Tuesday, November 17, 2015


To be free of fear, doubt and ongoing stress will not happen unless we begin to nurture our true identity.  Remember I said that you are actually a radiant spirit temporarily using a physical form?  I also suggested you refer to your true self as the host and your human personality as the guest.  The physical form is your temporary dwelling place.  The host of you is often referred to as a seed.  Although seed is a misnomer, it makes an accurate point because it must be nourished and tended to in order to visibly and tangibly grow and blossom.

You can prove your spiritual identity by accepting, caring for and loving the host who is usually ignored.  From personal experience I know that where we place our focus is where we are.  When Jesus and other great masters described themselves they are quoted as saying, “Of myself, I can do nothing. The Father doeth the work.”  Because of the common lack of understanding in the minds of men, details explaining their statements were not always given.  In truth, the ‘Father’ is our Source, the Indescribable, Unlimited and All-Knowing. When a human personality relaxes, trusts and surrenders the solving and healing of self or issues to that Source, commonly called the ‘Father’ or ‘Mother’, transformation and help is given. 

I’ve been actively involved in healing work for most of my life.  If something important needs to be corrected, I ask that the ‘Host’ of me, the light of the spirit, to handle it.  In other words, the Father, Mother or Holy Spirit are one unit of cohesive Light yet, different aspects.

How can you lift your present lack, limitation or frustration to the vibration of stability that is needed?  You must start training your feeling nature.  I already shared about visualizing yourself painting any person, place or thing with the radiant Light.  In one of my books, My Own Tree, different colors are suggested for various imbalances and situations.  Visualize a bucket of light in the color appropriate for correcting a situation and coat it with confidence and determination.  The violet color is always effective against negativity.  You might as well enjoy the training of your mind.

In one sense using visualization feels like a childish game but then everything manifested is a result of thought.  Train yourself to pay attention to your focus and at the same time give the grander part of you control over your earthly life.  Stop being so stubborn. The ego personality is the one who makes the mistakes.  Take a moment and hand over your human trials to your own holy spirit.  Give the divine part of you permission to use its authority and power in your life.  Only you can stop the wheel of suffering by recognizing that there is another way.  Surrender your ego/personality over to a higher power.  This is nothing to be afraid of.  You are giving your protection, health, happiness and physical, mental and emotional existence over to the higher intelligence that existed prior to slipping into physical form.
As a physical being we can do just so much.  At some point every soul realizes this great truth.  What better time than now when we are living in a world of terrorism, uncertainty, climate change and limitation.  When you tire of stress and darkness, you will finally push through into the light of understanding and recognize enough is enough.  Why continue to deny the truth of who you are?  

Everyone passes through the school of hard knocks.  It is time to take back your power, the radiance of Light.  Accept and love your holy true eternal Self.  You have everything to gain and nothing to lose except the fear, doubt and incompleteness that you previously clung to.  Time is short.  More of us need to heal and choose to live in and freely express the rays of love and wisdom.  It is our responsibility to pull the plug on illusion.

You are not alone.  There are countless helpers waiting to assist.  You have a choice to be stabilized and free.  Together, we can~

A cup I designed as a reminder we can heal.

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