Saturday, December 12, 2015


I love a good laugh.  Sometimes the cause of our joy is created by a situation that feels totally out of this world.  This incident occurred during the month of February several years ago.  Outside the weather was cold and the snow piled high.  A dining room ceiling fan and light combination was not working right.  I mentioned the fixture to an upstairs neighbor.  He said that he knew quite a bit about electricity and would gladly take the time to see if he could repair the fixture.  I don’t know what he did except the results were really bad.  There was an unusual sound, sparks flew and all the electricity was blown out in one half of my unit including the furnace.

Being the first week in February and snow on the ground didn’t help the situation.   The neighbor told me he had a friend who knew something about electrical matters and would call him.  It didn’t take long and the other man showed up and inspected the situation.  I could hear the two muttering between them and figured they didn’t have a clue as to what was the cause of the blowout.  My neighbor said that they were going out for coffee and a sandwich and at the same time try and reach another friend who was a legitimate electrician.  

I’m alone in a house that is now cold thinking how the night was soon approaching and the inconvenience in not having electricity in half of the condo or a furnace to warm me. Having lived with the power of prayer and some idea of the scrupulous laws and forces of God’s wonder-works, I began to think about using prayer to ‘heal’ the lack of light and warmth in the condo.  I’ve called upon the light to avert car crashes, bring visible light into a darkened place, keep a car running until it reaches a gas station, finding my way out of potentially dangerous situations, quieting a thunder storm, keeping my body dry as I ran through wind and rain, levitating a baby falling down a home staircase, turning off something boiling on the stove when I am an hour away from the premises, fixing a broken computer and much more.

I learned earlier in life that when we are in divine attunement with God and have a specific response we are asking for, God-Source activates the manifesting power of the Creative Vibration.  Long before Western science recognized the vibratory essence of matter, the rishis of ancient India spoke of the whole spectrum of nature as an objectification of Aum, the Primal Sound or Vibratory Word.  They showed that all natural phenomena could be controlled by the manipulation of vibration through the use of certain mantras or chants.  Perhaps, you have read how the American Indians developed effective sound rituals for rain and wind.  Tan Sen, the great Hindu musician, was able to quench fire by the power of his song.  There are historical documents that speak of a mantra that instantly caused a whole palace precinct to become enveloped in darkness.

We were created to be lord over nature, and the forces of nature in turn work together to serve life.  What is more common in catching our attention is how man negates his lordship by faulty, self-serving stewardship of his earthly environment.  I understood that our thoughts and actions set up vibrations knowingly and unknowingly.  The calamitous effects of floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, and all other natural disasters are results of the cumulative evil actions and thoughts of earth’s human beings.  Our country seems to always be engaged in a war somewhere on the planet.  The evil of war creates tremendous vibrations that unbalance the forces of nature and release unrestrained energy.   I believe that the climate changes that are occurring and will continue to occur are the direct result of the collective consciousness of humanity.  We are constantly creating whether we are conscious of this fact or not.  

The more we become master of our senses, sublimating the evil vibrations within caused by spiritual ignorance and negligence, the greater is the God-given power latent in each soul.  We can command nature and also view the apparent disorder behind appearances.  Knowing this, I decided to do something about a very inconvenient drama happening in my home.  Determined not to spend the night without heat or electricity, I stood up and commanded that whatever was the cause of this major disturbance be immediately eliminated and everything return to normal.  What was going on with the electricity was an unpredictable extreme and a great inconvenience.  Earlier in life, I was given a power word, which represents the presence of God.  This word was and is to be used in emergency situations.  Every material and physical form has an astral counterpart. I wanted to reach both the seen and unseen aspects of the problem.  Using the Word and commanding the electricity to obey, I said what was needed and then preceded to call my mother and simply wait for a higher power to take control of the situation.

It didn’t take long. About five minutes later all of a sudden the lights turned on, the furnace was activated and everything was running normally.  I shared what I had done to activate the correcting energy in my home with mom and hung up the phone to answer the doorbell.
In walked the two friends and a third, their electrician friend.  The three men stood inside the entrance shocked to hear the furnace and see the lights on.  Of course, they wanted to know what happened.  I simply said that prayer took care of the unpleasant inconvenience.  I kid you not.  Fear shown on their faces.  One man kept saying over and over again, “You have ghosts in your house”.  The electrician said that the man above my unit must have corrected something in his unit that triggered the electricity in my unit to activate.  I explained to the three that each unit is separate and has no link to any other unit in the building.  Also, the man on the second floor was at work.  There was another man who brought light and warmth into the situation…the ‘Man Upstairs’.  We easily handle unpredictable extremes if we are aligned with the Light no matter what the situation.  Perhaps, the temporary inconvenience was simply a demonstration for the benefit of the three men.  Whatever the cause behind the drama, it raised the curtain of imagination whether it is called a ghost or something else.  What the men experienced will certainly be retained in memory and hopefully at some point in their spiritual journey be fully understood.
 Love and Light,

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