Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Smooth your brow and lighten your heart
Worry less and simply accept
Life as you know it…is not
What life is…you have yet to discover
Discovery is in opening your heart.

Disruptions are happening on every level around the world. We must either cease the pretense or do something life changing regarding our own spiritual awakening and peaceful survival.   If not, fear will be in charge.  Fear is the monster that keeps a human trapped in the illusion.  Fear is what separates the guest from the host, the guest being the soul-mind from its eternal spiritual light.  In truth, there is no separation but an unenlightened soul does not understand reality and unnecessary suffering is the result.
Physical life is a playing field.  Too many players are sitting on the sideline and not participating in soul or collective moral and spiritual evolution.  The opposition, ignorance and hate, does not sit idly and watch the game.  They meet, do their incantations, study the sleeping populace and plan their strategy.  Are you fit for a battle of another kind?  Soul progression is not a part time game.  To play it as such can be deadly.  If your pattern until now is one of indifference, you are one of the ‘living dead’ Jesus talked about. Why wait until you lose your freedom or experience a major tragedy before awakening to your true spiritual identity?  If more of us had spiritually awakened and lived the golden rule, world events, climate change and the growing lack, limitation, confusion, hate and fear that are commonly experienced by the unenlightened would not be so rapidly manifesting.

This is a wake-up call.  It is of vital importance that true brotherhood surface and for the majority to consciously join energies creating a new healing vortex of intelligent healing power, wisdom and love.  It is time for us to join the ranks of conscious creators.  You will have no need to fear once you spiritually awaken.  This truth is so simple but yet, the masses do not grasp it.  If there ever was an appropriate and high-energy opportunity to successfully be our true selves, accomplish spiritual goals and be living lights, it is now.  We also have celestial helpers who are willing and waiting to support our efforts.  We have availability in our communication system not seen before and a higher consciousness waiting patiently for us to simply ask for their assistance.

Laziness continues to plague the majority.  It must stop!  While you are on earth, live consciously.  All the tools are available.  Live and serve.  The goal is for every one of us to be a conscious being of light and love.  Excuses have become tiresome and dangerous.  One of the fundamental laws of the universe is to try.  To try is to make a commitment to your own spiritual Self.  It is a sacred commitment and the purpose we are here in the flesh.  Why not live as a conscious player on a winning team?  How can humanity as a whole dare to cheat the spirit within?  If we ignore the power and presence of goodness, the wheel of frantic hopelessness gripping so many will only escalate.  Do you desire to be fully alive and celebrate the divine in form?  If so, begin now to seriously manifest your desire.  Being consciously intimate with the divine within, the distractions, pains, depression, lack, limitation and disharmony that is so widespread will not touch you.  You will be safe because you are choosing to live from a higher reality, one of Spirit consciousness.  Proof arrives from firsthand experience.  It is a choice and you are responsible for the outcome.

This is an urgent call.  Too many have forgotten their life’s purpose.  You and I will change that trend.  Remember, you cannot afford a vacation from truth, love, wisdom and light.  A vacation of that choice only brings darkness and fear.  You have the innate power to do away with fear.

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