Friday, December 11, 2015


Whether you are of the Christian faith or another, most of us have heard how a human using Divine Intelligence, the same intelligence in solids, liquids, and gases holding them in balance by magnetic, electrical and thermal laws, have the power to manipulate those principles to convert matter into another state by changing the rate of electronic vibration.  This power is most commonly known as healing and the credit given to the creative Holy Spirit.  Our souls are dependent on Cosmic Energy.  The more we meditate deeply, the more we feel the intimacy, joy and power of our true nature and connection with Source.

I have had ongoing experiences throughout my life that verify a Divine Intelligence whose true nature as immortality, diseaselessness and a happiness that is overwhelmingly beautiful and comforting.  We are a highly complex aggregate of intelligent energies and consciousness, all of which derive power and help in the time of need from Source, our Creator-God.   We can draw from the reservoir of cosmic power if we believe.  It is our responsibility to develop an awareness that is consciously connected with Infinite Life.  I have meditated throughout my adult years.  I firmly believe that meditation is the method of realizing the connection between my body-circumscribed life energy and the infinite Cosmic Energy of God, the connection between the conscious and subconsciousness states and the Cosmic Consciousness of God.  Jesus said we could do what he did and even more.  I believe it and it is so.  Everyone is capable of proving the power of Radiant light.

Last night, I was given another opportunity to prove my understanding by turning on the switch of my will as complete faith in the healing activity of the manipulable light that an injury could be instantly healed.  I have a tendency to think of my body as being perennially young and capable of doing whatever needs to be done.  My focus usually is on the life-giving inner source of the loving and creative Holy Spirit as being part of my true ‘make-up’.  My mother’s physical actions were similar well up into her nineties.  One of my favorite memories of her was when I walked into her apartment and found her standing on a desk adjusting the curtain rod.  She was in her mid-eighties.  I have the same attitude.  We are as young as we think we are.

It is great to have a positive attitude but it doesn’t mean we are not to be attentive or stop using commonsense. Last night, I was twisting my body to pick up something that was difficult to reach.  I snapped a rib on the left side of my chest.  The pain was excruciating.  The pain was so bad that I would hold my breath and try not to breathe.  I just lay there furious with my self.  Negligence was the cause.  If needed, I do not have anyone to physically care for cat, my condo or me.  I couldn’t move and the pain forced me to be still.   What I did next was talk to my self, the cells of my body, my rib and basically apologize for acting without thinking.  My right hand was placed over the painful area and I used will to correct the bone and remove the pain.  Yes, angels, luminous beings and God will protect us but sometimes nasty things are allowed to happen to force us to stop and look at our lives and make necessary adjustments.

We do not have had to reach a pinnacle or Christ state of intuitive awareness to be an example or channel of a higher love.  We simply must be attentive, develop devotion, exercise our faith and do the ‘work’ we are capable of doing.  In this particular case, it was to immediately heal the rib.  There wasn’t another choice. Keeping my right hand on the painful area I realized again the importance of honoring my self.  It is very easy when we are compassionate, to forget to guard the gate of our own physical and emotional senses and open the way for accidents, illness and unnecessary inconveniences.  Often as caregivers, volunteers and deep thinking beings we are ready to help another and in the process forget the importance of caring and nurturing ourselves.  I was not attentive in my rushing to get things done and momentarily did not exercise discriminating judgment in my action.
I kept my hand on the rib for perhaps fifteen minutes. The pain left and the rib was normal as suddenly as the accident had occurred. 

A healing took place because I placed my attention on pouring light into the area with a firm understanding that a mindset that is determined to be free from suffering and inconvenience can change matter.  It is always as a result of our choices that we emerge victorious where another person would be obstructed by mysterious misfortunes.  We can be master of our energy by being calm, understanding, unselfish, forgiving, and meditative and inviting the light of our highest consciousness to help us.  If I can do this, so can you. 

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