Monday, November 2, 2015


An alchemist at best transforms the lesser into the greater.  An alchemist brings light into darkness.  He or she is a scientist who welcomes change and sustains transformation with an intent that is golden.  Alchemists are respectful toward life, the alkahest, or universal solvent. We are meant to be awakened alchemists.  Some souls simply have not recognized this great truth.  They are aware of the damage that can be created but need to examine and take responsibility for the good magic humanity can also manifest.  If humanity can create confusion and distort energy to suit their own interests, why not function from a higher perspective where beauty and good becomes the norm?

Not only are we alchemists in varying degrees, we are space beings.  Some of us are more grounded and function primarily on earth while others also vibrate to finer frequencies of light and love.  We are both ‘places’ simultaneously.  The divine idea is to be conscious.  Once we recognize the reality of our true self, we are at home wherever we happen to be.

No outward teacher can make us an alchemist.  Acceptance of self is a vital experience to the soul, for it sets the patterns for later acceptance of other souls, frequencies and identities.  The soul learns that it is part of the God force of Light, yet it is unique unto itself and is self-contained.  Exposure to the lower karmic frequencies clouding the spiral of consciousness creates a continual struggle for the unenlightened.  Although usually unseen, loving help is available.  Help is available from unseen forces that will assist in our successfully breaking the harmful karmic patterns of the past that persist as intrusions in the present.  If more of us would consciously shift into a level of confidence where we understand that we are not alone, good will more easily move into place.

What we witness on earth is but a miniscule portion of the evolutionary experience.  Earth is an entity and a myriad of vibratory planes exist simultaneously within her aura.  The realms of love, light, and wisdom are designed for the spiritual evolution of the progressing soul-mind.  As our individuality awakens and ascends in consciousness, it opens more fully to its true spiritual identity as God personalized as us.  Although not everyone is conscious of his astral travels and study, we do participate in activities when our physical body is asleep.  These experiences also occur when we are in-between incarnations.  Along the ascension path, we visit old friends, spiritual helpers, teachers of light and in some cases, ascended masters who lovingly suggest a way to receptive souls how they, too, may become alchemists.  They assist in revealing the latent spiritual powers of our own divine nature.

You must yearn for a conscious spiritual awakening.  What you are asking for is yourself, your sacred energy to become more fully alive as you.   It is important to realize that you have the greatest support system in the universe at your side.  Ask for assistance.  It takes moments of clarity to be humanly what we are spiritually.  It feels and is a long journey.  When intent is pure, life unfolds like the many-petaled rose.  The bloom is a continual one because its essence is one of love.  Love nourishes life and life is one of Spirit, the only reality.  Daily allow time for your silent communion with the beloved within.  It is your love affair with the Divine that creates genuine alchemy.  Its energy will fill you and intoxicate with its powerful embrace. Sit in silence, eyes closed and ask as you wait in anticipation for the magical touch of the beloved.  It will come.  I know~


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