Friday, November 6, 2015


I firmly believe that every one is destined to eventually be a physical and mental super being.  We have the equipment but in most people it lies dormant the majority of the time. There are means to awaken the hidden and one of the most effective tools is meditation.  There are no rigid rules because each soul has a history and the awakening process differs due to our past history and current consciousness. The meditation period allotted into bringing forth the golden light of your higher Self into the physical does not need to be a set length of time.  Although meditators in the Eastern countries often spend long hours in meditation, there are no rules.  Do what works best for you and your current lifestyle.  When I first began to meditate, I would sit up straight for approximately an hour because our infant was sleeping near by.  I had the luxury of time to use as my heart desired.  This is not the case for most people, at least in the Western world of busyness.  I would be remiss if it wasn’t mentioned that it takes more than meditation to become a super being.  Quiet time encourages transformation.

The intention behind meditation practice is also important.  Are you seeking for authentic experiences solely for your satisfaction or for the liberation of all beings? I ask this question because we are in this together.  The ideal is to lift up all consciousness not only the few.  Selflessness is a desired virtue.  Whether you have twenty minutes or a hundred and twenty of uninterrupted continuity with the spirit of truth, it is a matter of choice and convenience.  The end goal is to create positive energy and trigger a fuller release of the golden light of your spiritual body here on earth as a physical reality.  Something absolutely wonderful happens when we make a conscious connection with our eternal spiritual Self.  Since stabilization has occurred in the mind and the portal of the heart opened, we become naturally confident and invincible in our faith.  At least, that is how I feel.  It is like having a constant ‘buddy’ who is a personal cheerleader, trustworthy and absolutely a wonder to know, feel and be with who never judges or leaves you.  It won’t leave you because it is the super part of you.  It is the human personality who forgets and diminishes the light through neglect.

Yes, each of us has a golden essence.  The goal is to manifest it in the mind, heart and the physical body.  You will have authenticating experiences where you become a conscious knower.  You will be able to speak and act with authority, an authoritative energy that is loftier because it thrives in a state of openness.  The openness provides a higher knowledge that is not experienced through books or attending a class.  Simply by stopping, reflecting and acknowledging its presence, you can experience the golden light of your true being at any time.  Visions may occur when least expected.  You will see the light bodies behind all forms or simply experience your self or a room filled with dazzling light.   Heaven comes to you.  Everyone experiences in their own way according to the degree the spiritual senses are awakened.  Your faith attracts true energy.  As you expand in the Pure Consciousness, genuine power is gained.  The power has the ability to crystallize in many different degrees of intensity.  This is how healing of mind, body and soul occur as well as manipulation of material things that require repair.

The same pure energy used for healing and expanding the mind and body is fully capable of doing its corrective work on cars, refrigerators, furnaces, computers or any other object.  I’ve used it consistently throughout the years with great success.  Many of the opportunities proved to be life saving as well as amusing.  I have been asked as to how do I know if it is my call to the power of the I Am Presence, the golden Holy Spirit or perhaps, other celestial beings making the corrections or ‘saving’ the day.  It matters not.  If intention is pure, the more involved the merrier.  It is heart warming to realize that there is an invisible ‘army’ standing by to help in times of need.

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