Saturday, December 5, 2015


Self-mastery is possible.  Ancient scriptures tell us that the divinity and power of creation the earliest intelligence had as the symbolic figures we know as Adam and Eve remains a potential present in every human soul.  We can use the power in a grander way once we lift our consciousness into a state of being that is often referred to as Eden or godliness.  There are records that state that the enlightened teachers of the ancient higher ages in India had the power to create by mind.  Self-help teachers tell us today that will power can materialize anything in this world.  What today’s world speakers don’t mention is that it is the Cosmic Vibration that I fondly refer to as the Holy Spirit that is the authentic power used to create in matter.  This is the power I always call on during healing sessions.  Our love for the Lord and our purity of mind unites us with the Directing Intelligence of God’s will in the Holy vibration.  Angelic beings also transmit this power and assist us when asked.

So, if this creative vibration is hidden and yet available within our force fields we must through love and service train ourselves step by step to bring a balance of the positive and negative forces within us.  In other words, we need to consciously be aware and work with the vibration so it is equalized in our field. We gradually manifest our true divine nature of perfection through a desire to achieve self-mastery.  We become healers not only of ourselves but help others to do likewise. 

“Enter through the narrow gate”, said Jesus.  It isn’t easy because we may have to shed our current image to re-emerge as our true divine self.  Of course, this requires self-discipline, patience, courage, self-discovery, self-belief, giving up some favorite habits, using willpower, trusting our journey, letting go of people and things that no longer work for our good, learning to be emotionally detached and the simple choice of acceptance.

What we really need to accept is that we can actually become masters of self and matter.  To discard worn out beliefs that we inherited is huge for most people.  If you believe that you can be a master over night and achieve a survivor’s mindset and be a masterful human may sound outrageous but it does happen.  Most change is gradual.  We take a few steps forward, fall backward and at times leap ahead.  Trusting and loving the presence and power of the creative Holy Spirit accelerates the process.

Having said that, I remember a past healing seminar I offered at a local community college.  After the lecture, I invited people to come up and I would ‘lay on hands’.  Most of the audience consisted of strangers.  I particularly remember two well-dressed young men who requested a ‘treatment’.  I didn’t ask them about issues of concern.  Simply took turns laying hands on each one for about 10-15 minutes.  It doesn’t matter where the hands are placed; the Holy Spirit knows what needs to be done.  Both men were stunned by the results.  One of the men tried to explain what he felt when the sacred energy filled him with its power.  He kept saying that he felt like he was cleansed.  It was as if everything that ever was a serious concern simply dropped away. In awe, he mentioned that the energy poured right through him.  It happened quickly, effectively and very lovingly.  Both men were all smiles.  Other people had similar responses.  Observing the two very sophisticated and handsome men full of wonder and gratitude was verification of everything that Jesus said regarding the Cosmic Vibration lovingly referred to as the Comforter, the Holy Spirit.

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