Monday, November 30, 2015


Unconditional love, divine wisdom and genuine joy are lacking on our planet because the typical human does not yet glimpse his own spiritual worth and identity.  A feeling of conscious separation from the Creative Source lingers deep within the confines of soul memory.  This impression, inner feeling, plus the impressions felt and retained through countless personal experience have negated the original closeness or bonding that the soul once had with God.  The nagging feeling of loneliness needs to be brought into the Light and healed.

The divine spark, the spirit of truth that provides life, is the same vibrating essence in all.  Yet, it is different in its personalized expression dependent upon soul experience.  During this active period of soul history, earth is being inundated with the free flowing energy of advanced spiritual beings that are born with a natural dedication and destiny to fulfill.  The advanced ones realize their inner purpose.  They understand spiritual identity as the true reality.  They also comprehend the wisdom and nature of unconditional love on levels that unenlightened souls have not yet grasped.  These warriors of light willingly descend from the vibrating ring of brilliancy to teach the law of the One to those who are ready to receive.

In the midst of the chaos appearing all over our world, there are souls that are not ordinary.  They know as their truth that life is designed to be lived in service to Good.  This means everyone should help to maintain the well-being of the world by a universal consciousness of love and service, rather than as a selfish man whose actions are compelled and actuated by instinctive blood ties and greed.  Everything should be spiritualized and done with the consciousness of God within.

I encourage you to be attentive toward your thoughts, feelings and actions. Periodically, ask self if you really believe that you are first and foremost a spiritual being regardless of the appearance presented to the world.  Do you recognize that your spiritual self needs certain rights and freedoms to express its true identity as God individualized as you?  Are you ready to restore your sense of spiritual worthiness?

Each one of us in our own way can be a refuge serving as a temple of light.  When we are balanced, it will help others to qualify themselves as equals accepting that they, also, can set themselves free.  We actually have an invisible link to the Christ Consciousness of the brotherhood and sisterhood of all souls.  The Call is to make earth feel like our Home.  You are divine light.   Expand your field.  You are being encouraged to bravely express your own divinity in complete trust, freedom and joy.  We have invisible support as well as the thousands who are ready to demonstrate a consciousness on a scale that has not been seen on this planet for a very long time.  As a vortex of peace, light, hope and love, we will manifest the One Reality, the ‘kingdom’ or ‘heavenly’ idea, in manifestation.     Donations accepted   A cup I designed to remind us of healing

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