Friday, November 27, 2015


We are higher love disguised in form.  We are beauty not yet realized.  I know reality and my heart cries out that the majority have difficulty seeing themselves in the light of truth.  Why continue to resist?  Take off the mask and allow the inner radiance to shine on all you meet.  If more of us would do this, we would finally live as our authentic selves.

There are times when I look at another with the spiritual sense of sight and witness his or her divine energy.  I cannot but wonder how different life would be if more people had the gift of inner sight.  We need not suffer or feel alone.  A sense of separation from God is falsity.  How can we be separated from that which gives us life?   The beloved, higher Self, waits patiently for recognition.  If more souls would believe and accept spiritual identity, a sense of separation would cease and wars would not exist.

Do you understand what you are creating when you war against your friend, family or neighbor?  You are actually at battle with self.  We are each a beat of the same One Heart.  When one is hurt, all are hurt.  We are each others keeper.  It is through unconditional love and living truth that peace will surface on our planet.

The real meaning of oneness is the security in knowing that we are creations of an Indescribable Source.  Everyone is a child of a higher Order regardless of color, gender, nationality or belief system.  It is all quite simple.  We simply have forgotten.

When we discover our true nature is a higher love now personalized, the energy we judge as our identity will consciously connect to the Center that is the Source.  Life here on earth is an opportunity to retrace our steps back to the Center, the Supreme Universal One.  Manifested planets like earth are experiential schools.  They are the setting, the playground for consciousness, the evolution of the soul-mind discovering itself once again as spirit. 

We are not meant to suffer.  Life is designed to be a joyous, free and loving experience glorifying our Creator here in matter.  Between physical lifetimes, our energy vibrates within finer dimensions of thought.  In many ways, we are much more alive and vital when the dense form is discarded than when we are temporarily using it.  People often ask why they don’t remember experiences in the subtle worlds of Light.  Often we do but as filtered down dreams.  In some ways, it is kinder not to remember.  What we experience in the planes of subtle light, the invisible worlds of thought, is a freedom and fulfillment that may be heartbreaking to consciously retain during our return to physical form.

When the physical body is discarded, we are drawn to activities, souls and a plane of consciousness that is similar to the consciousness we held as a human.  The more enlightened and awakened our true essence, the more alive and powerful our experience outside the physical.  This is one of many reasons that souls who have a near death experience are not too eager to return to the world of matter.  Our real home consists of vibrations that are unlimited, unconditional and imbued with the radiance of Light.  Whatever is our interest on earth can be continued within the finer energy planes of vibration.

Physical death is nothing to fear.  For many it is a release from the tomb of illusion and darkness.  For those who resist uncovering their true spiritual identity, it is only a brief respite from ignorance.  The awakening soul understands this truth.  Living in the world of matter becomes easier when the mind dies daily to the illusions of false beliefs. As we open our awareness to the higher light of spiritual understanding, freedom is experienced, as is the true meaning of love and wisdom.

We can experience divine love now.  Choose it.  Open your eyes and mind to it.  Allow a higher love to flow freely within your energy field.  Recognize the God light in others.  Everyone is light regardless of appearance or consciousness.   To evidence this fact, you must accept, assimilate, love and be it.  In silence, train your mind to focus on your third eye area.  Communicate with your higher Self.  Offer gratitude.  It is your constant companion. Ask it to assist and assert its power and presence in your daily life.  If you open a crack in your heart, a higher and enduring love will squeeze through.   Donations accepted   A cup I designed reminding us of our healing

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