Wednesday, December 23, 2015


I’ve never resonated in calling God…Mind.  Perhaps, in the world of men it makes sense because mind is the builder.  There is something grander behind mind and that is spirit. Examining the subject of creation and what is the real ‘fabric’ of our being, everything is understood from a different view.  It was Cause, the desire of the subtle collective spirits in the finer planes of light who chose to descend and express in matter.  It was that desire that created mind.  Mind was needed as a tool, an instrument through which creation could play or act out its drama.  To be an active power, to be gods in manifestation, a medium such as a mind had to be brought into manifestation.  This is why it was earlier said that man is self-created.  When solely existing as subtle spirit, a desire was felt and acted upon to create form and do what he willed with the forms he chose to create.  What I am suggesting is that individuality had an intuitive subtle form of life prior or before there was any physical universe.  I am suggesting this because I have memories of an existence in a non-physical life, as we naturally know form, prior to ever descending into a dense tangible plane.  I would appreciate hearing if you have had similar experiences.  This is not as unusual as it may first sound when it is understood that everything tangle has a subtle light blueprint prior to its manifestation in visible/physical form.

The way I understand creation as human’s experience it is in the following sequence.  The mind and its forms, all are projections of ideas that began in the invisible higher vibratory realms when we were originally created as individualized spirit.  To manifest, here in gross matter, the idea had to be brought down to a lower, heavier vibration so a visible/tangible form could actually materialize and be used as a conscious physical instrument.  The idea was to use free will and create by using the inherent god given powers.  As a result of this one choice, the freedom of spirit was temporarily lost.

Spirit created another protective covering called soul.  Soul is a word for mind-memory.  Although the soul is mind, it does forget its true identity and purpose as spirit in form until it begins to reawaken to its higher consciousness.  When an individual light of the finer vibratory planes enters dense matter, it is common to lose its conscious identity as a result of the dullness of the lower vibrations that cause a form of sleep or forgetfulness.  Eventually, desire and longing awakens within the soul and it gradually regains the higher awareness that leads it homeward.  The journey involves eons of soul-time and is not completed until the individual unit of light travels through the various levels of evolution.  As a human, the soul experiences hundreds of incarnations, the true meaning of resurrection, before a genuine enlightenment bursts forth in consciousness.

The return journey to Source is long and arduous because the soul-mind is weighed down with weak ideas, attachments and attractions.  Each time the soul-mind returns to earth, it typically acquires additional heaviness and misconceptions.  The load becomes a burden, light struggles to expand and it is an ongoing challenge for the mind and body to escape its self-created prison.  The self-created mind manifests its own prison.  A human forgets and cannot discern the real from the unreal.  It feels like a vicious circle that appears to have no end in sight.

Yes, it is an illusion, a play in consciousness that is being continually perpetuated by the desire that created it.  The play has run away with its own unreality.  The creation as duality recognizes and feeds both evil and good.  It is a manifestation that has completely alienated itself from its Source.  To finally awaken and be free from the mistaken identity is a jolt when a seeker of truth finally realizes what is the cause of suffering.  The good of the appearance world has always existed side by side with the evil.  That which appears as evil or wrong is a creation of the soul-mind who is experiencing an identity crisis. Gradually souls awaken to the light of the true life and hope returns. This is why during each earth cycle fully enlightened God men and God women make a brief appearance as Christ or Cosmic Consciousness helping the lost to remember and the heart to rejoice.   The Shepherd comes to lead the sheep Home.


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