Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Can you imagine what would happen if more humans would be willing to stretch their minds and hearts to the higher mental, soul and spirit planes of consciousness?  Many are willing to ask departed relatives and guides for advice but why not reach higher?  What is your spiritual goal?  If you were to permanently leave your body today, would you be able to say to yourself a job well done?  If we seek a higher understanding and follow the guidance of those who strive and have won self-mastery, an ongoing celestial exchange periodically occurs that is so pure and exquisite that it leaves one speechless.  During moments of sublime connection, I often speak in an unknown language.  I fondly refer to the language as the language of the birds’…angelic sounds.  Energy is released and freedom pulsates through the form I wear and yet, I know that this is but a taste of the celestial vibrations waiting to assist.  Many of us scattered across the globe periodically experience a chain of vibrating triangles of celestial light extending from the third eye area to beyond our known worlds.  We are connected and never feel alone.

We have one assignment on earth…self-mastery.  Jesus said we could do what he did and more.  Buddha would not accept anything as truth regardless of authority unless he could prove it in himself.  Unawakened humans are controlled by fate.  Souls who have willingly surrendered to the Divine and seek to perfect consciousness come under providence that is another word for grace.  When we are living in grace, we have more control of what happens to us.  Wouldn’t you enjoy living as perfection?  Seek truth even though you may not like what it reveals.  If your desire is sincere, celestial exchanges gladly assist in areas of soul growth.

Are you putting off that which is inevitable?  Wouldn’t you feel relieved to be totally free of the illusion of limitation and lack?  Self-mastery is attained through the assistance of the transmuting light.  Every soul is being offered an opportunity to reawaken to the Christ Light.  The transmuting light is the light of your golden host, your higher Self.  It will draw you home to your Center if you allow yourself to be bathed in its radiant healing power.  Self-mastery is a daily process where you can experience the reality of the Presence and Power as you purify your thoughts, feelings and physical temple.  It is time you recognize the masterpiece of what you truly are and allow the true magnificence of your higher nature to express itself as you.

Self-mastery involves both inner and outer work.  There is little opportunity left for frivolity.  We must get on with the work of transmutation.  It is up to us to spiritually evolve and consciously regain our true nature in all its beauty and power.  To ignore this assignment and the signs of the times is to be left behind. We have a year of great change ahead of us.  Much will occur to break up, dissolve and release the pollution of the soul and mind.  This is necessary.  We need to be healed at the core, at the root of our dissatisfaction.  As there is change within us, there will be change occurring in our outside world.  When the root cause is healed, the outer effect will reflect our inner healing.  We are to walk forward in hope and love.  Our mighty shield of Light will forge the way to greater heights and a love not yet experienced by the masses.

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