Thursday, November 5, 2015


Doing the works of God includes working on your self.  You do not need to spend a lengthy amount of time in meditation.  Be flexible.  Focusing on your breath removes your mind from problems and the environment.  It is a beginning.  Try and not make any sounds as you breathe.   Just let go.  Your mind will stabilize and energy unify.  In the silence of focused breath, your mind will take control.  As I mentioned earlier in my writing, the interrelation of the focused mind will draw into your physical body through the entry point of your heart center a warm energy.  I have always favored referring to the warm energy as the Holy Spirit.  Once you understand what I am attempting to explain in a more scientific way, you will be able to use the power of your mind and the love within your heart to focus on one point and anything can be done.

Disciplining and unifying your mind and body by taking time to daily practice pulling in golden light from your spiritual body into your physical field, you actually train yourself to be an alchemist.  Multiple changes will occur.  You will learn to look inward.  This is being alert.  You will also be listening inward.  This is my way of saying that you will be consciously using your spiritual senses and not solely the physical senses.  The spirit of truth, the real you, is invited to take charge.

If you are genuinely serious regarding being humanly what you are spiritually, help your progress by not dwelling on existing human issues during meditation time.  This is a time of sacred space.  The pure intention is to rediscover your true identity as spirit in form.  It is not meant for rehashing the nonsense issues of daily life.  Give your sacred time full attention.  To your delight, you will reconnect with your amazing potential and be able to deliberately bring the golden light of divine Self through the opening of your heart center.  Being fully alert, centered and in love with the process of consciously becoming true Self, you will scientifically open the way for your own liberation.   Once confidence is yours, thinking of one word or phrase will begin the process of healing.

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