Sunday, November 22, 2015



My words are simple
And so are you
Truth is
And so are you
Love is
And so are you.

We become serious in our pursuit of truth when it finally dawns on us that we are not ‘playing’ with a full deck.  How can we be in the winner’s circle and succeed in the game of life if we do not understand the rules of the game?  Why are humans not satisfied?  Why are individuals who experience glorious dreams, visions, and meditations judging themselves as failures playing upon the stage of life?  To have a sound mind, cards cannot be missing.   What is usually missing is discernment.   Darkness, meaning that which is harmful, will cause untold misery and suffering for some individuals.  It is an energy created by the fear mongers both in the physical world and the subtle energy attracted to earth.

Negativity is a force that covertly controls people, often in apparently small ways, and diverting them away from effective and direct means to live in balance, love and peace.  Forget about attaining enlightenment, self realization or self actualization if you participate in the weaknesses created by negative thought, feeling and action.  To have peace within and without and successfully accomplish what we came here to do, another force must be active within us.  This force is the divine mind and heart of us.

Stop being naïve and realize that there are influences both seen and unseen with power/control agendas.  Their game is to gain control and domination over people in a most pernicious and insidious manner. The enemy often moves silently and secretly.    We, in turn, who honor and appreciate life regardless of appearance must live the higher aspects of our God Self and show our personality, the player, and a winning hand.
We will not lose the game if we understand that an experience, whether it appears good or bad, enhances our potential in drawing a full house.  There are rules we must memorize and demonstrate if we are to reach the winner’s circle and remain actively in it.

There is a serious problem pervading the minds of men…hopelessness.  The feeling is often created by the influence of forces with less than pure intent.  People have contacted me through the years that are being attacked by energy that is definitely not positive or good by the wildest stretch of the imagination.  Often, the situations revolve around earthbound entities that are causing mischief and grief to those they target.  It should be obvious to any serious student of life that a negative phenomenon accelerates in direct relationship to the increase of the positive influences of the power of light.  Living in duality where spiritual ignorance thrives, the dark and light of consciousness equally play the game.

Everyone by now should know what attracts negative energy.  Most ignore the signs that lead to weakness until feels too late.  If you lack self-control and are involved in any form of self-abuse or direct negativity toward life, you are open psychically and physically to the influences of the dark forces.  Thought forms of fear, hate and abuse can transfer its influence from one person to another during emotionally charged situations.  How can you safeguard yourself from attack?  How can you remove a nagging feeling of hopelessness?

You are easily a target if you abuse your mind and body with alcohol or drugs and are psychically sensitive.  You can also be attacked if you fall into depression and ongoing stress.  The less you love yourself and others the more you weaken your force fields.  We are creators of our bodies and what happens to them.    Whenever you participate in negative energy whether it is something you watch as an observer or actively pursue becomes a part of you.  Thoughts and feelings create.  If you have fallen into the habit of abusive energy, you automatically create dark thought forms that become living entities.

Too much is at stake during these rapidly changing times.  Do you want to survive but also win at this game of life?  Confront, heal, forgive and release what you have personally created that is working against your good and the good of others.  It is a start.  By learning to discern and taking right action you won’t feel like you are playing with missing cards.  I agree with the following quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Nothing can work me damage except myself:  the harm that I sustain I carry about with me, and never am a real sufferer but by my own fault.”  Donations accepted  A cup I designed to remind us of our healing...

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