Tuesday, November 24, 2015


“Dear friends of wisdom and light…we are drawing together to fulfill our divine purpose.  A call has been sent to souls who resonate to purity and purpose in being.  The call although vague at this time is already fixed in the heavens.

We who watch and love thee are pleased.  The world of matter and the senses appear as fragile and disintegrating before your eyes, but in truth it is strong.  The fabric is tearing at parts and for good reason.  The energy of purity and love is bursting the seams of confinement.   The power of Light will express in a new way for those who desire to be alive in the spirit of truth.  We ask your willing cooperation in joining each other mentally and physically to serve a greater life purpose.  We ask your cooperation in overlooking the appearances and instead, listen with the heart.

A connection is being made within the various circles of understanding.  It is a connection that will prove to be the lifeline of the planet.  Although the message is simple, the call clear to the inner ear, the manifestation of the final play will bring confusion and pain to many.  We ask that the strong in heart join forces to aid the weak in spirit.  We ask the mending of sorrows, the clearing of paths to make way for the armies of light, true beings who choose to trespass in areas usually untouchable.

The message is to continue with your preparation although you may be uncertain as to the final outcome.  The message is to be steadfast although the battleground is not clearly defined.  Your numbers are greater than you realize, your strength surpasses any known army, and your banner is light, your ammunition love, and your words wisdom.  You are never alone.  We stand behind you reinforcing the ranks of spiritual achievers.  We ask for your human connection and availability to act when needed.

By answering the call you have made your commitment.  By preparing for battle you come into your own.  Everything you have endured has been noted.  It is for the good although you may be weary.  It is time to take a stand and know thy strength.  You will understand when the moment of truth arrives.”  Blessings be upon you~

There is always hope.  What is necessary is for us to awaken to the cosmic wisdom and exercise divine perception.  We realize the wisdom through personal experience.  Realization means to attune our consciousness with Divine Consciousness.  Meditative communion grasps the high level of Christ-wisdom, not rationalization.  We must make the effort to receive pristine messages and intuitive perception.  The personal realization of truth is devotion to the wisdom and is the science behind all sciences.  True communion is actual contact with God.  We live during these challenging times for the spiritual evolution of the world.   The Holy Spirit is our comforter, mentor and greatest love.  It is the sacred, invisible vibratory power of God that actively sustains the universe.  Through devotion and meditation we open the mind and heart to receive the blessing of communion with the Holy Spirit.  The purpose of messages whether they are from angels, my consciousness or another is to help us resurrect the eternal Light, Christ Self that is our true energy.  Our role in the divine play is to perceive God directly.  Humanity can be redeemed through direct intimacy with the One Power and Presence.

Bhagavan Krishna, India’s most beloved of avatars preached the way of divine love and God-realization through the science of yoga, union with God.  Moses brought the law from God to man, emphasizing the awful justice that befalls willful heedlessness.  Gautama Buddha, the “Enlightened One”, explained the ever-rotating wheel of karma that we ourselves create and Jesus came to demonstrate the forgiveness and compassion of God.  We become a Christ by self-effort, removing ignorance and delusion, the darkness and do our best to bring forth the Omnipresent Light of God visibly and tangibly.  To be successful, we must be willing to receive the Radiant Light.  A true disciple is one who frees his soul from the mistaken beliefs of the body and unites it with the Divine Intelligence pervading all creation.  Are you willing to be your true Self?

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