Wednesday, November 25, 2015


I’ve been a very private person most of my life. It wasn’t until the Holy Spirit dramatically became daily evidenced as a power and presence that I thought of actually sharing bits and pieces of the ‘other worldly’ life that I typically experience. The reason I am touching on this subject is I know there are ‘others’ on this planet living consciously in heaven and earth simultaneously.  To survive and appear ‘normal’ knowing, feeling, seeing and understanding what we do is a challenge.  Our realization is not from books.  It is an ongoing firsthand experience.  Family members have hints here and there but that is all.  The reason why so many of us remain silent is that this higher reality is something that must be experienced to be appreciated.  Words can never describe the sublime or the love experienced in its fullness.  What I am clumsily trying to convey is that there are many of us who daily have visions and a conscious connection with multidimensional beings and experiences regardless of what we are doing or where we happen to be.  The Divine found us.

The inward life is very much evidenced by people that may appear ordinary.  For instance, outwardly my life appears normal.  It is far from it.  Every day angelic beings, visions of light, both seen and unseen and help are offered in one form or another.  Knowledge not gleamed from books is known.  Healing energy of love is generously given if we are ready to receive and much more.  When ego is set aside and we love unconditionally, angels, celestial beings and masters are on standby. We are instructed and reminded of what we once knew primarily through visions of Light, a revealing thought or a whisper in the ear.

I will give you two examples.   Pink roses symbolize the love of Divine Mother.  The most remarkable experience that I have ever had regarding pink roses was in a vision while waiting in a hospital surgery room.  One of my children was being operated on.  It was serious.  The waiting room was full of people but yet I was given a vision that showed me a clear and lovely blue sky.  In the center of the expanse of blue a wreath appeared made entirely out of layers of pink roses.  What I did not understand at the time was the meaning of the free falling single roses gently drifting downward from Heaven to Earth.  I had forgotten the vision and what it implied.  It wasn’t until years later that I realized that Spirit was gently trying to show me that the single roses represented future trials and tribulations where Divine Mother would be close by to comfort and give love. It is very hard on a parent to witness his or her child suffer.  I continue to be both a participant and an observer of the additional sorrow and stress of this particular loved one.  I am glad that I did not know the meaning behind the vision of the falling roses while waiting through the long surgery.   But then, I must have understood on a very deep level because my trust has remained strong although negative appearances and grief have followed this child’s life.  The pink roses helped diffuse the grief.  Because we are blessed with the grace of Spirit does not imply that we do not feel sorrow for others.  Grace is a healer. Events are softened and a persevering strength and inner knowing is my companion.

Frequently, I have visions that I do not understand.   Four brilliant and twinkling moving stars appeared and formed a cross of Light.  I was intuitively led to hunt out an old book with yellowed pages.  On page 447 there was a description of the 4-star symbol vision I recently had.  The description said that Jesus was asking a heavenly messenger by what sign he shall conquer the powers of earth and asks that the sign be shown him.  Here is the quote from the book, The Great Initiates.  “A shining constellation appeared upon the horizon.  It consisted of four stars in the form of a cross.  This is a sign of the ancient initiation, familiar to Egypt and preserved by the Essenes.  It is a sign of earthly and heavenly Fire, the sign of Life with all its joys, of love with all its marvels.  Later, the Egyptian initiates had seen in it the symbol of the Great Mystery, the Trinity dominated by Unity, the image of the sacrifice of the Ineffable Being who is broken in order to reveal himself in the cosmos.  Symbol of life, death and resurrection, it covered innumerable tombs and temples…the four living stars flamed into suns of power and glory.  According to the heavenly voice, “This is the magic sign of life and immortality.”  Men once possessed it, but they lost it.  Jesus was asked if he wished to give it back to mankind.  He answered, “I do.”  “Then look!  This is your destiny!”

This is but a brief glimpse into my daily life.  These experiences happen any time and any place.  I do know that we become what we desire through an irrevocable act of will, a will that is merged in harmony with God’s Will.    Donations accepted   A cup I designed to remind us of our healing

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