Wednesday, November 11, 2015


If we think or look at something spontaneously without any preconceived thought or discrimination, we are seeing the light of essence.  Once we begin thinking about it, then it is consciousness.  It is difficult for me to explain this because pure Light, Source, exists before thought.  What I am attempting to express is that there is an essence, a light, behind anything thought about or seen.  For us to make a conscious connection to our spirit, we have to get what we think of as mind out of the way.

For us to use our essence, Light, as a medicine, a cure-all, we must refine our energy by removing arbitrary thoughts and actions.  The process is one of return to our true energy. Religious teachings as practiced for the most part do not resemble the core of what we truly are.  Do we actually see the true?  What is the true?  Sitting in the Silence, stabilizing breathing and calming the psychic functions, the true and unified energy becomes known.  It is this unified energy, the light of essence, which heals the body, mind and soul.

To achieve our goal of understanding, being and using radiant Light, we need to forget all the accumulated concepts.  If we would persist in a practice of turning a spotlight on what needs to be transformed, we will succeed in correcting or curing what is disabled.  When I lived in a suburb of Los Angeles, we often saw huge spotlights in a normally darkened night sky.  Whenever movie studios decided to promote a new release, attention-getting spotlights were used to attract customers.  It worked.  With practice, we could do the same thing through our developing a deliberate awareness.   If we train ourselves to remember that the essence of everything created is Light, we can call on that Light, turn it toward what needs to be corrected or helped.  As emphasized before, we must quiet the mind and stabilize our energy. Both need to be temporarily forgotten as we turn to the Light.  We can have an understanding of how to effectively work as a unified focus but if we do not get into the habit of practicing each day, personal ability diminishes.

The goal is to be authentic.  I understand authentic as being free from self-deception and in its place being independent, respectful and in control.  When we have a challenge, the spotlight of our pure essence is deliberately focused on the issue.  Being autonomous is inner work.  We need to be very patient with our progress.  The goal is to remove the pollution, falsity, and train ourselves to shine the essence of Light in a stable and confident state of awareness.  The mind is a tool.  It isn’t the final transformer; the Light is.

As we ‘work’ with the Light, we refine energy into spirit because we are removing accumulated pollution.  I suggest you take these words into your own heart and ask for clarification.  What we are seeking is a practical balance, a calmness and openness, where we can fully grasp the significance in our being active scientists who are fully capable of clearing energy and embracing the purity of spirit.  The idea is to consciously return and use the substance of our true identity…pure essence.  To be successful, it behooves us to carry these thoughts actively in our mind regardless of what we are doing.  The power of presence is to be used in the ‘field’, not only sitting quietly alone in a room.  I am sharing this ancient formula as a reminder to myself as well as you.  What we seek is right in front of us.  Learn to put the personality and its weaknesses aside and discover the immediate ‘presence’.

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