Tuesday, November 10, 2015


We must eventually learn to balance movement and stillness.  It is then that we attain equipoise.  To receive clear intuitive thoughts the human part of the mind needs to be calm, open and aware.  Typically, humans waste time, life and indulge in matters that neither serve their full potential nor instill a genuine happiness.  It is similar to a car leaking gasoline.  How many spend time in deep contemplation, meditation and service?   An important question to ask yourself periodically is whether you are really living your life’s purpose?  Are your thoughts, words and activities refining your consciousness and aligning with the light of essence?

Conscious attention, great concentration is important to develop.  The more alert you become, the greater your chance to step out of a secret misery that so many souls daily experience.  Learn to control your mind.  The alchemical process is worth pursuing.  I favor the word alchemy because to become masters we must approach our awakening as a scientist in his lab.  Once you decide to become fully alive and gain control of the experiment we refer to as human life, being centered becomes spontaneous and you truly understand and know what is true. 

As you apply the science of Light, you will not attract manipulation from the sub planes, the lower worlds, where a good amount of channeled information is received.  As you gain mastery of self, communication is received from a higher mental plane, soul plane or spirit plane.  As you strive towards your purpose, celestial beings cooperating with your own eternal Self will lead you toward a life that vibrates to the Law of Grace.  We have only one assignment here on earth…self-mastery.  The closer we come to realization of our goal, the greater control we have regarding our destiny.  Seek only truth even though you may not always like what it reveals.  If your desire is sincere, celestial interchange will gladly assist you in areas of soul growth.

The world at large is enamored with the superficial, temporary and lower aspects of life.  This is why suffering persists.  To receive the higher wisdom knowledge and become a true alchemical scientist, we are required to raise our own consciousness and allow pure intention to guide.  Personally, I gravitate toward accepting nothing as truth regardless of authority unless I can prove it in myself.

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