Thursday, December 3, 2015


There was a time when humans used the sixth sense in a larger way than exercised today.  It is not the sixth physical sense that I am speaking of.  Many of us today are born psychic and have available to us the power of the intuitive part of our makeup.  The sixth physical sense is enjoyable and at times very helpful.  I am not talking about this sense.  Since we are primarily a spiritual being with subtle layers covering our true identity, we also have higher spiritual senses that develop as we evolve as an entity.  There are people all over the globe who see, hear, feel and know multiple realities as a natural byproduct of consciousness.  These powers are frequently referred to as gifts but yet, everyone has them although usually hidden.  To activate the spiritual senses, the personality must be aligned with the spirit of truth.  They are hidden because of the lack of soul evolution so prevalent at this time in world history.

The powers I am referring to super normal sublime experiences of the subtle radiant light that are a natural expression of our individual spirit.  I find it interesting that an individual has the power to heal, see the past and future, time travel, see visions and are very familiar with Light and participate in multifarious extraordinary experiences as natural as breathing but choose to ignore their hidden presence.  I speak from ongoing experiences.  We can through attention understand, use and participate in multiple realities as well as manipulate matter.  These powers began to manifest daily in my life as the result of surrendering to the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit is also referred to as the original cosmic vibration of Aum, the Word.  The Word can be experienced as an intelligent, all-creative heavenly sound, an intelligible voice.  I think of my experiences as an ongoing love affair because it is a blissful Divine Love energy in which I experience God’s presence.  This innate Presence is the Infinite Christ or Universal Intelligence and is intended for all to experience.  It is a Holy Vibration.

The divine consciousness in a human is often activated through a trial that opens the mind and heart like a door to the ever-present Cosmic energy.  This energy is often referred to as an experience of baptism, a baptism with the fire of the Holy Spirit that descends like a dove as sudden as lightning and empowers the individual of faith.  The vibration of the Holy Spirit is an ongoing experience of a superimposed intelligence that makes its omnipresence known to us through inspired and usually dramatic manifestations. 

The human spirit possesses spiritual cerebrospinal centers of divine consciousness in which the descended Spirit is templed.  These powers are activated through faith, love and a longing to freely express the light that immersion in Spirit reflects.  It is a holy Cosmic Vibration available to an ascending individual consciousness when it has prepared its way through devotion.  It is an outpouring given to an individual when pure intention is stabilized.   The metaphorical dove is often evidenced by souls who consciously view the spiritual eye and the magnificent effulgence of God’s divine light as a familiar companion.  Conscious connection occurs at any time or place.   The Cosmic energy is usually an ongoing visitor and opens the eye of divine perception.

Does the power and presence of the holy Cosmic Vibration qualify us as a master?  My answer is a resounding NO!  I base my conclusion on firsthand experience.  Evidently, when the outpouring energy quickens within us it is an indication that somewhere in the far distant past we achieved a consciousness that qualified us to again in our human experience as a spiritual genius the all-knowing intuitive faculty of the soul.  I was not living as a stable individual.  My sense of self-esteem was low, discernment was not a strong point and occasionally I allowed my mind and body to be abused.  These traits were obvious indicators that I needed to mature in the world of matter.  There was much about my own ego that needed attending to although my goal was to actively be “about my Father’s business”.  I had to grow up…increase my understanding and live that understanding.  To be a true master of myself, I had to learn to be free from others, false programming and beliefs and cultivate simplicity.  The secret in being successful is to stop blaming self and connect strongly to the true master within.  Each of us is responsible in discovering our own unique identity and creating our own destiny.  The powers arrived but the pain that lingered in the personality and its flaws had to be healed. 

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