Monday, November 23, 2015


Open your heart and allow my radiant splendor to spill forth
It is I
Open your mind and allow my wisdom to impress your memory
It is I
Open your hand and allow my power to permeate your being
It is I

I was raised a Christian and have spent my life studying world religions.  Every religion teaches its own version of the Golden Rule.  Observing humanity today and all the yesterdays, it is apparent that the collective consciousness has chosen to not live the suggestions of their great leaders.  Frankly, I am ashamed of what Christianity has become. To label our country as a Christian country is not true. The consciousness of the typical person does not represent the brilliant light, the compassionately loving and wise teacher that the world calls Jesus.  He was thought of, as a revolutionist back then and certainly would be labeled likewise today.  He tried to demonstrate and encourage us to arouse our soul energy and be healers ourselves.

I had not intended to write these words but here I am with tears in my eyes realizing that collective man has chosen to continue to live not immersed in the healing life but as selfish representatives of a consciousness that is embarrassing.   Perhaps, I am naive. I do believe we have a super part to us whether you call it mind, soul, consciousness or spirit.  We are radiant lights who for the most part keep our light hidden.   If more of us would have faith in the life and light that is the substance of our existence, we would build that power into our consciousness.  As a healer, I know from firsthand experience our bodies will be restored to harmony and health as our mind and soul evolves and we live as spiritual men and women.

Where is true faith?  Throughout history awakened men and women have said that humanity is asleep.  Jesus knew how to quicken our souls.  He told us what he knew as his experience regarding our spirit being the very essence of God.  Because his mind and heart were aligned with truth, he demonstrated mastery of natural laws and performed many marvelous healings.   Why is humanity so at odds within themselves and each other? Why does humanity continue to disregard brotherhood?   Many of us at one time or another have been attracted to super heroes and heroines but yet, we do very little to quicken our own super mind or behavior.

There are always caring and intelligent humans who have forged ahead of the race through love and a willingness to lift their consciousness and help wherever their heart leads them.  Although amazing examples, they are in the minority and have not been able to provide a permanent solution for the ills of humanity. 

For some reason, human nature always seeks a short cut.  There are none.  I have found in my journey that the only safety from fear and the every day storms of the ship wreck created by an unawakened humanity is in the light, love and wisdom found in an evolving relationship, an intimacy, with the consciousness of peace that Jesus has given to us.  Other souls have demonstrated the mind of peace but their actions remain only sweet stories except to the few who decide to live authentically.

Words cannot express what God is.  All I know is from firsthand experience and that fact holds true for all of us.  To feel the presence and power that Jesus tried to convey to us, we must be responsible.  He cannot save us nor can anyone else.  We have to find the light of truth within our own soul and reflect it like a Sun.  It is then that we have true peace and freedom.  It is then that we have health and wisdom and experience a love that is beyond description.  Real health and happiness is an inside job.  It is the essence of our being. 

Many men seek power but they are seeking in the wrong places.  Humans are confused by false beliefs, programming and conditioning.  Typically, they shun the purity of true love.  It is true love that patiently waits at the center of our soul that must be given a voice.  It is the energy that heals, blesses and uplifts.  It removes the mysteries and reveals how we are all one.  We do not need to live in limitation and pain.  Most importantly, we would benefit by becoming our own priest using our physical bodies as temples where the Holy Spirit dwells.  God is spirit and desires to live as us.  It is our life, substance, mind and truth and is held together by a higher love.

Yes, Jesus could only speak in the churches and temples today if more of us understood and were able to commune in mind and heart with his teachings of a loving brotherhood that chooses to think and act in a consciousness of perfection and love.  We must respect and genuinely care for one another.  This will only happen collectively when the mind of man longs for spiritual realization and we become living miracles.  It is then, that Jesus would be welcomed in the church.      Donations accepted    A cup I designed to remind us of healing

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