Monday, November 9, 2015


 “Golden Elixir is another name for one’s fundamental nature. There is no other Golden Elixir outside one's fundamental nature. All human beings have this Golden Elixir complete in themselves: it is entirely realized in everybody. It is neither more in a sage, nor less in an ordinary person. It is the seed of the Immortals and the Buddha’s, the root of the worthies and the sages.”
Liu Yiming (1734-1821) 

Throughout the ages, we have been told that we are a ray of the One Great Light, a child of the Creator and have a seed within that needs to be nourished so it may blossom into the fullness of spiritual maturity.  I have in the past shared the same thought with many.  Psychologically, I have come to the conclusion that calling our divine essence a seed is misleading.  I know from observation and personal experience that we are far grander than a seed waiting to be nurtured.  I will tell you what I know.
I see us from a different view.  Perhaps, you have already heard some of my stories where I have viewed and felt the presence and spiritual power of other beings.   People have told me how they are impacted by the energy that my true Self emanates.  Let me explain.  What was it that reached out to me when I demanded my young son get out of his bed and be well?  I not only held on to his outreached physical arms, I was very aware, saw and felt his very large spiritual arms of light.  His spiritual arms were not the puny limbs of a child but of a giant.  We are giants!

Frequently, when watching someone talking, his or her spiritual eternal form will clearly appear looking enormous and powerful.  Instead of stating we have a small seed within that needs to be nourished and eventually bloom, why not remember we are spiritual energy waiting to be recognized, respected and allowed to express through our small physical temporary vehicles?  To look at our identity from this view, we begin to understand that many religious teachers, poets, songwriters and philosophers, have not judged us rightly.  We are great beings of intelligent light commonly experiencing a feeling of confinement in an unstable flesh form.

Why do I see a giant human shaped light form sitting next to an infant?  You may assume it is an angel.  Yes, it could be but I know that it is the fully blown version of the individual spirit that is not fully occupying the infant.  The life force of what we are does not confine itself in bodies.  The life force is connected to us but our physical form resides within the life force of our eternal spiritual form and not the other way around.  If this is not true, why do I frequently see the largeness of our true identity as a light body?   Those who are attracted to Sacred Geometry describe our ‘carrier’ as a Merkaba.  We are not a seed but an already formed masterpiece that requires our conscious attention.

We are much more than our typical human description, a body with a mind and soul.  Our essence is ancient, powerful and is not being acknowledged for what it actually is.  Scripture does state that we are gods, not seeds.  The subject of alchemy arises when we speak of lifting our consciousness by loving, stabilizing, understanding and using it properly.  It is our responsibility in form to use the necessary discipline to anchor our light body into the energy of earth life.  What appears as an ordinary consciousness has as its hidden identity a natural and scientific wisdom and essence we refer to as spirit.

Buddhism is very good at suggesting we detach from conceptual views and govern the mind in order to produce real knowledge, purging all the false programming adopted during our long journey.  Empowerment happens naturally when we link our conscious mind and knowingly work with the light.  This is why I urge you to go back to the basics and use genuine effort to remove the ordinary mind from mundane conditioning and reclaim a reality that is best described as your everlasting golden Light.

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