Sunday, November 1, 2015


Humanity needs a mighty flood of the light of truth to dispel the darkness of the ages.  For a genuine change to happen, individually we need the inner experience of the Divine.  The exoteric aspect of the familiar church doctrine, dogmas, dissertations, rules and customs have served as a guide that has not really worked in the way it could.  To change that which doesn’t work to a higher level of understanding begins with the individual.  People are seeking methods to control the mind and gain depth in meditation.  The intuitive mystical experience of the soul and the expressing of it in our daily lives must come together in a way that God-realization is not only for the few but also for the many.  Imagine what physical life would be like if more of us understood that we belong to a higher reality and are finally free when we identify with the Divine.  The New Testament is replete with references to intuitive knowledge.  There really is only one religion…God-realization.

Self-realization and scientific knowledge will help us remove ourselves from the shadows into the light of truth.  Acceptance of one’s spiritual identity and a conscious communion will dispel the darkness.  Some of the ways we dispel ignorance and imbalances is through our words whether they be silent or out loud.  We activate an intelligent and obedient power.  The spirit within does a good job through our automatic body functions as well.

We naturally connect with God-realization through mental and intellectual awareness.  Ideas come to us.  It is then that we develop and apply these ideas.  When we request on the spiritual level, answers are not always fulfilled. Why not?  It could be we are asking for the wrong things or do not recognize the answer.  What may not yet be understood is to get an answer in the spiritual realm ask in a state of mind called spiritual awareness.  The requirement is for us to have experienced a second birth, a spiritual awakening.  It is then that we can do what Jesus said we could do.  This has nothing to do with baptism or rituals.  It is an inner transformation. The second birth naturally occurs when the body, mind and soul are ready for the spirit within to make its presence known.

The spiritual force does much for us without asking such as the body movements.  It does not help when we have lack of understanding or are disharmonious.    If we are not clear about what we ask, or the asking is contrary to natural law, we are asking amiss.  There are certain qualifications that are necessary before a request can manifest.  The Source does not punish.  Punishments are the effects caused by violating impersonal divine law.

We cannot do spiritual works or what are called miracles if we don’t have the necessary understanding.  Some people awaken for a few minutes; others may retain some of the effects of that experience for a year and completely change their lives.  Experience is one thing.  Learning how to use the powers is another.  To do the works, you need to remain and function in that consciousness.  Then there are those who have attained some degree of spiritual understanding but do not make much effort to use what has been learned.  In other words, haphazard and partial use can bring more difficulty to you than to one who knows nothing of these things.

Some have the knowledge but do not always act according to principle.  Body and mind grow.  This holds true in developing your spiritual awareness.  You must live up to your spiritual nature.  God created a spiritual you.  It is perfect.  Sincerely ask that you be able to manifest the real you on earth.  The spiritual you existed before your physical you first came into flesh.  Focus on it and encourage it to be your teacher.  Train yourself to look past the appearance.  Keeping your eye single means to view life as light covered by matter.  The quote, “Is it not written in your law, you are gods?”  It is the light that is being referred to.  Begin your spiritual development where you are now.  Everything boils down to you hearing and recognizing the prime teacher within.  Then, hold on to it. The goal of human life is to rapidly manifest the perfection that is already exists.  Train yourself to expand your light, tune into, anchor and live the light.  It is then that you are a genuine co-creator, co-operator and co-enjoyer with God.

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