Monday, December 21, 2015


The first step in truth realization is to acknowledge that man of himself is nothing.  What gives outer form life is the divine force within.  It is in understanding this statement that we begin our journey in earnest.  The path whether we call it Oneness, God Realization, Christ Consciousness or by another name is not an easy path if we have not consciously first attempted to discover our true identity.  The path is permeated with threats to all that we hold dear. The rock crumbles away from beneath us as we discover that the foundation was not made with true awareness in its original conception.

To rediscover what we are, is to understand the whole of what is referred to as man.  Man, as he is commonly known, was and is a creature that is self-created.  Every minute aspect of a human is created by the collective will and desire of individual spirits that have been attracted to matter.  In this particular instance, I am referring to earth but this truth is evident throughout the universe.

From the higher realms of ideas, spirit descended.  The many, upon realizing that they were indeed gods, took it upon themselves to separate from the One, the Father of All.  By moving away from Source and charting their own power and course, they created through desire and will a manifested physical universe.

The universe was to be a place where individual intelligence could exercise creative power, wisdom and love.  Not realizing that by decreasing light and clothed in the confinement of density would temporarily cut them off from Creator diminishes freedom, they designed a situation that would lessen their connection from the sublime existence they so dearly loved.  Freedom was the individual spirit inheritance. As a direct result of a fall in consciousness, it was relinquished.  Unknowingly, individual spirit did not comprehend the consequences and loss assuming that it would retain all the original attributes of the Source that created them. 

Once the movement began away from Source into matter no turning back could occur.  The movement away from Core brought into focus a universe of varying degrees of evolution. It was over a very long period of activity that a suitable habitat evolved that would be suitable for intelligence to manifest as a perfect form.  Spirit intelligence that left the finer vibrations of a nonphysical vibration created through collective will a manifested universe.  Once the ideal situation was manifested, individuality assumed it could express and live the enactment of what it created.

When the fall into density occurred, the free will individual spirits took upon themselves a covering commonly referred to as soul-mind.  It is the soul-mind that gives substance, memory and life to the heavier covering of the physical form.  The individual spirit once free of any encumbrance, a child of the One Great Spirit, was now covered with veils of its own making.  As the direct result of desire, the manifested universe was soon recognized to be what it is, an experimental environment for individual intelligent light appearing to be temporarily separated from the powerful and loving Source of its own creation.

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