Saturday, November 7, 2015


An important part of the conscious process of becoming who you are is to learn discernment.  We must train ourselves to be mindful.   What helps us tremendously is to learn how to put the celestial spot light on whatever the issue is whether it is a person, place or thing.  A friend asked me how she could become golden…a conscious light being. Stopping and using the technique of bathing something that requires attention with light, will help.  The goal is to act purposefully and naturally.  There are levels to your practice.  Light increases when you deliberately pull the light of your higher Self mentally through your mind and out from the portal of your heart center to the subject, object or situation that needs to experience Celestial energy.  It’s a practice that is best kept confidential and yet, it is one way to tune in to the golden energy, which is both positive and creative, and use it with freedom and a sense of peace.

Daily practicing with pure intention on ‘little’ things as a reminder of the creative power is a good habit to develop.

When you are sitting in meditation, add the practice of directing the golden light of spirit to the top of your head to guide you.  Imagine it as a great room where heaven and earth meet.  Relaxing in a space of openness, you are free and go beyond the confines of body and mind.  At a certain point in your awareness, all the shadows disappear and what you feel is profound tranquility.  Your progress will occur in stages.  The stage to reach is where thought does not arise.  This is pure attention.  To reach this stage we normally pass through a periodic cleansing of the subconscious and conscious.   This is called “bathing” and one of the reasons I have offered Sacred Breath Healing workshops every month for years.  You learn to objectively look at things and stop clinging to conditions. Participants experience a subtle form of cleansing where they are suffused with harmonious energy.  All our faculties of sense and mind are openings of light.  The goal is to move beyond duality.  You do this by choosing to be a sincere and open alchemist.

The golden light of your true essence, spiritual body, is pivotal of creation. Matter and the physical world is outside or surface consciousness.  To be free, the soul-mind seeks its true identity; the golden master symbolized as radiant light.  Real knowledge is called by many names such as the Christ Mind, the Celestial mind or the Original mind.  It has many names and yet, it is Nameless.  To be finally free in matter we must learn to identify with our golden infinite Self and use it to stop negative energy and the power of conditioned thought habits.  The mystical marriage is mating of feminine and masculine principles with the true sense of real knowledge that awakens in subtle experiences of oneness.

Everything shared is to emphasize the importance in stilling the fickle “human mind” and think as the clear “celestial mind”.  The goal of the soul-mind to its true identity as a golden one is to quicken the higher mind through focusing on the crown of the head.  There are some of us who have had an activated crown chakra since children.   We thought of the tingling sensation as normal.  No one mentioned the sensation nor was it discussed. If children living in the western world had been exposed to the vast subject of energy and heightened awareness perhaps years of mistakes and grief would have been prevented.

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