Friday, November 20, 2015


My love for you has never ceased
It defies description and time
You are my own, dear child of love
Relax and rest and return to Me
And we will smile an eternity.

It is becoming necessary to speak out against the raping of the spirit of truth.  Conscious separation from our true identity is the greatest form of suffering.  This is what has happened to collective humanity.  The many have either forgotten the Source of life or they seek it not.  Because a strong sense of separation is a typical and active consciousness rather than the science wisdom and love substance that are the Creator and Sustainer, collective humanity lives in fear.

There is the sickening indifference toward truth by the many and a deliberate misleading of souls through false belief systems and corrupt leaders.  Humans have given their spiritual power away by expecting others to lead them.  Leaders have generally failed.  Maturity becomes a reality when decisions, discoveries and firsthand experiences are filled and led by the radiant light of a higher reality.

To be healed on any level, God realization must begin in earnest.  Each must develop and learn to express the hidden splendor through conscious recognition that all we seek is within and waiting patiently to help us right now.  The lack, limitation, unrest and all pervading fear sweeping the world is a direct result of a slumbering humanity.  The following are time proven suggestions that will help you remove fear and again claim your right to live in love, dignity and freedom.

1.     Do not give your will away to mediums, friends, relatives or strangers.
2.     Connect and train yourself to listen to the intuitive inner voice.  It will guide you.
3.     Pray asking for purity to answer as unconditional love and wisdom.
4.     Recognize that you are here on earth to live your true essence…spirit.
5.     Stop filling the mind with negative thoughts, words and activities.
6.     Accept that the divine is the true life and not allow anyone to sway your mind from self-realization.
7.     Clearly understand your life’s purpose and be responsible.
8.     Know as your truth that your existence is meant to be an expression of a higher power.
9.     Love your self by using discernment and caring for life wisely.
10.  Daily meditate and connect with your eternal and true self.
11.  Show kindness to self and others accepting that we are all one although life appears as many.
12.  Realize that haunting fear and uncertainty are the direct result of a false sense of separation from Source.  

The personality is afraid and drowning in its pervading ignorance.  Turn to the eternal light of All- Knowing.  Reach deeper and higher and reconnect to your own divinity.  Pay attention to responses.  Understand and accept that the personality is a lesser sense of self.  Connect firmly with your own divinity, the beloved within.  Deliberately strengthen your conscious connection to the sacred higher self; the powerful vibration of love and wisdom will protect and guide you.  Fear will leave and true Power and Presence will sustain you.    Donations accepted...     A cup I designed with a healing hands logo

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