Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Many of us are visitors and feel a strong affinity for another planet in distant space.  Although we love and honor earth, She does not feel like our physical home base. It looks strange to see the words in print but the feeling is more common than not.  Some souls have vague memories of another place and question why they are living here and for what purpose.  There are also souls scattered here and there that consciously leave their bodies and time travel.  There is enough evidence convincing many of us that there are visitors who come and go and earth is not our true physical home.  I am not referring to our original ‘Home’ in the subtle planes or worlds of Light, Wisdom and Love.  As we currently live in dense matter, there are also more subtle degrees of density housing intelligence and what we assume as special conglomerates of varying degrees of consciousness.

So…if you feel that you are a visitor, why are you here?  If you are a visitor, it doesn’t mean this is the first and last time.  Many of us have stopped in periodically during various cycles of earth history.
There are souls who have deliberately left more advanced and glorious habitats to descend to lower spheres or developed consciousness as found here on earth.  Earth consciousness during this particular cycle is heavier and the higher wisdom science is veiled.  The beings that chose to leave their home base to visit other planes of evolving consciousness do so out of love and a great compassion.
When an awakened soul temporarily leaves such a splendid reality and chooses to put on additional density such as our normal physical earth forms, the trials of such a decision can be many. It is not easy to make a transition into a lower vibration because the ‘visitor’ will forget for a time who she or he actually is.  The ‘visitor’ will experience the identical natural laws of growth as a normal earthbound soul who enters a physical body.  The only difference being that a natural profound trust and love for Source, God, will be actively awake within the physical-emotional-mental form and usually the divine gifts of power, wisdom and love will begin to surface early in physical life.  There is an innate understanding that the ‘gifts’ are to be used to celebrate the Supreme Spirit in all its glory.  The powers are to be used to plant seeds of a higher science, a science of reality, in the consciousness of the existing earth life.  This is a gentle way of reminding the unawakened and triggering ancient memories buried deep within the subconscious.

Periodically, a ‘divine’ intervention will occur in the evolutionary process that is prompted by Spirit.  The interference occurs out of love for those who have ‘fallen’ or remain oblivious of the Grace, Power and Presence that is currently lacking in everyday conscious existence.

We are free will creatures and we always have a choice.  Humans can either listen and live the words of love and wisdom or choose to ignore them.  As said, there are souls on this planet who do know and are quite familiar with the higher realms of vibrating life.  The fact that souls would of their own choosing descend to help others who continue to wallow in spiritual darkness is an amazing gesture of unconditional love.  The choice to serve is far from easy.  It is a challenge and a learning experience for the individual light that has left the life of pure expression to be of service in the denser realms of thought. The challenge is in the bringing of the light into the darkness.  The learning experience is in the exposure to an illusion that conscious mind has created and misused, abused and in most cases entrapped the soul.

The illusion has become the conscious reality to untold numbers of souls regardless of divine intervention. I read a quote by Dr. Pillai, which is so very true. “The prophets, Messiahs, and founding fathers of all religions lived in the remote past and their knowledge was conditioned by the time they lived in”.  What is required now is to bypass all conditioning and expose the science of truth.  This is one of the reasons that many ‘free’ spirits have chosen to come to earth.  The desire is to assist and give hope to those who are ready to be their true Self, a living Spirit, a child of the One.  Perhaps, in reading this it will trigger something in you regarding a higher purpose for your incarnation.  Perhaps, you are one of the awesome lights that would like to be able to more fully alive and share the wonder and inner beauty that you know as the true reality.


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