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Civilizations appear to be advanced in many of the existing countries today.  In truth, they are still backward compared to what has already occurred in past periods of earth’s long history.  The parade of worlds and their civilizations exist in cycles that repeat themselves until a perfect state is finally realized.  Life is a spiral activity, a continuum.

In the long ago past, life on this planet had advanced civilizations with technology that has not yet been dreamed of during this present age.  The world has little evidence of the ancient peoples due to the movement of plates across the span of the earth.  Periodically, there is a cleansing and the old breaks away and the new begins to forge through to the surface.

Lands that once existed lay submerged beneath the oceans.  What we now walk on was once both land and sea.  This activity occurred over millions of years as a result of thought form vibrations.  The souls that incarnate on earth keep returning in clusters hopefully to rediscover and secure their true spiritual identity living in a dense form.  Much time is given to the traveler.  If a high degree of conscious universal awareness is not attained during a particular cycle, the soul will wait for the earth to prepare itself for new intelligent life at a later time in evolution.  Evolution of matter continues as well as evolution in consciousness.  Each has its cycle.  If the thought forms are used as a negative energy force, destruction occurs.  Movement spreads across the lands and civilizations are destroyed.
These changes are referred to as rounds or cycles that occur before the typical soul can reach his full spiritual awareness.  The pattern runs true to form.  First, a habitat-planet must be prepared for intelligent life. 

Once the habitat is ready for physical life, individual souls descend and use the creatures that live on the prepared planet as vehicles of expression.  As the creatures progress in intelligence and awareness, the souls who are ready for a higher level of expression enter the provided forms.  And so it goes.  Each soul moves forward in the physical universe as its awareness quickens.  A habitat is prepared for each step of the evolution of the mind and it life forms.  When the habitats usefulness or cycle is complete, the souls move on to another planet or plane of awareness that offers a finer vibration and evolutionary opportunity for further growth.

This process continues on each solar system until the need is met.  The spiral activity is manifesting throughout the universe.  As one planet or habitat is being readied for life, another habitat is dying out.  These are called rounds.  The rounds are like a night and a day, an in-breathing and an out breathing, ebb and a flow.  This movement continues and as it continues, life moves forward, falls backward, moves forward, falls backward and continues in this rhythm until the particular influx of souls have finished their respective rounds.

From outward appearances, this would seem as if nothing is being actually accomplished.  Yet, in every experience, the soul, that has descended by choice or is ascending through the evolution of the various kingdoms, is now referred to as a soul-mind.  The goal is reached through a spiral activity that moves forward in its predestined journey.  The evolution or progress in cosmic awareness of a soul or group of souls cannot be judged by the civilization or the times in which it lives.  The outward appearance does not usually reveal the true picture.  The movement from darkness to light can occur during the darkest of ages to the most illumined times written by historians.

It is always interesting to note that the same patterns continually repeat themselves.  Civilizations build up to a crescendo and then die down to oblivion.  This has repeatedly happened for millions of years.  Evidence will continue to be found that will physically substantiate the claim that life existed not only beneath the oceans of this world that far surpass our present knowledge and life style but also beneath the silent deserts.


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