Sunday, November 8, 2015


The goal of the spirit is to expand its golden essence and merge power and radiance with the physical form. Eventually, each will become a vibrant golden being exuding a natural superiority as a living example of scientific wisdom and unconditional love.  This is our destiny.  A friend shared the following inspired and gentle message given to her one afternoon as she was contemplating her own spiritual growth.  It ties in sweetly with the purity of being that I will further explain.

                                                      Little Golden One

Dear Little Golden One, We watch as you quietly walk never causing a leaf to stir along the path yet, you are creating great oaks along the way.  With infinite patience and loving care you freely share with others what He has shared with you.

Walk on Little Golden One; walk on for it is He who sent you to help those who do not yet realize they too have the gift of love and light that is available to all.

He encourages you Little Golden One to share hope and freedom with the dear ones who yet sleep.  He has chosen you but he also has sent many others to walk with you.  Walk on Little Golden One, walk on with the lightness of purity and know that you will once again merge with the Infinite, all encompassing beauty of completeness.  Walk on…

This simple intuitive message gave my friend the encouragement to continue sharing her understanding realizing that there are many of us who resonate to the wisdom science.  It feels at times that we are alone.  We are not.  What more people need to understand is that to build a strong foundation requires a discerning and disciplined mind directed by a heart that loves.  This is why I suggest a plan to lay your foundation.  I like the sound of ninety days.  Nine means change and is a powerful number.  The foundation work is primarily learning to control your own mind.  You begin with your mind and body by deliberately putting it in order.  This is how you test your progress.  You will be able to judge success by testing your ability to focus and stay on target.  I am talking about bringing the radiant light into your thoughts, words and actions.  Walking the talk…

The science is using your light regardless of what you are doing or wherever you happen to be.  Situations will constantly present themselves.  You may question this process if you have not yet awakened the spiritual senses and light does not show itself to you.  Remember, everything is the light of God.  Your mind is light.  Use it as a medicine, a healer, and a mirror.  Use it to change what opposes the light and the goal of your spirit.  Feel and see yourself as a Sun sending its rays impersonally on anything or anyone.  Accept that you already have power that is to be used through the spiritual senses.  As you train your mind to use the golden light, your physical senses will be transformed by true essence.  Live deliberately.  Emptying your mind of nonsense is to be a scientist.  Allowing your spirit to be active is crystallizing spiritual light, the nectar of pure awareness.  Empty your mind and body of that which is not clean.  This is how you build your foundation.

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