with the consciousness of God within.

I encourage you to be attentive toward your thoughts, feelings and actions. Periodically, ask self if you really believe that you are first and foremost a spiritual being regardless of the appearance presented to the world.  Do you recognize that your spiritual self needs certain rights and freedoms to express its true identity as God individualized as you?  Are you ready to restore your sense of spiritual worthiness?

Each one of us in our own way can be a refuge serving as a temple of light.  When we are balanced, it will help others to qualify themselves as equals accepting that they, also, can set themselves free.  We actually have an invisible link to the Christ Consciousness of the brotherhood and sisterhood of all souls.  The Call is to make earth feel like our Home.  You are divine light.   Expand your field.  You are being encouraged to bravely express your own divinity in complete trust, freedom and joy.  We have invisible support as well as the thousands who are ready to demonstrate a consciousness on a scale that has not been seen on this planet for a very long time.  As a vortex of peace, light, hope and love, we will manifest the One Reality, the ‘kingdom’ or ‘heavenly’ idea, in manifestation.     Donations accepted   A cup I designed to remind us of healing

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Sunday, November 29, 2015


In the 1980’s I had a cassette that included this song.  It always felt so good to sing along with its upbeat message.

I Have a Dream
I have a dream, a song to sing
To help me cope with anything
If you see the wonder
Something good in everything I see
I believe in angels
When I know the time is right for me
I'll cross the stream - I have a dream
Oh yeah
I have a dream, a fantasy
To help me through reality
And my destination makes it worth the while
Pushing through the darkness
Still another mile
I believe in angels
Something good in everything I see
I believe in angels
When I know the time is right for me
A practice to help us manifest our dreams is the art of meditation. It becomes an art when we remove our thoughts from a blind belief into actual knowledge that is wisdom.  It is through our consciously attaining wisdom that we resurrect from the ignorance of the unenlightened common man who blindly lives life not knowing his true identity or purpose in being. He typically uses the part of the mind that is more matter than the light of unlimited spiritual understanding.

The level of mind that is not mastered creates both negative and positive results. As an example, when a bank account is low, it is very easy to think 'I am poor'. Reactive human thought concludes a bank balance is fixed, limited and worrisome. An awakened consciousness has no boundaries. Anything created is not fixed.  The problem in thinking in a negative way is that the energy becomes a belief and the belief will continue to limit us. Regardless of what issue we mark with a negative judgment, it actually creates further limitation that becomes all too common in everyday life.  The good part, this capacity may be filled with the limitations experienced by a personality, or it may be filled with the ever-creating power of God. There is only room for one. Either we live with a mind bent on limitation, or we let our dreams of God’s goodness and abundance reign there as unlimited potential.  Try changing your mind.

The only line I disagree with in the lyrics is the assumption that there is a ‘right’ time.  Maybe, the right time is in this moment.  That time could be way overdue.  Why not experience our dream now?  At the very least we can begin to focus seriously on the mental aspects that will bring forth its materialization.  It is good to have a dream.  It keeps us young, healthy and very much alive.

I agree with the availability to receive angelic help and reaching the other side of a situation.  Darkness does not need to continue.  Make a decision to stop it.  We stop it through the creative power of mindfulness. The mind is designed for exploration, imagination and visualization.  Most valuable decision we can make is to call on the light of our higher golden Self, the wisdom and presence that is waiting to help us make dreams come true.  Use it for personal good and for the good of all.  This is the purpose of dreaming…  A cup I designed to remind us of healing

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Saturday, November 28, 2015


There is something important I must say.  It must be said because it is long overdue and of such importance that it cannot be ignored.  Through the millennium people have claimed they love God, want to be of service and yet they put on righteous behavior and false posturing.  The posturing is not always detected and many followers are fooled by the pretension and words of their leaders.

Truth has been twisted and distorted to such an extent that the majority of souls haven’t gained any real sense of what is and what is not.  Discernment is missing.   There are genuine souls who both struggle and desire to be of service that are ignored.  Often, it is because they lack the charisma, power or money that is expected of a leader.  To say this delicately is not easy nor is it stretching truth to say that many people mouth a doctrine but in their private thoughts and actions are deceptively negligent and do nothing of real importance to help heal themselves or others.

To provide proof of a true belief one must live it whether they are alone with themselves or in the midst of others.  If a belief harms any one can it truly be considered a means to enhance life and encourage a soul to live in peace and brotherhood?   For lifetimes upon lifetimes souls have entered bodies only to repeat the same stupidity and ignorance conveniently forgetting their purpose in being born into the flesh.  Sleep is normally not lost over the huge discrepancies found in the messages of an unenlightened consciousness nor the glossy words and behavior of a self styled leader.  The masses are easily impressed by falsity, pomp and circumstance and not the simple acts of kindness and care.

This may sound harsh but if you take it to heart you will quietly admit to yourself that humanity has not done that well for itself during its sojourn here on earth.  The experiment as some call life has appeared to regress over and over after a few brief gains that spur the soul forward only to be stopped by those who seek self-aggrandizement.  If you are going to stand for a cause…live it and just don’t write, excite and preach about it.  Be a living example whether it provides you with comfort and the luxuries you desire or not.  Live selflessly.

To have comfort and luxuries and not share them in some way with those less fortunate demonstrates a lack of authenticity, stability and an emptiness regarding the purpose of life.  To deny another the freedom to live in peace and enforce upon them your judgments is not being a loving soul.  It is ignorance of the worst kind.  Time is passing and another cycle has ended and there is not hope in sight for many who grieve and are deprived of the simple comforts of life.  If you speak of the light and do not share the light of understanding and heartfelt goodness, you are a hypocrite and a shameless soul who does not know what the essence of true love and purity means.  Nice words won’t do it anymore.  You cannot have peace on earth unless you are the genuine article yourself.  You must be the proof of a teaching, religion or whatever name you choose to give your understanding.  Deception has thrived on earth in the minds of men before and it continues now.  Isn’t it time those who know the higher meaning of life and love stand up and make a meaningful difference? 

You may not lose sleep over what I have expressed but I felt compelled to share my feelings.  I am ashamed of what humans do to one another and to the simpler forms of life and our precious earth.  It is time we spiritually awaken in large numbers and demonstrate the qualities of a true son and daughter of a Source we call God.  God cannot be explained.  It simply is.  What humans can do is to be genuinely determined to live what the teachers of old have demonstrated.  Why not choose to bring alive their words and sacrifices making the human experience a reality that exudes love, forgiveness, beauty, compassion and authenticity?  Instead of being lead by fools, isn’t it time that people be led by their hearts?  To be successful…you will need to spiritually awaken and be the proof of what you mouth so easily and deny in action.   Donations accepted   A cup I designed to remind us of healing

Friday, November 27, 2015


We are higher love disguised in form.  We are beauty not yet realized.  I know reality and my heart cries out that the majority have difficulty seeing themselves in the light of truth.  Why continue to resist?  Take off the mask and allow the inner radiance to shine on all you meet.  If more of us would do this, we would finally live as our authentic selves.

There are times when I look at another with the spiritual sense of sight and witness his or her divine energy.  I cannot but wonder how different life would be if more people had the gift of inner sight.  We need not suffer or feel alone.  A sense of separation from God is falsity.  How can we be separated from that which gives us life?   The beloved, higher Self, waits patiently for recognition.  If more souls would believe and accept spiritual identity, a sense of separation would cease and wars would not exist.

Do you understand what you are creating when you war against your friend, family or neighbor?  You are actually at battle with self.  We are each a beat of the same One Heart.  When one is hurt, all are hurt.  We are each others keeper.  It is through unconditional love and living truth that peace will surface on our planet.

The real meaning of oneness is the security in knowing that we are creations of an Indescribable Source.  Everyone is a child of a higher Order regardless of color, gender, nationality or belief system.  It is all quite simple.  We simply have forgotten.

When we discover our true nature is a higher love now personalized, the energy we judge as our identity will consciously connect to the Center that is the Source.  Life here on earth is an opportunity to retrace our steps back to the Center, the Supreme Universal One.  Manifested planets like earth are experiential schools.  They are the setting, the playground for consciousness, the evolution of the soul-mind discovering itself once again as spirit. 

We are not meant to suffer.  Life is designed to be a joyous, free and loving experience glorifying our Creator here in matter.  Between physical lifetimes, our energy vibrates within finer dimensions of thought.  In many ways, we are much more alive and vital when the dense form is discarded than when we are temporarily using it.  People often ask why they don’t remember experiences in the subtle worlds of Light.  Often we do but as filtered down dreams.  In some ways, it is kinder not to remember.  What we experience in the planes of subtle light, the invisible worlds of thought, is a freedom and fulfillment that may be heartbreaking to consciously retain during our return to physical form.

When the physical body is discarded, we are drawn to activities, souls and a plane of consciousness that is similar to the consciousness we held as a human.  The more enlightened and awakened our true essence, the more alive and powerful our experience outside the physical.  This is one of many reasons that souls who have a near death experience are not too eager to return to the world of matter.  Our real home consists of vibrations that are unlimited, unconditional and imbued with the radiance of Light.  Whatever is our interest on earth can be continued within the finer energy planes of vibration.

Physical death is nothing to fear.  For many it is a release from the tomb of illusion and darkness.  For those who resist uncovering their true spiritual identity, it is only a brief respite from ignorance.  The awakening soul understands this truth.  Living in the world of matter becomes easier when the mind dies daily to the illusions of false beliefs. As we open our awareness to the higher light of spiritual understanding, freedom is experienced, as is the true meaning of love and wisdom.

We can experience divine love now.  Choose it.  Open your eyes and mind to it.  Allow a higher love to flow freely within your energy field.  Recognize the God light in others.  Everyone is light regardless of appearance or consciousness.   To evidence this fact, you must accept, assimilate, love and be it.  In silence, train your mind to focus on your third eye area.  Communicate with your higher Self.  Offer gratitude.  It is your constant companion. Ask it to assist and assert its power and presence in your daily life.  If you open a crack in your heart, a higher and enduring love will squeeze through.   Donations accepted   A cup I designed reminding us of our healing

Thursday, November 26, 2015

GRATITUDE -Evolution of the soul-mind

In the sweet silence of an awakened heart, I embrace the harmony of the universe.

I empty my mind of sensual thoughts and am filled with the spirit of life.

Divine Essence, pure reality, surrounds and nourishes me with love and wisdom.

I realize the profound truth that control of mind and body is freedom.

Determination and perseverance are allies as I transform the ego into a positive living force.

Patience is a close companion as I strive to live as conscious purity and light.

Compassion is felt toward others who do not yet understand nor care.

Faith is my armor as it quickens perception and realization.

In gratitude I live as awareness radiating the essence of the Divine from a thankful heart.

Happy Thanksgiving 

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


I’ve been a very private person most of my life. It wasn’t until the Holy Spirit dramatically became daily evidenced as a power and presence that I thought of actually sharing bits and pieces of the ‘other worldly’ life that I typically experience. The reason I am touching on this subject is I know there are ‘others’ on this planet living consciously in heaven and earth simultaneously.  To survive and appear ‘normal’ knowing, feeling, seeing and understanding what we do is a challenge.  Our realization is not from books.  It is an ongoing firsthand experience.  Family members have hints here and there but that is all.  The reason why so many of us remain silent is that this higher reality is something that must be experienced to be appreciated.  Words can never describe the sublime or the love experienced in its fullness.  What I am clumsily trying to convey is that there are many of us who daily have visions and a conscious connection with multidimensional beings and experiences regardless of what we are doing or where we happen to be.  The Divine found us.

The inward life is very much evidenced by people that may appear ordinary.  For instance, outwardly my life appears normal.  It is far from it.  Every day angelic beings, visions of light, both seen and unseen and help are offered in one form or another.  Knowledge not gleamed from books is known.  Healing energy of love is generously given if we are ready to receive and much more.  When ego is set aside and we love unconditionally, angels, celestial beings and masters are on standby. We are instructed and reminded of what we once knew primarily through visions of Light, a revealing thought or a whisper in the ear.

I will give you two examples.   Pink roses symbolize the love of Divine Mother.  The most remarkable experience that I have ever had regarding pink roses was in a vision while waiting in a hospital surgery room.  One of my children was being operated on.  It was serious.  The waiting room was full of people but yet I was given a vision that showed me a clear and lovely blue sky.  In the center of the expanse of blue a wreath appeared made entirely out of layers of pink roses.  What I did not understand at the time was the meaning of the free falling single roses gently drifting downward from Heaven to Earth.  I had forgotten the vision and what it implied.  It wasn’t until years later that I realized that Spirit was gently trying to show me that the single roses represented future trials and tribulations where Divine Mother would be close by to comfort and give love. It is very hard on a parent to witness his or her child suffer.  I continue to be both a participant and an observer of the additional sorrow and stress of this particular loved one.  I am glad that I did not know the meaning behind the vision of the falling roses while waiting through the long surgery.   But then, I must have understood on a very deep level because my trust has remained strong although negative appearances and grief have followed this child’s life.  The pink roses helped diffuse the grief.  Because we are blessed with the grace of Spirit does not imply that we do not feel sorrow for others.  Grace is a healer. Events are softened and a persevering strength and inner knowing is my companion.

Frequently, I have visions that I do not understand.   Four brilliant and twinkling moving stars appeared and formed a cross of Light.  I was intuitively led to hunt out an old book with yellowed pages.  On page 447 there was a description of the 4-star symbol vision I recently had.  The description said that Jesus was asking a heavenly messenger by what sign he shall conquer the powers of earth and asks that the sign be shown him.  Here is the quote from the book, The Great Initiates.  “A shining constellation appeared upon the horizon.  It consisted of four stars in the form of a cross.  This is a sign of the ancient initiation, familiar to Egypt and preserved by the Essenes.  It is a sign of earthly and heavenly Fire, the sign of Life with all its joys, of love with all its marvels.  Later, the Egyptian initiates had seen in it the symbol of the Great Mystery, the Trinity dominated by Unity, the image of the sacrifice of the Ineffable Being who is broken in order to reveal himself in the cosmos.  Symbol of life, death and resurrection, it covered innumerable tombs and temples…the four living stars flamed into suns of power and glory.  According to the heavenly voice, “This is the magic sign of life and immortality.”  Men once possessed it, but they lost it.  Jesus was asked if he wished to give it back to mankind.  He answered, “I do.”  “Then look!  This is your destiny!”

This is but a brief glimpse into my daily life.  These experiences happen any time and any place.  I do know that we become what we desire through an irrevocable act of will, a will that is merged in harmony with God’s Will.    Donations accepted   A cup I designed to remind us of our healing

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


“Dear friends of wisdom and light…we are drawing together to fulfill our divine purpose.  A call has been sent to souls who resonate to purity and purpose in being.  The call although vague at this time is already fixed in the heavens.

We who watch and love thee are pleased.  The world of matter and the senses appear as fragile and disintegrating before your eyes, but in truth it is strong.  The fabric is tearing at parts and for good reason.  The energy of purity and love is bursting the seams of confinement.   The power of Light will express in a new way for those who desire to be alive in the spirit of truth.  We ask your willing cooperation in joining each other mentally and physically to serve a greater life purpose.  We ask your cooperation in overlooking the appearances and instead, listen with the heart.

A connection is being made within the various circles of understanding.  It is a connection that will prove to be the lifeline of the planet.  Although the message is simple, the call clear to the inner ear, the manifestation of the final play will bring confusion and pain to many.  We ask that the strong in heart join forces to aid the weak in spirit.  We ask the mending of sorrows, the clearing of paths to make way for the armies of light, true beings who choose to trespass in areas usually untouchable.

The message is to continue with your preparation although you may be uncertain as to the final outcome.  The message is to be steadfast although the battleground is not clearly defined.  Your numbers are greater than you realize, your strength surpasses any known army, and your banner is light, your ammunition love, and your words wisdom.  You are never alone.  We stand behind you reinforcing the ranks of spiritual achievers.  We ask for your human connection and availability to act when needed.

By answering the call you have made your commitment.  By preparing for battle you come into your own.  Everything you have endured has been noted.  It is for the good although you may be weary.  It is time to take a stand and know thy strength.  You will understand when the moment of truth arrives.”  Blessings be upon you~

There is always hope.  What is necessary is for us to awaken to the cosmic wisdom and exercise divine perception.  We realize the wisdom through personal experience.  Realization means to attune our consciousness with Divine Consciousness.  Meditative communion grasps the high level of Christ-wisdom, not rationalization.  We must make the effort to receive pristine messages and intuitive perception.  The personal realization of truth is devotion to the wisdom and is the science behind all sciences.  True communion is actual contact with God.  We live during these challenging times for the spiritual evolution of the world.   The Holy Spirit is our comforter, mentor and greatest love.  It is the sacred, invisible vibratory power of God that actively sustains the universe.  Through devotion and meditation we open the mind and heart to receive the blessing of communion with the Holy Spirit.  The purpose of messages whether they are from angels, my consciousness or another is to help us resurrect the eternal Light, Christ Self that is our true energy.  Our role in the divine play is to perceive God directly.  Humanity can be redeemed through direct intimacy with the One Power and Presence.

Bhagavan Krishna, India’s most beloved of avatars preached the way of divine love and God-realization through the science of yoga, union with God.  Moses brought the law from God to man, emphasizing the awful justice that befalls willful heedlessness.  Gautama Buddha, the “Enlightened One”, explained the ever-rotating wheel of karma that we ourselves create and Jesus came to demonstrate the forgiveness and compassion of God.  We become a Christ by self-effort, removing ignorance and delusion, the darkness and do our best to bring forth the Omnipresent Light of God visibly and tangibly.  To be successful, we must be willing to receive the Radiant Light.  A true disciple is one who frees his soul from the mistaken beliefs of the body and unites it with the Divine Intelligence pervading all creation.  Are you willing to be your true Self?    Donations accepted   A cup I designed to remind us of our healing

Monday, November 23, 2015


Open your heart and allow my radiant splendor to spill forth
It is I
Open your mind and allow my wisdom to impress your memory
It is I
Open your hand and allow my power to permeate your being
It is I

I was raised a Christian and have spent my life studying world religions.  Every religion teaches its own version of the Golden Rule.  Observing humanity today and all the yesterdays, it is apparent that the collective consciousness has chosen to not live the suggestions of their great leaders.  Frankly, I am ashamed of what Christianity has become. To label our country as a Christian country is not true. The consciousness of the typical person does not represent the brilliant light, the compassionately loving and wise teacher that the world calls Jesus.  He was thought of, as a revolutionist back then and certainly would be labeled likewise today.  He tried to demonstrate and encourage us to arouse our soul energy and be healers ourselves.

I had not intended to write these words but here I am with tears in my eyes realizing that collective man has chosen to continue to live not immersed in the healing life but as selfish representatives of a consciousness that is embarrassing.   Perhaps, I am naive. I do believe we have a super part to us whether you call it mind, soul, consciousness or spirit.  We are radiant lights who for the most part keep our light hidden.   If more of us would have faith in the life and light that is the substance of our existence, we would build that power into our consciousness.  As a healer, I know from firsthand experience our bodies will be restored to harmony and health as our mind and soul evolves and we live as spiritual men and women.

Where is true faith?  Throughout history awakened men and women have said that humanity is asleep.  Jesus knew how to quicken our souls.  He told us what he knew as his experience regarding our spirit being the very essence of God.  Because his mind and heart were aligned with truth, he demonstrated mastery of natural laws and performed many marvelous healings.   Why is humanity so at odds within themselves and each other? Why does humanity continue to disregard brotherhood?   Many of us at one time or another have been attracted to super heroes and heroines but yet, we do very little to quicken our own super mind or behavior.

There are always caring and intelligent humans who have forged ahead of the race through love and a willingness to lift their consciousness and help wherever their heart leads them.  Although amazing examples, they are in the minority and have not been able to provide a permanent solution for the ills of humanity. 

For some reason, human nature always seeks a short cut.  There are none.  I have found in my journey that the only safety from fear and the every day storms of the ship wreck created by an unawakened humanity is in the light, love and wisdom found in an evolving relationship, an intimacy, with the consciousness of peace that Jesus has given to us.  Other souls have demonstrated the mind of peace but their actions remain only sweet stories except to the few who decide to live authentically.

Words cannot express what God is.  All I know is from firsthand experience and that fact holds true for all of us.  To feel the presence and power that Jesus tried to convey to us, we must be responsible.  He cannot save us nor can anyone else.  We have to find the light of truth within our own soul and reflect it like a Sun.  It is then that we have true peace and freedom.  It is then that we have health and wisdom and experience a love that is beyond description.  Real health and happiness is an inside job.  It is the essence of our being. 

Many men seek power but they are seeking in the wrong places.  Humans are confused by false beliefs, programming and conditioning.  Typically, they shun the purity of true love.  It is true love that patiently waits at the center of our soul that must be given a voice.  It is the energy that heals, blesses and uplifts.  It removes the mysteries and reveals how we are all one.  We do not need to live in limitation and pain.  Most importantly, we would benefit by becoming our own priest using our physical bodies as temples where the Holy Spirit dwells.  God is spirit and desires to live as us.  It is our life, substance, mind and truth and is held together by a higher love.

Yes, Jesus could only speak in the churches and temples today if more of us understood and were able to commune in mind and heart with his teachings of a loving brotherhood that chooses to think and act in a consciousness of perfection and love.  We must respect and genuinely care for one another.  This will only happen collectively when the mind of man longs for spiritual realization and we become living miracles.  It is then, that Jesus would be welcomed in the church.      Donations accepted    A cup I designed to remind us of healing

Sunday, November 22, 2015



My words are simple
And so are you
Truth is
And so are you
Love is
And so are you.

We become serious in our pursuit of truth when it finally dawns on us that we are not ‘playing’ with a full deck.  How can we be in the winner’s circle and succeed in the game of life if we do not understand the rules of the game?  Why are humans not satisfied?  Why are individuals who experience glorious dreams, visions, and meditations judging themselves as failures playing upon the stage of life?  To have a sound mind, cards cannot be missing.   What is usually missing is discernment.   Darkness, meaning that which is harmful, will cause untold misery and suffering for some individuals.  It is an energy created by the fear mongers both in the physical world and the subtle energy attracted to earth.

Negativity is a force that covertly controls people, often in apparently small ways, and diverting them away from effective and direct means to live in balance, love and peace.  Forget about attaining enlightenment, self realization or self actualization if you participate in the weaknesses created by negative thought, feeling and action.  To have peace within and without and successfully accomplish what we came here to do, another force must be active within us.  This force is the divine mind and heart of us.

Stop being na├»ve and realize that there are influences both seen and unseen with power/control agendas.  Their game is to gain control and domination over people in a most pernicious and insidious manner. The enemy often moves silently and secretly.    We, in turn, who honor and appreciate life regardless of appearance must live the higher aspects of our God Self and show our personality, the player, and a winning hand.
We will not lose the game if we understand that an experience, whether it appears good or bad, enhances our potential in drawing a full house.  There are rules we must memorize and demonstrate if we are to reach the winner’s circle and remain actively in it.

There is a serious problem pervading the minds of men…hopelessness.  The feeling is often created by the influence of forces with less than pure intent.  People have contacted me through the years that are being attacked by energy that is definitely not positive or good by the wildest stretch of the imagination.  Often, the situations revolve around earthbound entities that are causing mischief and grief to those they target.  It should be obvious to any serious student of life that a negative phenomenon accelerates in direct relationship to the increase of the positive influences of the power of light.  Living in duality where spiritual ignorance thrives, the dark and light of consciousness equally play the game.

Everyone by now should know what attracts negative energy.  Most ignore the signs that lead to weakness until feels too late.  If you lack self-control and are involved in any form of self-abuse or direct negativity toward life, you are open psychically and physically to the influences of the dark forces.  Thought forms of fear, hate and abuse can transfer its influence from one person to another during emotionally charged situations.  How can you safeguard yourself from attack?  How can you remove a nagging feeling of hopelessness?

You are easily a target if you abuse your mind and body with alcohol or drugs and are psychically sensitive.  You can also be attacked if you fall into depression and ongoing stress.  The less you love yourself and others the more you weaken your force fields.  We are creators of our bodies and what happens to them.    Whenever you participate in negative energy whether it is something you watch as an observer or actively pursue becomes a part of you.  Thoughts and feelings create.  If you have fallen into the habit of abusive energy, you automatically create dark thought forms that become living entities.

Too much is at stake during these rapidly changing times.  Do you want to survive but also win at this game of life?  Confront, heal, forgive and release what you have personally created that is working against your good and the good of others.  It is a start.  By learning to discern and taking right action you won’t feel like you are playing with missing cards.  I agree with the following quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Nothing can work me damage except myself:  the harm that I sustain I carry about with me, and never am a real sufferer but by my own fault.”  Donations accepted  A cup I designed to remind us of our healing...

Saturday, November 21, 2015


The majority of humans are experiencing a personal hell whether they admit it or not.  Some speak of it and others only hint or are quietly desperate.  What they do not yet realize is that none of the manipulation, falsity, deprivation and fear needs to exist.  If people would only stop and be attentive to their feelings and ask what really is the cause of my concern and fear, perhaps genuine healing could take place. Look to cause. What is missing?

Church attendance only temporarily fills the void.   Volunteer work although needed and appreciated temporarily fills the void.  Attending groups, seminars and reading inspirational works only briefly fill the void.  Nothing lasts.  Why?  It is because most humans seek with the lesser part of the mind and do not use or understand that there is a higher part of the mind, the original mind that is a part of the One.  Beyond the mind, there is the spirit.  All meaningless words until you spiritually awaken.  People in general do not realize that they are holy. They do not understand that where they walk, sit or stand is holy ground.  It is not the personality that is holy, it is the spark of God that gives life temporarily using the mind, feeling nature and body of the human that is sacred. This may seem outrageous but it is an ancient truth that is being sorely neglected.  Because it is neglected, humanity experiences ongoing cycles of suffering.  If you realized, accepted and lived according to the light of your essence instead of the muddied waters of confusion and sense of separation, there would be no fear, lack or limitation.  Compassion would be the norm and not harmfulness.  Humanity has fallen again in consciousness and struggles for existence as a result of forgetfulness.  Without a clear understanding of your true spiritual identity, a vacillating human life and selfish deeds will eventually drown you in a state of misery.

The cause behind illness and the meanness of what is so widespread whether it is called terrorism or by another name are dysfunctional souls who haven't a clue as to what spiritual identity is and how to claim and live it.  The animals in many ways are more advanced than the behavior displayed by the greedy and unfeeling humans who seek personal power.   What was quietly recognized before is coming blatantly out into the open.  If the Light of God is ignored or dimmed to a great extent by false teachers, leaders and teachings, ignorance which is the darkness of ego rules.  Humanity is in the midst of ignorance.  To pretend otherwise is folly.  Nothing is, as it appears to be.

Yes, we wear different appearing bodies but all of us are kept alive by an inner light.  Fact: when spiritual light is diminished, ignorance rules.  This has nothing to do with education.  I am talking about the light of the Divine. All wars, disease and negative appearances in matter are caused by the increasing darkness snuffing out the light of wisdom and love.  The intellectuals are as guilty as the uneducated.    Spiritual ignorance is not measured by a degree or position according to society. Form often disguises and hides intention.

Wake up and realize that consciousness must be healed in order for bodies and souls to heal.  This includes the body of earth and all her life.  Time is of the essence.  What are you going to do about changing the tide of destruction?   How many million of years is it going to take for humanity to mature?    What manifests in future generations will be repetitive if there is not a large-scale awakening.   Horror is perpetuated in somebody name and as a result of inaction, your name and crime against purity and truth is written in the Book of Life.  Indifference is an act against life.  There are many good people who do not know what to do to help change the downward plunge into oblivion.

Begin by being responsible for your own thoughts and actions.  Strength is balance.  What is needed is the inner, quiet stillness of genuine love and recognition that you are in truth a spiritual being who has forgotten his identity and purpose.  Strength is integrity and does not compromise principle.  Make positive contributions in spite of disappointments, rejections and injuries.  Don’t allow the spiritually ignorant to rattle you.  The only way you can get past doubts and despair is to wake up to a higher reality.  Expand your light.  Light is the answer.  We have the strength to do great things.  Think of yourself as a strong, majestic tree that can comfortably bend with the wind.  The tree requires light.  So do you.  Become aware that radiant light is the substance of your being.  Educate yourself about the power of light and simultaneously expand, love and use it for your good and the good of all.     donations accepted   a cup I designed reminding us that we can be healed


Friday, November 20, 2015


My love for you has never ceased
It defies description and time
You are my own, dear child of love
Relax and rest and return to Me
And we will smile an eternity.

It is becoming necessary to speak out against the raping of the spirit of truth.  Conscious separation from our true identity is the greatest form of suffering.  This is what has happened to collective humanity.  The many have either forgotten the Source of life or they seek it not.  Because a strong sense of separation is a typical and active consciousness rather than the science wisdom and love substance that are the Creator and Sustainer, collective humanity lives in fear.

There is the sickening indifference toward truth by the many and a deliberate misleading of souls through false belief systems and corrupt leaders.  Humans have given their spiritual power away by expecting others to lead them.  Leaders have generally failed.  Maturity becomes a reality when decisions, discoveries and firsthand experiences are filled and led by the radiant light of a higher reality.

To be healed on any level, God realization must begin in earnest.  Each must develop and learn to express the hidden splendor through conscious recognition that all we seek is within and waiting patiently to help us right now.  The lack, limitation, unrest and all pervading fear sweeping the world is a direct result of a slumbering humanity.  The following are time proven suggestions that will help you remove fear and again claim your right to live in love, dignity and freedom.

1.     Do not give your will away to mediums, friends, relatives or strangers.
2.     Connect and train yourself to listen to the intuitive inner voice.  It will guide you.
3.     Pray asking for purity to answer as unconditional love and wisdom.
4.     Recognize that you are here on earth to live your true essence…spirit.
5.     Stop filling the mind with negative thoughts, words and activities.
6.     Accept that the divine is the true life and not allow anyone to sway your mind from self-realization.
7.     Clearly understand your life’s purpose and be responsible.
8.     Know as your truth that your existence is meant to be an expression of a higher power.
9.     Love your self by using discernment and caring for life wisely.
10.  Daily meditate and connect with your eternal and true self.
11.  Show kindness to self and others accepting that we are all one although life appears as many.
12.  Realize that haunting fear and uncertainty are the direct result of a false sense of separation from Source.  

The personality is afraid and drowning in its pervading ignorance.  Turn to the eternal light of All- Knowing.  Reach deeper and higher and reconnect to your own divinity.  Pay attention to responses.  Understand and accept that the personality is a lesser sense of self.  Connect firmly with your own divinity, the beloved within.  Deliberately strengthen your conscious connection to the sacred higher self; the powerful vibration of love and wisdom will protect and guide you.  Fear will leave and true Power and Presence will sustain you.    Donations accepted...     A cup I designed with a healing hands logo

Thursday, November 19, 2015


Try and remember what we once shared
The oneness and simplicity of an idea manifested
Try to forgive yourself for memories of old
Accept releasing them to ashes unknown.

If you have discovered your own Host, true spiritual identity, you have found the source of health, freedom, wisdom and love.  The Source is the health of its creation.  Health is our own divine birthright.  We must learn how to use the knowledge of truth to sustain the consciousness of health.  There is an omnipresent principle of health pervading all living things.  Real health is a state of mind and does not have to be manufactured in the without. Health is the very essence of being.  It is universal and enduring as its Source.

Disease is first in the mind and eventually it materializes in the physical body.  The mind is the active agent that controls the personality and the body.  To have thoughts that are negative and destructive corrodes the body.  True disease is a lack of spiritual knowledge, an ignorance of the universal law of harmony. When the essence of light is denied, the mind becomes filled with misconceptions and desires that destroy rather than build.  There is no one to blame for afflictions except one’s self.  Not allowing the inner life to be the primary force, negative energy tears down your body temple.  To rebuild your temple, you must transform thinking and establish a firm foundation through faith, understanding, discipline, patience and love. 

The Great Physician is interested in the awakening of minds.  When enlightenment occurs, the body will mend itself for the body demonstrates the consciousness of the individual.  The degree of your health is determined by thought power both past and present.  Heal your mind and understand that the divine is never sick a day.  In truth, you are the divine in disguise.  Faith opens the mind to the influx of a healing power.  Your faith must also be combined with knowledge and changes in habit. The change in consciousness and the change in habit will bring on what appears as a miracle.  By changing thinking and misdirected actions, you give support and build your faith.

There are three steps in every healing.  The first is to recognize truth as it is in principle. Second, hold the idea of balance in your mind and heart.  Third, acknowledge fulfillment of your request. Pray, believing that you have received and you will receive.  Cultivate these thoughts by considering them daily.  It is important that you closely monitor thoughts even more carefully than keeping harmful elements out of your food.  If you react with disappointment because your healing isn’t occurring as quickly as you want, you must be patient and exercise trust.  Look upon each setback as an opportunity to discipline the mind.  Practice faith and it will bring desired results.

Delays in healing are often caused by a strong subconscious resistance such as guilt that blocks a healing.  Some people also use illness to attract attention.  Others simply seek a rest from obligations.  The sick could be avoiding a situation and use the affliction as an excuse. Once healed, the recipient must do his best not to return to former negative thinking or habit patterns.  One reason some people do not sustain a healing is that the specific emotional root cause of the sickness has not been discovered.  A healing can be sudden or gradual.  It can be spiritual or physical or both. If a healing does not occur, perhaps there is something not yet learned by the afflicted.   For a few people a healing doesn’t occur because on a deeper level they are ready to make their transition from the physical world.

To be healed it is very important to live in a home and work environment that is harmonious.  A complete healing is difficult to sustain if there is an environment of hate, fear, stress, and disbelief including unhappy relationships.  You would need to be a mastermind, detached from the negative mindset and the ongoing stress to remain stable in an unstable environment. ...I designed a loving cup as a gift for self or another

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Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Smooth your brow and lighten your heart
Worry less and simply accept
Life as you know it…is not
What life is…you have yet to discover
Discovery is in opening your heart.

Disruptions are happening on every level around the world. We must either cease the pretense or do something life changing regarding our own spiritual awakening and peaceful survival.   If not, fear will be in charge.  Fear is the monster that keeps a human trapped in the illusion.  Fear is what separates the guest from the host, the guest being the soul-mind from its eternal spiritual light.  In truth, there is no separation but an unenlightened soul does not understand reality and unnecessary suffering is the result.
Physical life is a playing field.  Too many players are sitting on the sideline and not participating in soul or collective moral and spiritual evolution.  The opposition, ignorance and hate, does not sit idly and watch the game.  They meet, do their incantations, study the sleeping populace and plan their strategy.  Are you fit for a battle of another kind?  Soul progression is not a part time game.  To play it as such can be deadly.  If your pattern until now is one of indifference, you are one of the ‘living dead’ Jesus talked about. Why wait until you lose your freedom or experience a major tragedy before awakening to your true spiritual identity?  If more of us had spiritually awakened and lived the golden rule, world events, climate change and the growing lack, limitation, confusion, hate and fear that are commonly experienced by the unenlightened would not be so rapidly manifesting.

This is a wake-up call.  It is of vital importance that true brotherhood surface and for the majority to consciously join energies creating a new healing vortex of intelligent healing power, wisdom and love.  It is time for us to join the ranks of conscious creators.  You will have no need to fear once you spiritually awaken.  This truth is so simple but yet, the masses do not grasp it.  If there ever was an appropriate and high-energy opportunity to successfully be our true selves, accomplish spiritual goals and be living lights, it is now.  We also have celestial helpers who are willing and waiting to support our efforts.  We have availability in our communication system not seen before and a higher consciousness waiting patiently for us to simply ask for their assistance.

Laziness continues to plague the majority.  It must stop!  While you are on earth, live consciously.  All the tools are available.  Live and serve.  The goal is for every one of us to be a conscious being of light and love.  Excuses have become tiresome and dangerous.  One of the fundamental laws of the universe is to try.  To try is to make a commitment to your own spiritual Self.  It is a sacred commitment and the purpose we are here in the flesh.  Why not live as a conscious player on a winning team?  How can humanity as a whole dare to cheat the spirit within?  If we ignore the power and presence of goodness, the wheel of frantic hopelessness gripping so many will only escalate.  Do you desire to be fully alive and celebrate the divine in form?  If so, begin now to seriously manifest your desire.  Being consciously intimate with the divine within, the distractions, pains, depression, lack, limitation and disharmony that is so widespread will not touch you.  You will be safe because you are choosing to live from a higher reality, one of Spirit consciousness.  Proof arrives from firsthand experience.  It is a choice and you are responsible for the outcome.

This is an urgent call.  Too many have forgotten their life’s purpose.  You and I will change that trend.  Remember, you cannot afford a vacation from truth, love, wisdom and light.  A vacation of that choice only brings darkness and fear.  You have the innate power to do away with fear.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


To be free of fear, doubt and ongoing stress will not happen unless we begin to nurture our true identity.  Remember I said that you are actually a radiant spirit temporarily using a physical form?  I also suggested you refer to your true self as the host and your human personality as the guest.  The physical form is your temporary dwelling place.  The host of you is often referred to as a seed.  Although seed is a misnomer, it makes an accurate point because it must be nourished and tended to in order to visibly and tangibly grow and blossom.

You can prove your spiritual identity by accepting, caring for and loving the host who is usually ignored.  From personal experience I know that where we place our focus is where we are.  When Jesus and other great masters described themselves they are quoted as saying, “Of myself, I can do nothing. The Father doeth the work.”  Because of the common lack of understanding in the minds of men, details explaining their statements were not always given.  In truth, the ‘Father’ is our Source, the Indescribable, Unlimited and All-Knowing. When a human personality relaxes, trusts and surrenders the solving and healing of self or issues to that Source, commonly called the ‘Father’ or ‘Mother’, transformation and help is given. 

I’ve been actively involved in healing work for most of my life.  If something important needs to be corrected, I ask that the ‘Host’ of me, the light of the spirit, to handle it.  In other words, the Father, Mother or Holy Spirit are one unit of cohesive Light yet, different aspects.

How can you lift your present lack, limitation or frustration to the vibration of stability that is needed?  You must start training your feeling nature.  I already shared about visualizing yourself painting any person, place or thing with the radiant Light.  In one of my books, My Own Tree, different colors are suggested for various imbalances and situations.  Visualize a bucket of light in the color appropriate for correcting a situation and coat it with confidence and determination.  The violet color is always effective against negativity.  You might as well enjoy the training of your mind.

In one sense using visualization feels like a childish game but then everything manifested is a result of thought.  Train yourself to pay attention to your focus and at the same time give the grander part of you control over your earthly life.  Stop being so stubborn. The ego personality is the one who makes the mistakes.  Take a moment and hand over your human trials to your own holy spirit.  Give the divine part of you permission to use its authority and power in your life.  Only you can stop the wheel of suffering by recognizing that there is another way.  Surrender your ego/personality over to a higher power.  This is nothing to be afraid of.  You are giving your protection, health, happiness and physical, mental and emotional existence over to the higher intelligence that existed prior to slipping into physical form.
As a physical being we can do just so much.  At some point every soul realizes this great truth.  What better time than now when we are living in a world of terrorism, uncertainty, climate change and limitation.  When you tire of stress and darkness, you will finally push through into the light of understanding and recognize enough is enough.  Why continue to deny the truth of who you are?  

Everyone passes through the school of hard knocks.  It is time to take back your power, the radiance of Light.  Accept and love your holy true eternal Self.  You have everything to gain and nothing to lose except the fear, doubt and incompleteness that you previously clung to.  Time is short.  More of us need to heal and choose to live in and freely express the rays of love and wisdom.  It is our responsibility to pull the plug on illusion.

You are not alone.  There are countless helpers waiting to assist.  You have a choice to be stabilized and free.  Together, we can~

A cup I designed as a reminder we can heal.